Of the Moon and of the Sun;

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Part II. And When the Sun waits for the Moon

The Fae of Daylight looked around her, amidst the sunlight and flora and couldn't help but think that there couldn't be a sight more beautiful than this. The grass had never looked so green and the lake never looked so clear.

At the moment, everyone was so dancing and being silly to celebrate the spring.

She enjoyed watching the White Rabbit tugging the shy puppy by the ear, trying to get it out from its hiding place. The wiser corgi was also trying to coax the puppy out with encouraging words and light teasing.

Her warrior fae engaged in mock sword battles and her gentle fae dancing prettily among the flowers.

So much happiness around her.

“Your Highness.”

She turned around and found her guardian looking quite smug. Clearly, she had just won her latest duel. But she knew that wasn't what why she was looking for her. “You keep gazing to the east.”

Nothing missed her guardian's attention. Not surprising as she had been her friend and conscience all these years. “I was just wondering if she would remember. She must be working hard.”

With a laugh, the guardian ruffled her hair. “Probably as hard as you are, Your Highness.” They could hear yelping coming from the puppy a few seconds later. “I should probably save the puppy before it decides to spend the rest of his life inside its burrow.”

Both laughed. But just as her guardian left, the fae instinctively turned her gaze to the east. She began to worry. The sun was about to set but she was yet to see the moon. Did this mean she would have to wait for another day?

Another a day for a moment.

But she believed that wouldn't be so. As the festivities continued, she joined her people in the dancing and frolic. She loved all this. Being surrounded by all this silliness and color. Especially all the green. Green always made he feel alive. It was such a wonderful color.

But she never forgot to turn to the east.

Then she saw it. The moon was making its appearance --- just as the sun was setting.

No one stopped her when she flew towards the direction of the moon's ascent. She didn't know how far she flew, but all of a sudden the scene changed around her and a vision appeared. The sunlight disappeared and was replaced by dark sky and twinkling stars.

There was an absence of colors but even she could admit that the was a melancholic beauty about this place. However, without a touch of color around her it also made her a little sad.

She had seen this before. It was her friend's home. Every time the magic allowed it, they are allowed a moment to see each other's home.

Then she saw her. Her friend, the Moon Princess. Not having aged a day and looking just as she had so many years ago. She smiled and was about to speak --- before remembering that the magic didn't include speech.

So instead she mouthed silently what she most wanted to say, “Happy birthday. I love you.”

The moon princess laughed and shook her head and mouthed back. “I love you too. And happy birthday.”

A second later, the magic was gone. The vision melted away and the fae was back among the green grass and blue waters. This time, the magic probably lasted only a little over a minute. It varies each time. Sometimes it was even less than a minute, so she considered this time to be lucky.

“Until the next time, my friend ...” she whispered.

Since they never age, people often asked her if she could really stand and eternity of this. Is this any way to keep a friendship alive?

“Some people have less than what we have now,” she would often tell them. Yes, it was sad and yes, it was a little lonely. There was so many things she wanted to tell her and so many experiences she wanted to share. “Most people probably don't understand, but it makes us happy. Even if it is just a moment … it makes us very happy.”

“How do you know she is happy?”

The princess would look back to the tiny, happy tears just on the edge of her friend's eyes. “You just know, I suppose. You just know.”

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