Bleeding Wounds

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Chapter 4: Exciting Plans

Later, Yuri sat on one of the many couches, thinking. Seika brushed her head against his hand, and curled beside Yuri. He had taken a liking to her, and vice versa it seemed. The question was, how was she made? It's obvious that a fox with wings wasn't natural, and Yuri's thoughts led him from one thing to another. The one thing that seemed to make the most sense was that Seika was, in fact, either created in a lab, or somehow bred this way. He sighed, wondering if Seika had the reflections of the same things Yuri had in his mind. She seemed untroubled at the moment, then again she was only a kit. A very friendly one at that, Yuri smiled. What would you breed with a fox to manage wings like those? A hummingbird was out of the question, though Seika couldn't fly yet so he couldn't say 100 perent. Maybe an eagle, they were known as strong birds. Still, it was something Yuri wanted to know.

"Told you that Seika likes you." Hikari leaned against the doorframe. Yuri sat up, slowly emerging out of thought.

"Where did your mother get Seika, Hikari?" Yuri inquired, still fumbling things around in his mind. He looked a bit surprised, then shrugged.

"She said she got it from work, Mom gets a lot of things from there." Yuri dug his teeth into his lip.

"What does your mom do, then?" He scratched his head.

"She mostly works overseas in a big, secret place, but I've eavesdropped a couple times on her conversations with Dad, so I think they run a company that messes around with animals. Then sometimes, ones like Seika appear and are offered for her to take home, and here we are!" Hikari finished excitedly. Yuri felt a lump in his throat.

"So they do... Experiments?" He asked nervously, his hands started to sweat. Hikari laughed.

"Of course not! They hire other people for that, but it's all for making the future better, Mom told me!"

"Better, right." Yuri mumbled quietly. This was going downhill faster than a race car. If he didn't get out of this mess soon Hikari would find out about him in a snap. Yuri twiddled his thumbs, only to feel scales instead of skin. He froze, retreating his hands into the sweater he had on. Yuri took a glance at Hikari, he only looked a bit confused.

"Are you okay?" He asked, takung a couple steps closer, concern in his eyes. Yuri took a deep breath, felt the scales ebb away, and put on a smile.

"Yeah, just one of those weird chills. Thought I'd bundle up in case."

Hikari scanned his face, looking for signs of... What? He must had not found anything, for he tuned around and announced;

"Well, I'll be getting some things together for school then." Hikari walked out of the room, Yuri heard him go up the stairs. He felt immediately intrigued, only hearing rumors about school from the scientists who had children, going on about how well or terrible they were doing.

"Hey!" Yuri called after Hikari, jumping up the stairs, Seika at his heels. She hopped up the stairs just as fast as Yuri did, chasing down Hikari.

"You said school, didn't you?" Yuri panted, holding onto the railing. Hikari faced Yuri and smirked.

"Why, yes I did, Yuri dear!"

"Don't call me that." He had planned this all along, hadn't he?

"Now you shouldn't be like that, I might not take you with me!" He cooed, taunting Yuri. Yuri sighed.

"All right, you win. But, can I come with you? I've never really-" Yuri stopped himself. He shouldn't just be telling this kid he just met about so much of his personal life. What was it about Hikari, then, that made him do so? Hikari seemed interested though.

"Aaaaaand?" He gestured for Yuri to continue.

"And, I've never really been to school. At all." Yuri's eyes fell to the floor, he felt embarrassed, now that Hikari knew he was probably stupid.

"What's 9 times 12?" He suddenly asked.

"108." Yuri said automatically. Though he hadn't had a formal education at all the scientists made sure Yuri knew at least something, or they could have put some sort of drug in him to make him an Einstein. Yuri didn't feel any extraordinary brainwaves leaking from his ears so he figured he was average.

"You'll be fine. Better than fine, I think." Hikari flashed a grin once more.

"Come on then, you should organise your stuff too!" Yuri eagerly followed Hikari to an almost empty room, aside from a table holding two backpacks and several school supplies. It was how Yuri had imagined it all; pencils, erasers, endless paper, and glue. There was a lot more than just that, Yuri didn't even know the names of all of them! Noting Yuri's bewilderment, Hikari held up a small, white bottle.

"This is white-out, it's essential if you're going to write with a pen. Unlike the pencil you can't erase pen, so we blank it out instead." He sounded like a teacher going over a lesson, Yuri thought. He held the bottle.

"Weird." Was all that came out of his mouth. Hikari chuckled.

"Isn't it? Oh, just wait until you see this- look at all the misshapen scissors! Some are curvy, others are spiky, see?" He held up different kinds of scissors, each one having odd blades. Yuri held these, also, his brain felt scrambled from all the events that happened today.

"We start tomorrow, Yuri. Hope it's not too late of a notice." Hikari prodded his chin in an awkward way. Yuri felt himself laugh for the first time in, well, forever. Hikari took on a look of pure joy at the sound.

"It's almost too long to wait!" Yuri said. Perhaps he could stay with Hikari until he figured out where he had to go, and after all, he couldn't miss an opportunity like this. Yuri felt truly happy, for once, and overwhelmed with excitement for tomorrow. Him and Hikari spent the rest of the day talking about what they were going to do the next day. Yuri was a bit confused when Hikari mentioned all the 'pretty ladies' that they were going to meet, but Hikari shrugged it off and told him 'You'll see'. He snuggled into his pillow later that night, Seika right beside him, and fell asleep.

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