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chapter 3

Both of Shadow’s parents and her brother were in tears. Her mother spoke after regaining control and spoke directly to Shadow. “If that is the name you have gone by for 4 years then we shall leave it the same. From today onwards you will be known as Princess Shadow De Vandelli. You are our daughter and you have the right to live with us from now on. We are Freinds, we are family, and we are pack.” The queen walks to Shadow and hugs her. “I am so glad you found your way back my niñita" (little girl [spanish]) Then she turned to her husband and spoke in a commanding tone. "Now, I will show Shadow up to her room so that she may freshen up and we can sit down for a meal. Then you may ask all the questions you want to ask her later. I will not have my daughter underfed and unclean. Come Shadow, I will show you the way."

Shadow just did as she was told and followed while laughing at her wolf. The whole time, Night had been quiet, but as soon as her mother started talking she started howling with happiness. 'Yay! We finally get to eat properly for once!!!'

As shadow followed her mother she memorized everything. It was a habit she had picked up because of her training. When she entered the room that was going to be hers she gasped. 'It's so big in here Night! What am I going to do with this much space?!' All she heard in response was a chuckle from both her wolf and her mother. "The bathroom is just on the other side of the door in the corner on the rite. I'll have some maids bring you some clothes. I'm guessing you want to wear something close to what you are wearing right now?" Shadow nodded. Seeing her mother leave the room Shadow headed straight for the shower. It took her a good 30 minutes to get all the dirt out of her hair and off her body. When she left the bathroom there was a pair of clean clothes that had been set out for her. As soon as she finished dressing she walked out the door and found a guard to take her to the dining room.

When she walked in everyone smiled at her and her brother pulled her chair out for her. This was the first time she had felt so loved. Soon after Shadow was seated, food was brought in for them all to eat. Shadow ate all she could then waited for the other three to finish, which didn't take long. They all moved to the Kings office to discuss everything that has happened until now.

Shadow told them everything from beginning to end that she could remember. By the end of her story, her mother was in tears, her father shaking in grief and anger, and her brother had run out of the room and shifted as soon as the story was finished. Threw all of this Shadow hadn't shown any emotion at all. She looked to her father and mother and spoke in a low comforting voice. "It is all in the past now. I have killed everyone that I knew was involved and gave them the punishment they deserved. I am strong and almost unbeatable now. There is no longer any need for you to be angry or sad. None of this is your faults. It is all in the past now." Shadow sighed. "I will go find Scott now and make sure he doesn't do anything to dangerous. I will return later." Her father looked up and nodded his head in agreement.

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