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chapter 2

After explaining that I was kidnapped at the age of 5 and that now that I got away I was trying to find out who I am and who my family is I looked at Nick with a small smile. "This is the only thing that really kept me alive all these years. I just want to know about myself and my family. It would also be nice to no longer have to be a rouge. It's not the nicest feeling to have to hide my sent all the time so I don't get myself killed. Most of our kind think I am human because they can't sense anything from me. It's how I've kept myself alive for a full year." 'Well, what really kept you alive was all your training. But they don't need to know that now do they. Rite Shadow?' I laughed to myself. 'Yeah. You are rite Night. If they knew about all of my training, it is quite possible that they would try to kill us. That's why I didn't tell them in the first place.'

Nick was young and inexperienced so he still couldn't tell anything was off with the young woman in front of him. He welcomed Shadow onto his land so that he could call around and ask other Alphas to find out who Shadow could go to. He called people until around 7 at night, and still got no answer. In the end, the King told Nick to send Shadow to him so that he could widen the range for her.

After getting the message from the King, Nick told Shadow that he would send some men with her to pack up all of her things so they could take her to Minnesota. After hearing all of this, Shadow immediately headed to the small apartment she was renting and packed a backpack full of her things. That was all she had because she was afraid she would have to move suddenly because of other wolves. As soon as she was packed and ready to go, Nick and a couple of guards took her to the King's palace.

When they got there Shadow was looking and smelling frantically, memorizing everything around her. Shadow and Nick were led to where the king was at. Nick opened the door and as soon as Shadow entered the meeting chambers a foggy memory of her parents sent hit her. At this point, the king had already gotten Shadows sent and had had someone to get his wife and oldest child Scott. When the other two arrived they caught Shadows sent just as quickly as the King and they all started crying.

All this time Nick and Shadow had no idea what was going on. 'I think the King and Queen are our parents or at least family. Same with the boy. Walk over to them. We need to comfort them.' Shadow nodded her head to reply to Night and stepped forward a little then hesitated. When the King saw this he stepped forward to meet her. He just looked at her for a couple of minutes then grabbed onto her and brought her into a hug and didn't let go until Shadow started to struggle for breath and his son told him she couldn't breathe. He let go and stepped back. "We have been searching all over the world looking for you my daughter. We almost gave up hope of ever seeing you again." The king choked up and started crying again.

Shadow stood still. She was trying to digest everything that just happened and all the information that she just got. Everybody stared at her for a good five minutes waiting for her to speak. When she did, she started crying as well. "I... I thought I wouldn't... be wanted... anymore. Hic... I thought I di... didn't have a family anymore..." Shadow broke down right there forgetting all of her training for a moment and let all of her pain and loneliness out in the tears that she cried.

The Queen walked over and hugged Shadow and let her cry to her heart's content. When Shadow regained control she apologized for the unsightly display and introduced herself by the name she had been going by. "For the past 4 years I have gone by the name Shadow. I'm sorry I don't remember the real name I was given..." Shadow bowed her head as a show of apology.

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