Bleeding Wounds

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Chapter 2: Friends

Yuri stepped into a wide entryway, beautifully carved wooden statues of various animals aligned his path.

"I can take your shoes for you." Hikari grinned. Yuri felt himself go red. He had never had shoes before.

"Oh, I, uh..." He stated awkwardly. Hikari glanced down at Yuri's feet. Yuri pulled his feet closer together, feeling self conscious.

"Don't worry about it." Hikari only flashed a bright smile at Yuri. He wondered how on earth a person could be that happy all the time. Hikari was clearly born into a wealthy family, could that be where his happiness came from? No, Yuri thought, he isn't one of those spoiled ones by any means. He could see kindness in Hikari. After all, letting a complete stranger into your house was a bit of a stretch, but Yuri was even thankful that Hikari came when he did. Who knows how long he could have been out there?

"Yuuuuuriiiiii!!!" Hikari called from across the house. Yuri snapped out of his thoughts, flicking his eyes side to side Hikari was nowhere to be found.

"Where did you go? I-I'm not really up for games..." Yuri asked nervously. Why was he nervous? If he wanted to, Yuri could end everyone's lives right that second! So, what made him feel so on edge that he couldn't even shift?

"You're no fun." Hikari pouted, sprouting beside him. Yuri jumped back, his fingers shifted to be sharper, more dangerous. Quickly masking his hand, Yuri changed his hand back to normal. That was a close one. Hikari cocked his head to the side, studying Yuri with wise, blue eyes. After a second he spoke up again.

"Would you like to stay the night? You look terrible, Yuri." Taking a better look at his appearance Yuri agreed with Hikari- he was filthy from his escape. Mud caked around his already torn pant legs, and even spotted his shirt in places. Yuri smiled faintly, and nodded. If it was possible to look happier than a child receiving a present, Hikari had mastered it. His smile practically glowed on his face!

"Spectacular!" He laughed. "I finally got you to smile, too!"

"Huh?" Yuri asked, confused.

"Since I first met you, to now you couldn't smile at all for me. It was a really small one but I got Yuri to smile!" Hikari threw his fist in the air with triumph. This guy really was something, Yuri thought.

"How did you notice that?"

He hesitated. "There wasn't one positive vibe that came from you, when I saw you. I thought to myself; what would someone with that much potential be doing sitting on the streets, feeling all glum? So then I just went with it, and here we are." His tone had gone from playful to a much more serious note.

"I wasn't glum, just thinking." Yuri rubbed his arm. Hikari grabbed his hand and practically dragged him towards a set of stairs leading upwards.

"No one has that look on their face if they were only thinking." Yuri looked at Hikari. Maybe this guy wasn't just a bundle of happiness all the time. He could actually be normal...

"But, hey! Let me show you the house!" Or not. He was peppy all over again, as if Yuri had only imagined Hikari being serious.

"All of it?" Yuri mused. Oh, well. He didn't seem to be a threat at all. If he had to Yuri would do it, what he was taught. He pushed the thought from his mind. It didn't fare well to dwell on these types of thoughts.

After a wild tour of Hikari's giant house (Which only made Yuri gape in awe more so than he should have) Yuri felt a slap of cloth touch his face. He held it in his hands. A bath towel? He gave Hikari an inquiring look.

"I said you needed to shower earlier, didn't I?" He shrugged. "I'll wait for you outside." Yuri walked into the elegant room. Draping the towel across the rim he peeled his shirt off, reaching towards the claw footed tub. He paused. He had bathed before, obviously. But never had he any control over the water.

"Hikari?" Yuri called. Almost instantly, he replied.


"I, uh, can't work the water."

"Did you try the knobs?"

Yuri scanned around the tub. Sure enough, two gold knobs were right above a large faucet.

"Er, no, but I'm not really sure."

"Is it okay if I come in?"

"Go ahead." The door creaked open, Hikari popped his head in the door. He stepped towards the tub, turning the knobs.

"Just remember lefty loosey, righty tighty." The water poured in a steaming stream. He let it fill and then shut off the water.

"See that plug at the bottom? Pull it out when you're done." Hikari grinned, exiting the room.

"Thank you." Yuri almost whispered. He saw Hikari pause at the door for a split second, then continue on.

Taking off the rest of his clothes Yuri slipped into the steaming water. It felt amazingly refreshing, compared to being sprayed with a hose. He felt himself smile again, for a second time someone had made him smile, and he felt happy. He washed himself, having fun choosing from several shampoos and conditioners, and emerged a clean, and slightly mango scented boy. Shaking the water out of his hair, Yuri wrapped the towel around his waist. He took a glance in the mirror. His hair had been red all along, Yuri thought. It had been dirty for so long he just presumed it was a dark brown or black. It matched his bright yellow eyes nicely. A knock came from the door. Hikari's voice spoke through the small crack.

"I brought you some clean clothes, by the way. They might be a bit small but it's something, right?" His arm snuck through the moist air, bearing a simple white shirt and black pants. Yuri took them gratefully, thanked Hikari once again, and tried the clothes on. They fit nicely, Turi thought as be buttoned up the shirt, leaving a couple open up top. He exited the bathroom, found his way up to Hikari's room, knocked and entered.

"Woah you look a lot better now. Couldn't even tell that your hair was red earlier." Yuri nodded in agreement. Hikari motioned to the bed beside his.

"I made up a bed for you while you cleaned up, you're welcome to snooze." Yuri sat on the bed, feeling the softness of the mattress, like a pillow, and almost zonked out instantly. Hikari got into his bed, reaching for the bedside lamp.

"Goodnight then, Yuri." He turned out the light.

"Night." Yuri yawned. He had fallen asleep before his head hit the pillow.

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