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Dorian and childhood friend Katya are students attending Woodland's school for the magic arts..... School lasts of short sessions on these lands that are known only as being Hazzarde..... For these lands are lands that have been corsed by chaos for the destruction of the ancient gods and the seperation of the continent by influences cosmic.... The only hope of returning nature's order: The reforming of the lost sword of ancient gods..... The God Sword.....

Fantasy / Scifi
Robert Alan Ryder
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Prologue: The Awakening

Forced sleepiness filled the eyes of the gathered students.

In Woodland's school of learning in the art of magic, the high- instructors; they are from an ancient time that is long passed.

Uninterested eyes wander about. minds attentions drawing the majority of the students elsewhere.

For most of Myra's students, finding studies in ancient history, it was by their mention an exclusive classing of excessive boredom.

One student, a young man of mixed blood heritages; stands tall among the rest. Figuratively and quite literally.

Dorian listened intently to the teachings of Woodland's history with unyielding interest.

In an obvious showing of teacher's acceptance over her faithful student's eager anticipation and obvious attention; a smile was drawn upon the teacher's, face as she continued undaunted by- the other students.

With a loud series of rapping slams, from her wooden pointing stick upon the surface of her own desk, the assembled students now drew themselves to immediate attention.

Failing after all, it was not accepted on their interests either.

"......... It was only one hundred years to this day, that gods of light and darkness fought upon our world.

The god of darkness- seeking to enslave our people. The gods, they were quickly divided.....

The armies of darkness marched on The Citadel of Light, and a great battle would soon rage....

The war, it would last for fifteen days, and for sixteen nights.

On the night of the rendering the armies of darkness by divine power- of the god of light, soldiers and mind-muddled slaves; their numbers were forced into retreat.

The god of darkness, immediately exacted vengeance upon the mortal forces that served under him for their failure.....

Raising high, his mystical staff- to the darkened skies, the god of darkness called upon his power.....

Executing his final acts of grievous judgment.....

The god of darkness, sacrificed his armies......... Feeding upon the life energy rising from the slain, the god of darkness grew in power.....

The god of light called upon the power of the swords of the old gods.

The gods pact of serving the light, called upon sacrificing their own energies to strengthen the god of light. The lost swords of the felled gods fused as one.

The sword of the greatest of influences of power now rested in his hands.....

The god of light immediately lashed out upon the visage of the god of darkness with the sword now god-forged.

The impact of the staff of darkness, and of the sword of gods it would see, the devastating destruction of the god of darkness; and to the overwhelming sadness of the children of the light of the god of light as well.....

The fate of our lands, to be left to the people; as we continue to survive within the eternal chaos, that is the existence we know today.....

The continent that we all know as Alteria exploded.....

The cosmic forces raised by the warring deities, breaking the- continent into five separate islands.....

In a bizarre twist of fate, the sword of the gods; in retaliation of the cataclysmic explosion, had separated.

The swords of gods, now existing, as two separate weapons of cosmic forged influence the first, The Sword of Darkness and- the second, The Sword of Light; and many a rumor to this day suggests that there may exist one other.....

The sounds of nearing thunder, now interrupted the remainder of the teacher's tale. Lightning flashed just outside the windows of the classroom. The school ward rushed quickly within.

".....Beg pardon Myra? The storm is coming..... The remainder of the day's classes, they are now cancelled....... The carriages- are being prepared for transport....."

Myra returned her attentions to the class.

"... When next you do return to class, I will have a test waiting for you all...... Gather your books and all your parchments...... The carriages will escort you home....."

The majority of the students, they were quick to rise from their desks.

Eager anticipation upon heir thoughts, of impending freedom- from their studies.

Katya quickly grabbed aside her childhood friend. The elf born girl leading Dorian to the freedom of the outdoors.

The unstable grounds rumbled and quaked, in elemental rage- by thundering unison; as chained lightning streaked across the new morning sky. Hazzarde, it is a world without gods.....

The elemental spirits- of nature's wrath, they ravage the lands- and the seas without mercy.....

The storms, lashing out as an unpredictable and unseen enemy of great power, seen as being a destructive foe in the eyes of the many.

A fearful foe, that lays ease of devastating ruin to multiple cities and villages as it passes......

The final days of man, of woman, of children, and of beast; they draw quickly near, in a fateful foreboding of the time of judge's awakening.....

The final fate, of the unsuspecting land to be determined by the destiny of one, and by the reforming- of a lost sword, of ancient gods..... The God Sword.....

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