Bleeding Wounds

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Chapter 6: Tick Tock, Here She Is!

Yuri ran with Hikari down the stairs, through the hallways (making sure to grab a piece of toast on the way out, the maid giving him a kind smile), changed like lightning into a simple button up white shirt and pitch black pants, and dashing out the door. Hikari laughed the entire way, clearly enjoying the rush. Yuri, on the other hand, was set in a dead panic mode. He wasn't quite sure what would happen in they were late, but it didn't sound good from what Hikari told him. He ran down the streets, Hikari yelling out directions. They faced a grand building with a sign reading 'Ricoles Academy'. They swished down the hallways and came to their classroom door at last. Hikari laughed again.

"We made it a bit early, Yuri." Yuri froze.

"Wait," He panted. "You made me run all the way down here... to be early?" Hikari keeled over laughing. Yuri sighed. What was he gonna do with Hikari now? He picked Hikari up off the floor. He adjusted the scarf around his neck and checked his watch.

"10 minutes until class starts, why don't we make some friends?" He started to walk off. Yuri's eyes widened. More people? Here?

"I- I don't know..." He stammered, backing away.

"Aww, please?" Hikari begged.

"N-no!" Yuri backed up into something, and fell over. Or rather, they both fell over.

"Ahh! Hey, watch it!" A female voice spoke. Yuri scrambled a couple feet away from the girl, breathing rapidly.

"I'm sorry." He said, frozen. The girl brushed ebony hair from her eyes, which were a stunning violet. She wore a black hoodie with zippers in odd places on her sleeves, along with an inky pair of skinny jeans, topped with running shoes. The girl gave Yuri a once over, reaching over to pick up the books she had dropped.

"Never mind..." She muttered. Yuri picked up one of her books. 'Bio 10' was engraved as a title.

"Here." He handed the book to her.


"We're in the same grade, you and I." Yuri let out a faint smile. The girl smiled back, her teeth glistened like snow against her darker appearance. This sent Yuri's heart fluttering, he didn't know why.

"Cool. I'm Kazumi, by the way. Kazumi Arakaki." She extended a hand. Yuri shook it uncertainly.

"Yuri." He said. They both caught each others eye for a second.

"Well, I should be going. See you in class, Yuri!" She smiled, and walked down the hall.

Hikari crept up on Yuri.

"So how come you get a girlfriend before I do, Yuri? That's not fair!" He grabbed onto his sleeve. "Teach me your ways, oh master." Yuri laughed.

"You're so over dramatic, Hikari." He shook him off. Hikari just sprang up into action again, bobbing up and down.

"Isn't that why you love me?" He joked. They both laughed, Hikari tried flirting with some of the other girls. It had to be one of the funniest, most depressing things he'd ever seen, Hikari getting turned down so often. The bell rang, so Yuri dragged Hikari to their class.

"Hey Hikari," Yuri started.


"What's a girlfriend, anyway?" Hikari gave him a confused look at first, but his face slowly changed into an evil smirk.

"I have a lot to teach you, my friend." Hikari couldn't stop grinning, Yuri wasn't sure he wanted to know what a girlfriend was anymore. They walked into the classroom, which looked almost identical to what Yuri imagined it would be. Chairs were aligned at tables, where several people sat with their friends chatting.

"Hey, Yuri!" Kazumi waved, gesturing for them to sit beside her. Yuri sat to the left of her, Hikari beside him.

"This is my friend, Chiyo." Another girl sat on Kazumi's other side. Similar looking to Kazumi, her hair was black as well, but hers was long and straight as an arrow down her back, while Kazumi's was a bit more wilder than that. She also wore glasses, which suited her kind face and brown eyes.

"Hello." Chiyo had a soft voice, much like a bunny would, if it could talk.

"I'm Hikari." He flashed a smile, winking at the both of them. Yuri felt himself go red. Luckily the teacher decided to start class.

"Welcome students, to Ricoles Academy. I'm sure many of you are aware of the customs that go on around here, and as such I, Miss Grimmrock, am your home room teacher. Most academics will be held with me, blah, blah, blah, enough of this old script, I say." The class paused in surprise. Yuri was surprised also, but for different reason.

"Now look, though the subjects I teach can be incredibly boring, I can assure you that each of you will pass my class this year as long as you follow my guidelines. Unlike other classes, I like to have fun." The woman smiled, some wrinkles in her older face showing. She had thin, supposedly long grey hair tied up in a tight bun. An older lady, she was barely hunched over as she walked, though she moved more agile than Yuri thought she would. Her fiery blue eyes had a daring look to them, yet she seemed vaguely familiar to Yuri.

"That's why I like to have a classroom vote on what we could do, say, on a Friday. Those who remain caught up in their work and are passing will be allowed to participate in what we do. It can be anything really, as long as its allowed. Pizza, movie, games, you name it and we could figure something out. But enough about that, myself I am mainly a Social Studies teacher, but I can do other courses accordingly. I believe you are all my Socials class, no? Excellent. You may find my lessons to be... Different, but do enjoy them." Ms. Grimmrock left the class on an empty note.

"Today you may chat among yourselves." She laughed to herself, though it sounded more like a cackle. Click. Yuri couldn't believe it, but it had to be true. While everyone started talking, Yuri stood up to speak to Ms. Grimmrock.

"Yes? What is it dear?" She asked. Yuri took a deep breath and whispered.


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