DARK MATE: the Cursed One

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Long, long time ago there was a certain King that stood above all. Long, long ago, he fell for woman. Long, long ago he destroyed the world for her sake.. Now, a King met his woman again. All those fairy tales your parents scared you with are real. All those creatures you feared are real. But why can't we see them? Why are there no creatures lurking around Earth killing every single human they want when they are capable of doing so? You never knew, but you you could feel that there was someone on the top stopping that from happening. King so cold and ruthless that he wouldn't bat his eye when killing other creatures, but had a soft spot for one person that he knew won't ever met. Until the cog of fate broke and his destiny came rushing in his life bringing him that one person he never thought he'll have pleasure to see: His own soul-mate. A human, at that. Or was she really now? She is, after all, the Light that could wash away his Curse. She is his light, yet he's nothing but a pure darkness. A perfect evil. A creature incapable of of love. The brighter the light is, the darker will creature be attached to it, trying to embrace it, to save itself. And so he craved her. All she wanted was to live. All he wanted was to be loved. But one is bound to be destroyed. Such was Viktor; Forever, the Cursed One.

Fantasy / Romance
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- The one that angers you, controls you. Don’t give that power to anyone, especially to those that are doing it intentionally -

THERE WAS something that night in the Mortal Realm that stirred in the old king of Immortals, Viktor, as he stood at the top of a building in the vast city of humans.

The moonlight that would break through the clouds and long path just to fall on the surface of the Earth, the countless stars that would still outshine the pitch darkness that surrounded them or the silence when the entire world fell into the slumber... One thing after another that was alluring him, as the one who reigned over darkness itself, could be a reason why would he escape from Axis here and there just to spend few shades - no, hours, in this pleasant environment.

Deathly peaceful.

Although the lights of the big city such as was Seattle and the noise of cars that relentlessly kept moving through the crowds were still there, the place was much calmer than his home realm - Axis, or as it went by the title of “Immortal Realm”. There, they might not have big building that adorned 21st century of Earth, but the crowd was of usual occurrence. The cities and streets were simply bursting of people - and you could even find a fight of few immortals on every ten meters. And the Covenants that would try to stop them, get injured, and then start all over again.

It was the realm of strength, it wasn't unusual to solve conflicts with death.

On Earth, things were different; humans being had no power to fight it’s law enforcers - or so to say “police” - so they tried to stay away from trouble as much as possible. Well, there was quite the number of those who dared oppose them, such as the guy one mile from Viktor who murdered another guy on the street and is causing commotion.

But even through his surrounding was filled with the sound of police sirens, that wasn’t the reason why Viktor’s peace was disturbed. The reason for it was one particular smell of Kin* that was calling out to him.


He was denying, rejecting the sole idea that she existed, yet with every inhale of breath he took, the prickling smell of his woman attacked his senses proving him wrong, over and over again.

“Impossible,” he voiced out his thoughts. He didn’t have one. He was over one billion years old and his heart was not the prettiest thing out there, therefore it’s only normal that a soulless bastard like him didn’t have a mate.

But he did.

The smell’s been bothering him for over sixteen years now and though he’d visit the Mortal Realm once in few of them, the pleasant smell of what was his would always be there to greet him.


He could no longer fight the temptation. He needed her by his side, to rest his eyes on her, to listen to her voice, to enjoy the feeling her touch would awaken... To share his bed with, to bear his offspring.

The clothes he wore were black, just like the darkness he embraced at the moment, but the moonlight shining on his back made him stand out, prominent and proud. As if darkness itself feared and respected him.

His long, white hair tumbled with every breeze of the wind that passed around him as his eyes red as blood, that could see many lengths, focused on the source of his mate he once took a sneak at when she was still just a child.

Though, she still is.

Yet, although it was such a joyous occasion for him, he was far, far from being happy.

No, he was actually pissed off. Though she was miles and miles away, he could see still what was going on under the roof where she resides. She was suffering, he didn’t like it. He didn’t have a heart capable of loving, but he had one capable of rage.

He never intended to take her with him, for he’d only destroy her - but this changed everything. His soul-mate, no matter where, was not allowed to suffer.

Not to be abused.

Glancing at the crowd of humans bellow him for the one last time, which could never see or even notice him, he jumped from the building. That height was a child’s play, though strong for humans, the gravity of this planet didn’t even tickle him. Just before he reached the end, the wind around him gushed towards the ground giving him the resistance he needed to land without making an enormous dent at the place he now stood on. Few people glanced at his way, but they saw nothing but whirls of wind.


Yes, he was invisible to them. That was for the better, they wouldn’t be able to stand his presence. His Kin did emit death around his body he wouldn’t even try to stop given the current situation. His woman is being abused, and he had no intentions of sparring the one who hurt her.

No one harms what’s Viktor’s and gets away with it.

Not even her own family.

Kin - something like one's existence. To humans it's the thing that gives them soul, body and thought, to immortals it decides their power. Without it one would be rejected from existence and become the Undead or Kinless.

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