Bleeding Wounds

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Chapter 12: Warnings and Hope

Yuri went to sleep with an uneasy feeling that night. Before he could dwell on the unwanted guest lurking in Hikari's house, his dream swept him away. He found himself standing before the round table again. Only this time, he could see Martha completely. No longer a shadow, but her full being was present with him this time. Martha wasn't the only one who wasn't darkened, however.

"Laurie?!" Yuri exclaimed.

"Sup?" She held out two fingers, making a peace sign.

"Why are you here?"

"I work here, call me your guardian angel or something, I dunno. Just don't do anything overly stupid, I hate cleaning up the mess." She grinned.

"As you can see... Miss Laurie has joined us today."

"But, she wasn't one of the shadows like you guys." Yuri's mind was boggled, maybe he should take one of those vacations people talked about.

"You saw the other figures there on your last visit, yes? Some aren't very talkative, and choose not to appear at all until you've truly met them. Bit of a bother, really." Martha sighed, but Laurie waved it away.

"Only a few people were allowed to talk to him anyway..."

"Getting to the problem at hand..." Martha began.

"You bloody lost it earlier! Showin yourself to that boy!" Willy blurted. Yuri felt himself shrink down.

"William! Now is not the time, he had to know eventually. So shut it." Martha shushed him.

"This teacher of yours, the man in black, is a threat."

"I figured that much on my own." Yuri sighed.

"Clearly. Indeed, he does work with Hikari's father, but that is no reason to ease up on him."

"He bloody threatened you outright!"

"Yes, Will, anyways, we have been able to sense some sort of darkness emanating from his body. An aura, if you may. We're not completely sure, but it's evident that you keep away from him as much as possible! Your aura reacts differently around his, compared to those of your friends."

"He's trying to woo Kazumi." Willy chuckled, causing Yuri to blush faintly.

"Woo her?" Laurie chuckled. "He's doing that to every young girl he meets. It's sickarrow-10x10.png. She seems to like you so far though, so don't screw up." She winked at him.

"Try to look out for this girlfriend of yours then, if you can, she's quite the ambitios one. High hopes and dreams, oh, to be young again." Martha smiled, while Yuri went bright red again.

"Sh-She's not my girlfriend! I only just met her today!"

"Not yet." Laurie teased.

"If you want to grab this girl before she's gone you ought to have a word with me, I was quite the womanizer in my youth." Willy bragged.

"Sure you were, and I'm the greatest gymnast of all time." Laurie snorted. Willy scoffed, giving Yuri a talk-to-me-later look, from what he could see.

"The point is, watch out for this Aito Yukimura, keep an eye out with Kazumi, and enjoy this life, dear." Martha gave him a wrinkledarrow-10x10.pngsmile, which Yuri gratefully returned.

"So, what? Am I supposed to do something special or..."

"No. Just expirience the normality of human life, that's all I'm going to ask of you. You deserve it, after all."

"See ya tomorrow." Laurie called, as Yuri felt his body disappear into darkness.

He awoke beside Hikari, who was already awake.

"Morning, Sleeping Beauty." Hikari greeted. Yuri yawned and rubbed his eyes.

"Ready for another day of school?" Hikari stretched.

"You bet." Yuri jumped out of his bed, grabbing a set of clothes. Live normally? A life like that was impossible with Hikari running amok, but Yuri supposed he could give it a try. After all, he didn't have a better idea, and this seemed the best option he could have ever hoped for.​

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