The Dark Side

By DreamerGirl All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Other


My name is Cassandra Smith. I am 16 years old.When I was 12 the world was invaded by some beings who call themselves the saviors. They came in hopes of making the world a better place. Or at least that’s what they said . The governments of all the nation’s believed them and let them stay on our planet. The kidnapping had started a couple of months after they had arrived. They kidnapped kids between the ages 8-16. And I was one of them. Ever since they arrived humanity has started to slaughter itself.They experimented on us everyday. They experiments were extremely painful.They treated us like animals. They rarely fed us. The clothes they made us wear were the bare minimum. And they made us sleep in cages. I prayed everyday hoping that someone will come and save us but it seems like that is not going to happen.

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