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I woke up with a startling headache, my whole body hurts so much, my eye lid feels extremely heavy, I try to make sense of my surrounding then I realized am I in a carriage,

I try to clear my thoughts, to think of the reason why I am here, dressed like a noble lady and then it all came rushing back, my head hurts but my heart hurts even more as I remember it all.

I was in the same carriage that was supposed to carry me to the palace to take my sisters place but I never got to the palace because the carriage instead leads me to my death.

The more my past memories flood in my head the more I realize what happened to me and why I am once more alive, I had travelled back in time.

I can’t believe this is happening to me, my past life feels like a dream, like it never happened.

I noticed it’s still day time, the ambush happened at night of the second day when we were to arrive at Yang province, I was sixteen, so young but I had to go to the yellow river.

The generals manor is a bit far from the palace, the general’s manor is in the Yin province while the palace is in the central region mostly known as the capital in the Yang province, both provinces are miles apart and last time it took the carriage two days to arrive at the outskirts of the Yang province, by morning we would have entered the gates but I didn’t get such chance.

“Where are we now?” I asked one of the guards following beside the carriage, they were supposed to protect me but when the assassins came they all ran like chickens

"We are approaching Yue valley, we will be spending the night there” he said and I gave out a breath of relief

If we will be spending the night at Yue valley then It’s still the First day and I still have a chance to live, I cannot trust anyone here, I have to escape on my own, follow a different route from the ones the assassins plan to block and ambush me.

I need to get to Yang province at all cost, then I will be safe from the assassins at least, I say at least because I do not know what awaits me beyond the Yang province gate.

Powers or no powers I must leave tonight, they won’t be expecting me to leave and by morning when they find me missing I will be long gone, I just pray they don’t send an air element magic master after me, I will stand no chance if they do.

Just thinking about my past death made me shiver, the rusted old ring on my finger that my mother gave me began to shin, all this years it still remained well fitted on my last finger, it seemed to me at times like it reshaped itself so that it could continuously fit that finger but I couldn’t really tell since I was always skinny.

The rusted ring’s light kept shinning in the carriage, thank the heavens that the sun was high in the sky so outsiders couldn’t notice, the ring that have never left my last finger before flew out on its own, it happened so fast but the next thing I know it’s embedded in my forehead,

I wanted to scream but knew I couldn’t, I bit at my lower lip so hard until blood started dripping down, I felt like my brain was been ripped out from my head and at the same time I felt like something’s was been melted into me, just like when a blacksmith melts mental in order to form a weapon that’s how I felt.

After the ring melted into my forehead, it flowed into my bloodstream, I felt like I could see what was happening in my body.

The melted ring then flowed to my core where the mana is stored, the black hazy substance that was ones in my core and prevented me from storing mana all these years despite my vigorous training seemed to be pushed out by rusted ring which had now began to take shape again but this time it was a large space and in the space there was a cauldron,

I couldn’t look at the space well since I was in so much pain, I didn’t even know when i blacked out.


"Mistress, Mistress” I heard one of the maid assigned to me call out as I woke up from my deep slumber.

“We are at the Yue valley, The tents have been set, you can go and relax now” a maid assigned to me by my father said.

"Thanks, What? We are at Yue valley already? ” I asked not believing what I just heard.

“Yes Mistress" the maid answered innocently

I wanted to curse at the heavens for doing this to me, the time I was supposed to use to plan my escape was used to sleep instead “Are you okay” the made asked worriedly.

“I will be out soon, you can leave “I replied grudgingly, it wasn’t her fault but you can’t blame me for being in a bad mood, my life is on the line, after all, I don’t have time to sleep.

This my sister’s annoyingly flowing gown with heavy jades and jewels isn’t easy to wear at all, my neck hurts from all the overweight items on my head, even my back was not spared from all the arch, both my wrist is begging for mercy too, only my legs have it easy but if I was to wear these things while escaping it will slow me down.

I have to steal some clothes and change into them then when I approach the capital I can change back, how could I forget I carried my one and only male cloth with me.

Tonight was going to be a long one, I sighed deeply as i stepped out of the carriage into the endless darkness of the forest, as the breeze hit me, I discovered something, something extremely amazing, something life-changing, not to anyone but to me.

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