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SECOND CHANCES,i didn't believe in it, I have never been known to the world, I was born disfigured, useless and without a name. To the General, my father I should never have been born,.. Jiang the illegitimate, unwanted and disfigured son of General Lei had never thought he will be forced to take his sister's place as the empress in waiting to the emperor of the great Tang Qin Shang dynasty, he also never thought that just mere moments of been given a second chance in life his life will be in danger yet again, he had hoped upon entering the imperial palace he could try to live a bit peacefully and then escape when he had the power to protect himself but reality proved different. Everything he was told by his family was nothing but lies, he wasn't suppose to make it into the palace and now that he was in the palace there was no turning back.

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In Tang Qin Shang dynasty strength was everything, Magic ruled the world, it was said that from birth a child could already sense the mana in the world and have an idea of which element they had an affinity to, be it water, air, fire, earth, light, darkness, space, time, wood, etc., people with two elements were usually extremely rare, same with people with three-element, as for four elements it was a legendary level.

A child was born useless, total trash to such a world where power was everything and to make matters worse his face was disfigured, his unfortunate circumstances made his father General Lei despise him, to General Lei this child was cursed, a stain to his unblemished name.

General Lei strongly believed that this child was sent by the heavens as a punishment to him for betraying his one true love by having an affair with a low born despicable, conniving servant who once tended to his beloved needs.

The pitiful child without a name knew fully well that his father was not been fair to his naïve and innocent mother, she could never have seduced him because she wasn’t that type of person, Although General Lei tried to paint himself white by plastering dirt all over that child’s mother the truth could never be hidden forever and there were people who knew that he was the one that forced himself on his wife’s servant girl and the fruit of this ugly was the child without a name.

The child knew the truth and felt his mother’s grievance but just like her, he couldn’t voice out his resentment and pain.

When the incident was found out by the legitimate wife of the Lei’s manor she ordered that both mother and unborn child be thrown out of the Lei Manor and going forward this pair that only had each other were made to live in a deserted thatched house by a hill in the forest.

“Mother why don’t I have a name like other people, please give me one” The child had once pleaded and his mother shown a solemn expression, one that he had gotten accustomed to and hated seeing the most on his mother’s face.

“Don’t be sad mother, I don’t mind not having a name?” the child said as he tugged on his mother’s sleeves and tried to smile to lighten the mood, she ruffled his hair and smiled back while saying “I am sorry for been so useless son, I am so sorry” a tear fell down from her eyes and she quickly raised her sleeves to wipe it off, she had to be strong for her precious son.

The powerless child soon got to find out that the reason he could never bear a name was that his mother had been told by his father’s beloved wife not to give him one and his father stood strongly behind his dear wife despite his mother pleads.

After the child’s mother’s death when he was only four years old the child didn’t understand what had happened, he only knew his mother refused to wake up and since no one ever cared to come to visit them he decided to go over to the Lei manor and tell them that his mother’s body was cold and she won’t wake up no matter how much he called out to her or shook her body.

He was too young to know that she had died then, after giving birth to the child his mother had lost a lot of blood and was very sick since then onwards, if she was given proper medication then she wouldn’t have left him so early, she kept on being strong for him but eventually left but before going mother said,

“I do not have much to give you Son, only this” she brought out a tiny rusted ring and put it on his last finger “I am so sorry for being such a terrible mother, my only wish is that you find happiness” she tenderly squeezes the child’s little hands that were held by hers and her eyes held unshed tears but her little man wasn’t so strong and let silent tears run down his eyes

“You are a little strong man now and men don’t cry” she tenderly wiped his tears with her shaking hands and he nodded furiously in agreement to her words, he had thought “if I don’t cry and remain strong maybe mother will stop been so sick”

The child tightly held onto his mother’s hands as he watches her gasp for breath, she decided to rest on the bed made from mortal animal’s skin and the child seeing his mother so frail couldn’t help feeling so much fear and pain “Never remove that ring son, never lose it” she finally said those words after much struggle

"Why? it looks useless” the child was just four years old so he was a little curious thing and seeing this dull-looking ring made him wonder why his mother put so much importance in it to the extent that she didn’t even want him to lose it, his curiosity temporary made him forget his fears.

“Although it might look useless when I found it at an abandoned temple It didn’t look rusted and worn out,” She said while smiling sweetly at her child.

“It really didn’t look like this,” the child asked as he looked quizzically at the old rusted ring on my finger.

“Do you think mother will deceive you” She seriously asked.

"mother can never deceive her one and only,” he said without even thinking about it for a second and then he joined her on the bed and she wrapped her arms around him, He knew fully well that his mother loved him the most and as a result will never lie or deceive him, He was her everything as she was his.

At that moment the child’s mother coughed lightly before placing a kiss on his forehead “That’s my boy” she looked at her handsome angel that everyone despised because he couldn’t cultivate and was unimaginably ugly, she didn’t see his physical appearance but that which was within and she was proud to be the mother of such a pure soul.

"That ring was shining brightly when I found it and it was golden in color, it also gave off a unique aura, Son I might not know it’s used but I think it’s very important,” she said

"I promise to keep it safe until I take my last breath mother,” He said and then she smiled, she was truly beautiful, the most beautiful woman in all of Tang Qin Shang, to him his mother was the best, He smiled sweetly back at her and then she raised her hands to his cheeks “I am sorry for not being able to be with you to the end of time but one day you will find someone to accompany you for all of eternity but till then you must remain strong” her hands then slumped to her side, her smile seized and her eyes closed.

He decided to sleep too since he thought his mother must have been very tired and so suddenly fell asleep but when he woke up she was still sleeping, He waited by his mother’s bedside but she wouldn’t wake up even if a day had past, He was hungry but he couldn’t bear to leave mother all alone and go look for food in the woods like she taught him, “What if she woke up and needed him desperately” He thought

His treatment at the Lei manor wasn’t what he could understand then, the child didn’t know why his father won’t send a doctor to check on his mother even if she wouldn’t wake up ”The General’s manor isn’t somewhere you can just come to” the guards at the door said as they pushed him to the floor

“But mother has been sleeping for three days now, I think she is really sick, I want to tell father that mother needs a doctor” He pleaded with glittering eyes, when mother didn’t wake up for three days he knew something was seriously wrong, also her body gave off a strange smell so he ran to the Lei’s manor even though mother warned him never to go there, He had to defile mother’s words because he didn’t know where else to go and seek for help.

A palm landed on his little cheeks, he felt dizzy, his little brain couldn’t quite interpret what just happened “Who is your father” a small girl at the same age as the ugly boy child said scornfully, her eyes held hatred and disgust, then he didn’t know why she looked or treated him so but he felt helpless and sad, he only wanted his mother to be treated.

“If I hear you call him father again, I will have your tongue” she viciously stared him down and then spat on his face.

"Get this dirty beggar out of here” she spitefully said to the guards at the General’s gate and then went back in.

He had an inkling that she saw him at the manor gate and heard his words also she knew who he was that’s why she came to spite him but he had never offended her before so the little boy was truly confused.

That day he could only go back to his mother since they wouldn’t help, he searched for help elsewhere and got one from a passerby who was kind enough to follow him to see his mother after hearing what he had to say.

It was then he found out she had past away, the passerby helped him to bury his mother before hurrying along, she did want she could and he was grateful that he was even given the time of day despite his hideous looks.

He stood by his mother’s graveside for five days, he still hadn’t eaten so he became terribly skinny to the extent his skeletal muscles could be seen, he was skinny, to begin with, so starving himself made matters worst.

His four years old mind was finding it hard to accept the fact that he was truly alone in this world, he couldn’t even cry, he didn’t understand why his mother was gone.

Years later he will find out that the girl who treated him so badly at the Generals manor was the first Eldest Miss of the General’s manor, his sister.

He will also find out that the day she met him at the gate wasn’t their first encounter and also, she wasn’t alone that day, his father, her mother and the General most loved Eldest son was there too, they watched as the guards harassed him and as he pleaded for help, they let the First Eldest daughter come out and send him off.

They wanted to act like he didn’t exist, his father didn’t kill him not because he held a bit of kinship towards him but because he felt it was beneath his station and perhaps someday he will have some use for him.

The child began to believe that he was indeed cursed like people had always said and he believed so even more ever since his mother died, he had never known happiness, he had forgotten what it feels like to be happy, to smile to laugh.

Just like that twelve years went by and in this years he had forgotten what warmth felt like, as he sits inside this carriage dressed as his sister, he can’t help but wonder if he will be okay, his sixteen years old self although was never accepted by the family still hopes to be accepted by taking such burden upon myself, his simple wish was to be a part of his family at least before he leaves this earth.

But now as he stares at the assassins as they approach him he realized how stupid and naive he was, with the amount of blood lust that he could feel from these strange people that have caused nothing but havoc since they arrived, he will be stupid not to know why they were here.

He should have known earlier that since he was cursed they were no way such a wish could come true, he could never know happiness.

He puts his fingers on the ring his mother left for him twelve years ago and says solemnly " I kept it, safe mother, I will be joining you soon but before that, I should give myself a name at least, I can’t leave without even having that” He paused to think for a slight second, the little child that had now grown into a teenager was calm despite the impending danger that was quickly approaching him.

" JIANG sounds nice. ” a smile grace his crooked lips, it wasn’t beautiful or dazzling but it was the first time he had smiled since he lost his only family, Jiang proclaimed happily “I have a name at last” at that moment Jiang felt really happy but that happiness was short-lived because this very day was to be Jiang’s last, those assassins came for no one else but him and they didn’t come to give him cakes or to be friends, the came for one thing only and were going to get it no matter the cost.


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