Bleeding Wounds

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Chapter 9: Shatter the Walls of Glass

"So why is your favourite colour white, anyway?" Hikari asked Yuri on their walk home. Yuri fiddled around with his bag before answering.

"I just like it."

"White isn't even a colour you know. It's technically a shade, though I know people who like black."

"White is an outcast, why shouldn't it have a little love?" Yuri and Hikari chuckled.

"Did you ever decide what your favourite colour was?" Yuri smirked at Hikari.

"I'm a sky blue kind of person. Aim high!"

"Then fall on your face." They both laughed again, then walked in silence for a while. Hikari chose to break the quiet.

"I can't believe it's only been a couple days."

"A couple days since what?" Yuri gave him a confused look.

"Since we met." Hikari locked his eyes with Yuri's bright yellow ones.

"Guess so." Yuri broke away.

"Do you trust me yet?" Hikari stopped in his tracks, grabbing Yuri's wrist. Yuri, feeling himself get pulled back, was forced to look at Hikari again. "Do you trust me, Yuri?"

He bit his lip, Yuri had only known the guy for a few days, though it felt like forever. Were they friends? Best friends, perhaps. Hikari embraced Yuri like a brother instead of some stranger he found on the streets, so did he trust him?

"I don't know..." Yuri felt heartbroken. He longed to find someone he could trust, someone who was loyal, and he was right in front of him. But how could he, with the world as it was. It could all be an act, and Yuri was the unlucky victim.

"Okay." Hikari skipped off ahead.

"Woah, woah, woah, aren't you like, disappointed or sad at all?" Yuri caught up to him. Hikari shook his head.

"Nah, I can't force you to trust me. But you said you didn't know, so really I'm halfway there!" He flashed a smile again, glimmering in the sunlight.

"You're one weird kid." Yuri shook his head in wonder.

Hikari's mansion loomed before them, towering over quite literately, everything on the block. Once the duo entered and got organized, Seika sprinted over to them, purring. Her wigs fluttered excitedly, as she nipped at Yuri's hands and pant legs.

"All right, hello Seika." Yuri pressed his nose to hers, holding her in his arms.

"Come hither now, lovebirds." Hikari summoned them. Yuri followed his voice to a wide, circular room with a huge screen taking up an entire wall. Theater seats were all lined accordingly in their rows.

"So, movie or video game?" He held two disc cases in his hands.

"Um..." Yuri shifted his feet awkwardly, hiding his hands behind his back. Hikari just smiled, an held up the case in his left hand, titled "The Ring".

"Movie it is then."

Yuri was on the edge of his seat, following every second of the movie. The woman screamed as the girl, Samura, crawled out of the television, and after her. Hikari had shrunk back into his seat by this point, horror movies didn't seem to suit him all that well. However, Yuri found them fascinating. He watched Samura crawl after the woman, then peeled his eyes away from the screen to look at Hikari instead.

"Are you okay?" Yuri asked softly, causing Hikari to jump.


"We don't have to keep watching if you don't want to." Yuri inched closer to Hikari, noting that his face was much paler than it had been earlier.

"No, lets finish it."

"Hikari. You're scared."

"No I'm not."

"Hold out your hand for a second." Hikari gave him a questioning look, but held out a trembling hand towards Yuri. Yuri steadied his hand still with ease.

"See? It's all right to be scared, man." Hikari retrieved his hand and shrank further into his seat. Rolling his eyes, Yuri turned the movie off with a swift click of the remote (which Hikari taught him the basics of) and pulled Hikari out of his seat.

"Come on, lets do something else." He dragged him outside on the balcony, inhaling the fresh, pure air.

"Take a deep breath." Yuri instructed. Hikari inhaled in, and out. Yuri looked at Hikari's hands once more.

"Again." He had him repeat this until Hikari's body finally calmed down.

"How did you do that?" Hikari asked. Yuri chuckled.

"Lots and lots of practice."

"And why would you need to practice staying calm so often?" Yuri remained silent this time, encouraging Hikari to prod more and more at the subject.

"What could have made you so scared? Yuri, what are you hiding from me. Please, I'm your friend-"

"I don't know that." He couldn't help blurting out. Hikari looked hurt.

"What do you mean you don't know I'm your friend?! We've been close for these past few days, like brothers!"

"We are not brothers!" Yuri felt his body get hotter, angrier.

"Of course we're not! Haven't you ever heard of pretending?!"

"Well I am sick of playing games!"

"I never said our friendship was a game!"

"Really?! It sure sounds like you did!"

"Yuri, you're my only friend! I would never take you for granted!"

"How do I know you're not just another one of them?!"

"Who is 'them'?" Hikari asked, quieter now.

"That's- that's none of your business!" Yuri spat.

"It's all my business, who are these people you call 'them'?!"



"STOP!" Yuri extended his hand, shifting it uncontrollably into sharp, pointy blades. His entire arm had transformed into a chain of blades, sinking into the ground right in front of Hikari. A small cut dripped blood down his cheek, though otherwise the blond haired boy was unhurt. A feeling of dread washed over Yuri, however. He knew. He tried to keep it a secret, but now he knew. It was all over now. Back to the lab, more experiments, more nightmares. More sleepless nights with nothing but the sound of his own heartbeat to keep him company. Hikari stood petrified before Yuri.

"Yuri?" He asked. This was it, he was going to die or have worse things done to him. What was Yuri going to do?

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