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chapter 1

One year later...

I’m on my way to my part-time job at Donald’s fast-food restaurant when out of nowhere I smell a rouge. Instead of ignoring it like I should have, I followed the scent. I ended up on the edge of the no-mans land. When I got to where the smell was coming from I hid my scent completely and climbed the tree closest to me. A couple of seconds later a group of pack wolves walked by. My only guess why they would be so close to no-mans land is for patrolling.

They stopped suddenly and started sniffing the air. Two of the wolves stayed in the area I was heading to, and the other three kept running going on with there patrol. I figured the others went to kill the rouge that got onto there land so I left it alone. ‘What if the alpha can help us find our parents and pack? This could be one of our only chances.’ I stiffened. ‘But I have work though Night. I can’t just skip work.’ My wolf growled at me. ‘Call off then, but do not miss this chance Shadow.’ I sighed. ‘Fine. You’re right...’

I jumped down from the tree I was in and let my sent free for the other wolves to smell. Instantly they growled at me. I stepped forward so they could see me better then hid my sent again. “If you guys would not mind could I talk to one of you please.” One of the wolves went behind a tree, when he came out he stared me down like he was trying to intimidate me. I couldn’t help but chuckle. “There is no need to try to intimidate me. I am not going to be a threat to your pack unless you attack me first. I detest useless bloodshed. I just wanted to know if your Alpha could help me with something. Would it be okay if I wait here for him or do you want to take me in first so I can be put in a cell? I don’t really know how packs deal with a situation like this... I would prefer if I didn’t need to be put in a cell, my wolf might not like that very much, but I can hold her from trying to destroy it. Hahaha.”

The man that had changed back to talk to me scowled. His eyes clouded over for a moment and then he looked back at me. “The Alpha said you could wait here if that makes you more comfortable. He should be here soon. My name is Damien I’m the Bata of this pack. If you wouldn't mind, could you tell us your name?” I smiled and my wolf purred. I walked over and put my hand out. “The name I’ve been going by for the past 4 years is Shadow. I’m sorry I can’t give you my real name. I haven’t been called by my real name since I was kidnapped as a child. It’s been a really long time so I don’t remember what it is. That is directly connected to why I want to talk to your Alpha.” The Bata took my hand in a firm handshake and I smiled softly. Damian grunted before looking over his shoulder. “The Alpha is here now.”

My wolf perked up at the mention of the Alpha. You see, I myself am an Alpha, and from what others have told me when I’m not deliberately hiding my power, I’m a very strong Alpha. Stronger than almost all the current Alpha males in the US and Kanada combined. That the only Alphas stronger than me would be the current Alpha king of the US and the new Alpha king that rules Russia. So I wasn’t very surprised when this young Alpha was not as strong as me. Just from looking at him, he only looked like a pup to me, but I will keep that to myself.

I smiled and nodded at the Alpha. “Hello, Alpha... I’m terribly sorry for not knowing your name. I feel like I should considering I’ve been your neighbor for about a year now.” The young Alpha laughed and shook his head while looking at me skeptically. “That is fine. My name is Nick Black. But enough with that. What I would like to know, is why a rough that can hide their scent and power is asking to talk to me.” Cue the awkwardness. “Sorry to say Alpha Black, but if I were to let my power free you most likely wouldn’t be able to stand. Imagine being in front of your King... That’s what it would be like if I were to let loose my powers, maybe worse as I’ve never had the pleasure to talk with him. Anyways! I was hoping you could help me find out who I really am and who my family is so I can go back to let them know I am still alive.” Nick looked surprised for a moment before speaking. "What do you mean by help you find out who you are and who your family is?"

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