The Dark Side

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Open Arms

Cassandra's POV

Darkness. That’s all I see.

Lonely. That’s all I feel.

Death. That’s all I want.

Death is feared by all. There is not a single soul in this world who doesn’t fear it. But only few has accepted it. They know that it is an inevitable part of their life.

The thing I don’t get is what is the point of living life if we are going to die at the end? Why do we ask for happiness when at the end we are going to be sad? Why do we ask for more when at the end we will have nothing? Why do we need love when at the end we know we are going to be heartbroken?

As I look down I see the people praying, hoping for life to get better. Hoping for someone to save them. Hoping that life will get better. Hoping that a day will come where they can sleep with full stomachs. Hoping that a day will come where they don’t have to keep look behind them. But that will never happen. Life will never get better if the saviors are still there on earth.

People have started to kill themselves in hopes of escaping starvation, pain and torture.

And me, I had welcomed death with open arms.

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