The Mindwalker (Book One of the Amathrine Series)

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I was wrong. I was wrong to believe that I could rest, or that the gods had given me enough mercy to have one good night of sleep. One night where the terrors weren't lurking in the corners... Cassidy Hoods has been having weird dreams lately. Dreams that leave her choking and gasping for air in the middle of the night. "It's time. It's time to wake." Strange, strange things are happening. Things that make her question her sanity and have her wonder if she's in her right mind. Then enters Nathaniel Gale. The mysterious, intriguing boy that suddenly takes on a bigger role in her life. But even he has a secret. Cassidy's world is turned inside out. As she is introduced to a whole new one; One she never thought existed. One where she must discover and survive the harsh wrath unleashed upon her. In a battle against time, loved ones and people dying to slash out your throat, everyone is fighting for the ultimate prize; Power.

Fantasy / Romance
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Since the beginning of time, the creation of the universe with all its beings, an extraordinary family ruled the heavens and the skies. Father of time, all immortal, semi-immortal and mortal beings, Nigel Amathrine was the head of the Amathrine family, the only angels who could wield pure light.

With his beloved Alene, Nigel had four children. Rhea, Gabriel, Merle and Liliane. They were of his direct blood, each given a role and duty to play.

Rhea was the angel of war, an Amathrine feared across all the nations of the skies for her temper and her merciless kills. She brought about with her, death and destruction.

Gabriel was in charge of the happenings between the worlds, primarily guiding the many spirits and souls that wandered the Earth, Heavens or Hell, often answering the questions to which they seeked. He was the great messenger.

Merle was the carrier of judgements, ensured that every soul that met trial was trialled blindly, unbiased. Her power, was of justice.

Last but not least was Liliane, Nigel’s most beloved child. She had the power to bring back the dead. However Liliane only used her powers to heal and restore life to the flowers in her imperial garden. She was the angel of resurrection and life.

It is the following ordinance that:

The Amathrines cannot be killed by anyone other than themselves.

The Amathrines hold the power of the Heavens, the Seas and the Earth.

To be an Amathrine is to be a projected image of pure, insane, power.

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