Bleeding Wounds

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Chapter 8: Blanc

Yuri felt on edge for the entire class. Was he just paranoid? Or did this Yukimura person really have something sinister planned? He stole another glance at Kazumi, she seemed completely sucked into Mr. Yukimura's words. Yuri felt an odd sort of twang in his chest, he was just a teacher it was nothin to get worked up about. Except when he stole her away, Yuri thought with gritted teeth. When the bell rang, he felt immensely grateful that this horrendous class was over.

"See you all tomorrow." Mr. Yukimura said, as if reading Yuri's thoughts. Yuri scoffed, walking out the door in a hurry.

"Hey, wait up!" Kazumi grabbed a hold on his arm, causing Yuri's heart to flutter.

"So what did you think of that Yukimura guy?" She grinned at him.

"He's all right." Yuri managed to say without vomiting.

"More than all right, I'll say. He's kinda cute, like you." Luckily Hikari found the two of them, sparing Yuri's emotions.

"Hey, hey who wants to hit the cafeteria with me?" Kazumi rolled her eyes.

"We all go there, dummy." Hikari pouted.

"I know but it sucks being alone!" We all laughed, Hikari giving us confused glances.

"What? What's so funny guys? Guys?" Chiyo met up with the trio as they went to stand in line for some food. Yuri still felt uneasy about that Mr. Yukimura guy, but did Kazumi mean it when she told him he was... Cute? The smallest of smiles played itselfacross Yuri's face. He hadn't ever really thought about his looks that much, not muh of a point when you don't go outside. Everything was different now. Was Yuri normal? Sure he had psycho shape shifting powers and all, but he could control it. He had to. It was nice, having friends and even going to class was a thrill of excitement!

"Hold out your tray, honey." A rather sweet voice asked politely. Shifting his eyes upwards a young, beautiful woman stood before him. Her auburn hair was tied into a hairnet, while her eyes gleamed an odd sliver.

"O-of course, sorry." Yuri apologised. The woman waved his apology away like it didn't matter at all.

"Don't worry about it, I can tell you're new here you know." She grinned, serving helpings of soup in Yuri's tray.

"You have that nervous look about you." The woman answered his question. "Chill, things are easy to get used to around here." Yuri let out a small breath.

"Yeah, I will." She handed the tray back to him.

"What's your name, by the way? I'm Laurie."


"Nice to meet you Yuri, now move along the line is starting to get clogged." Laurie chuckled. Yuri smiled at her and went to find his friends.

Sure enough they were all sitting around a rectangular table, discussing what classes everyone had.

"I have Mr. Yukimura for English, Grimmrock for home room and Socials, score!" Kazumi fist bumped herself.

"Isn't that the new guy that was hired?" Hikari asked thoughtfully.

"Yukimura? Yeah, this is his first year teaching and everything. Isn't it cool that I got him as a teacher? Lucky, huh?"

"He dresses a little weird, I noticed." Chiyo commented. Yuri was surprised that someone else had noticed the guy was fishy.

"Eh, sure he dresses a little weird but he's cute I'll give him that." Hikari stuck out his tongue.

"Eew, no way. He looks just like everyone else only stranger." Kazumi rolled her eyes.

"You'd get it if you were a girl." She sighed deliberately.

"Excuse me, missus and misters." Yuri looked up from his soup to see the devil himself, Yukimura. He scowled, and went back to swallowing more soup instead. Kazumi turned and hastily adjusted her hair.

"Oh, hello Mr. Yukimura." She smiled kindly, extremely unlike her. Mr. Yukimura smirked at her in response.

"I am here to speak with mister Yuri, if I may." Yuri almost spit out his soup, staring Yukimura straight in the eye.

"What?" He said hesitantly.

"Don't worry you're not in trouble at all, boy." Mr. Yukimura laughed heartily.

"All right. Be back in a minute then." Yuri got up from the table and followed Mr. Yukimura out into the hallway.

"So... What did you want to talk to me about, Mr. Yukimura?" Yuri asked as politely as he could, feeling his heart race. The man only stared down at him, studying him.

"I know what you are." He stated. Yuri's heart sank. Keeping his best confused look on, he soldiered through.


"You're not human, boy. Are you even a boy?"

"W-what? Of course I'm a guy." He felt himself go slightly red.

"You can change your appearance at will, can't you? Then you must have changed yourself to look more like them, didn't you?!" Mr. Yukimura was silently shouting at him. Yuri glared at this man in ivory black.

"I'll be going then. Goodbye, Yukimura." Yuri said coldly, opening the door to the cafeteria.

"This isn't goodbye, this is only the beginning, number 364." Yuri turned only to see Yukimura fade into the shadows once more. Scowling, he stormed over to his friends. Then he thought, what do I tell them?

"So what was that about?" Hikari asked.

"He just wanted to know if I was settled in at all, is I really that easy to tell I'm new here?" Yuri shrugged.

"Yeah, actually. You're different, you stick out. In a good way." Yuri smiled at Hikari's words.

"You really know what to say, at anytime."

"Heh, you think so?" Hikari blushed slightly at the compliment. The bell rang with a deafening bring, Yuri and his friends set off for home room once more, to conclude the rather short day.

"All right students, I see that you have all found your classes without that much problems. Fantastic! Seeing as I never remembered to do this earlier, I'll go around the room for introductions. Don't be shy, jut say your name and favourite colour. Or you could exaggerate, if you must." Martha gestured to a black haired boy to start off. He flushed, but spoke clearly.

"Hello, my name is Quell, and my favourite colour is green." Quell sat down in a rush, still a faint pink. Everyone in class introduced themselves and stated their favourite colour, until it came to be Hikari's turn. He stood up, beaming, and almost cheered.

"My name is Hikari Ricole! I have sooo many favourite colours I can't choose! There's blue, purple, pink, yellow..." He started listing every colour known to man.

"Hikari, dear, I love the enthusiasm but lets give the lad next to you a try now." Martha was smiling. Hikari sat down and looked at Yuri. Instantly he felt all eyes on him. Clearing his throat, Yuri introduced himself.

"H-hi, I'm Yuri and my favourite colour would have to be..." He hesitated. "White." He quickly sat down again, people looked at him confused, probably thinking among themselves: "Who would like the colour white? It isn't even a colour!" But he also felt like that colour was beautiful. Yuri couldn't say why, exactly, much like an artist cannot paint a picture without colour. The artist couldn't just use all white, the painting would be downright boring! But somewhere in that painting, the artist would include hints of white that illuminated the picture, presenting it gloriously. Though it was an odd answer, the colour white appealed to Yuri in an unexpected way.

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