Bleeding Wounds

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Chapter 16: The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

It was a strange movie, to say the least. Nothing like Yuri had ever seen before. There were these odd things called 'spells' and weird names for creatures that roamed as well, like 'giants'. The movie in itself seemed to be wildly popular, given how Chiyo swooned about it when Yuri grew curious.

"Oh, it's simply amazing! People all around the world have seen this! It's my favourite, times seven!" She seemed to almost worship the movie, another thing that Yuri learned about people everyday. How come so many had to be different? It made things confusing. Once the movie was over, words flowed on the screen, which Yuri recognized as credits.

"Again!" Chiyo exclaimed with a smile Yuri had never seen upon her face before.

"No, something else." Groaned a tiresome Hikari from beside Yuri.

"Holy crap guys it's like midnight." Kazumi rubbed her eyes as she gazed at the clock. Everyone moaned in protest.

"Where did the time go...?" Yuri wondered aloud.

"Down the drain." Kazumi sighed, and stood up. "I don't know about you, but I'm tired, and require sleep to operate."

"But it's so early..." Hikari rolled over on his side.

"Maybe for you, nocturnal one, but I'm gonna sleep." And with that, she swept her hips away, yawning as she went. Chiyo soon followed after, and Yuri almost had to force Hikari to move off the couch.

Hikari zonked out almost instantly once he plopped himself on a bed. Yuri took a minute or so longer, drifting once again into his dream world. Martha still remained the only familiar face he was able to see.

"Where's Laurie?" He asked, taking a seat.

"Late, or not showing up." Willy scoffed.

"The poor girls had enough on her platter already- last time she made an exception just to meet Yuri here." Martha defended. Willy just sat in silence, a little unlike his normal self.

"Did I miss something?" Yuri found himself asking, a little awkwardly.

"Laurie has just been having a rough time lately, I won't get into it now. What we should get into, however, is the current danger." Martha put both hands on the round table.

"We need a plan. The scientists know where you are, what you do, and who you're with. Yuri-" She hesitated. "You have to leave."

Yuri let the thought sink in.

"I could bring Hikari with me, or... Or..." He struggled trying to think of another option.

"I'm sorry. You have to do this alone." Martha choked. Yuri fell silent, as his golden eyes shifted to the ground. After a long and rather painful silence, a man spoke. He spoke so seldom that it took Yuri a minute to realize it was Xion.

"There will be a taxi outside of Hikari's house, I will be in it. You come in, and we get you to a safe house." Yuri nodded, fully understanding the plan, but unsure about so many things.

"What about Hikari? What will happens when he realizes I'm gone?" He asked sincerely.

More silence.

"I don't know." Xion answered. Whether he was honest or not, it was hard to read shadow language.

"It's our only choice." Willy pitched in solemnly. Yuri gulped.

"When do I leave?"

"Next week."

Yuri awoke with a shudder. The cold metal of the winged necklace Hikari gave him burned against his skin. Holding the shiny object, Yuri simply gazed at it for a minute, his thoughts skyrocketing. He didn't want to leave. Not now. Things were going so well. And Hikari, one of the few friends he had managed to make, gone? He just had to leave, poof, like a wisp of smoke without notice? Yuri's mind whizzed at a rapid pace, which soon led to a headache. Grumbling, Yuri rose from his bed, moving as quietly as possible. He dared not wake Hikari, for what could he say when he asked what happened? Yuri knew he wasn't the best of liars, but he could pull of a lie if he had to. Creeping across the carpet, Yuri slowly creaked the door open just enough to shimmy his almost skeletal body through. As he tiptoed through the halls, Yuri thought of Seika and Kyo. Would he be able to take them with him? Perhaps not. Besides, Hikari should have something to remember him by. A lump rose in his throat from the thought. Head throbbing, hands sweating, Yuri decided to take a walk. Outside.

It was a beautiful, seemingly soundless night. The remnants of snow glistened on the ground as the stars do in the sky. It was amazing, how snow could stay for so long. Considering the mild heat, Yuri figured that it all would be gone by now. He hoped he hadn't waked either of the girls while he stood in the snow. He also hadn't bothered to put on shoes, and was starting to pay for it. The chilly snow went in between his toes, melting a bit. At least it was soft to walk on, he thought. Gazing at his surroundings, there wasn't anywhere he could saunter off to alone without arousing suspicion. Or getting lost. Most likely the latter. He breathed in the chilly air, and smiled. The cold never really bothered him, and he grew to love it as well.

A dark figure caught the corner of his eye. Jerking his head upwards, Yuri stared across the street. There was a moment of silence, but then the figure stepped out from the shadows, and started to step closer and closer towards him. Yuri felt a sense of dread sink in his stomach like a ton of lead. What if this was someone bad? He didn't want to fight anyone, not now!

"Greetings." The figure said, in a mans voice Yuri didn't recognize.

"Hello." He stated awkwardly, ready to shift in a seconds notice if he had to. The man raised an eyebrow, and shook his black hair out of his face. His dark eyes met Yuri's, and the man smiled.

"You don't need to worry, I won't try to kill you or anything."

Yuri remained still.

"I'm a member of the council, Yuri." He rolled his eyes.


"You come there in your dreams. We call it the council." The man explained briefly, and checked his watch."Ah, jeez, I need to hurry before anyone suspects..." He muttered.

"Suspects you of what?" Yuri inquired.

"Skipping out on a meeting. I'll catch you later, kid." He turned away, and started to walk hurriedly.

"Wait! What's your name?!" Yuri called out after him. The man simply waved a hand, as to say 'tell you later' in sign language. Yuri huffed a sigh, watching the man half jog until he was out of sight. Weird. Deciding that it was the next best course of action, Yuri headed inside.

He tiptoed across the floor, again, not daring to wake anyone, and slid through his and Hikari's door. Yuri slipped under the covers almost soundlessly, but still got asked a sleepy question.

"Where were you?" Hikari mumbled.

"Just went outside." Yuri answered honestly.

"Huh. See you in the mo- ooorning." He yawned through the word 'morning'. Smiling to himself, Yuri snuggled into his pillow and closed his eyes, waiting for dawn to come.

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