The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 10

"Thank you. It's been a great welcome so far." Jacob complimented taking back his hand. She smiled then took notice of the boxes. Motioning for him to give her one second, she pulled out an iPhone to call someone. "I need help outside the lobby. One would do fine." was all she said before hanging up.

"Dez would be here shortly." she said to Sammy who placed his box by her feet then took Jacob's box and did the same. Tipping his hat at both of them he waved them good bye and left. Not long after a man in the similar black uniform came and greeted them.

"Mr. Kaiser, this is Dez. He along with five other security officers are assigned to the accounting department." Tiffany introduced.

"Welcome sir" Dez said politely.

"Thank you."

"Dez, be a sweetheart and take these to Mr Kaiser's office. I would be escorting him to get his documents sorted." she stated in the same pleasant honey sweet tone.

"Sure thing Ma'am" he said taking the boxes like it was a valuable gift from the woman then left.

"Okay Mr Kaiser let's go do the first step in becoming a Robinson" Tiffany said cheerfully before turning on her heels. Jacob willingly followed her, turning the corner he was marveled by the sight before him. He didn't noticed that he whistled out loud and stopped till Tiffany laughed beside him.

"Amazing huh? It still gets me after ten years of working here." she commented as they both silently took in the lobby. The glass doors opened for them and the live energy reached them with a full blast. The carpeting were plush and colorful giving the white walls a great show. The furniture was modern and also colorful, employees dressed in a mixture of casual and business conversed with each other with enthusiasm and seriousness. Just like him they had security badges, some wore them on a lanyard or simply clipped it on their clothes. Tiffany led him to the receptionist desk, again he was struck by how pretty the two ladies were, who also gave him appreciative looks in return.

"Girls. This is Mr. Jacob Kaiser. Filling in for Chaz. These two are information central. Mischa and Michelle. If you need help in getting to another department or need security these two are the ones to call."

Shaking their hands in greeting, he gave them a smile then followed Tiffany. "Robinson Tech have prided themselves in being the best. The best in every aspect of a company. From the lowest to the highest. Your first interaction with the company is SECURITY. They are the foundation." she began to explain while they waited for the elevator to take them to the second floor. Two hallways were highlighted on either side of the elevator, on the left PERSONNEL was on a sign above the corridor and SURVEILLANCE on the other.

"Personnel. They are like the keepers of every record from the beginning to now. Though HR has files on all employees, this department have more. You get caught speeding to work and you get a ticket, they would know. Everything is kept on file. One thing we would never do is invade your privacy all that matters to us is that you keep your nose clean. No police. No drugs. Whatever. We represent a lot of people and any indiscretion can cost us something big."

"Understood. I got the taste of that from your lawyers." he commented. She laughed and shook her head opening the second door in the left corridor. "You would get used to it."

The room was light and airy again it had white walls with colorful decor. Three employees caught his attention working at stations which had two computers each, they seem heavily in-tuned to their work. Tiffany cleared her throat and they stopped. "Fancy seeing you here Tiff." a woman said smirking then gave Jacob a once-over.

"Who's the blonde?" she continued while walking over to them.

"Jacob Kaiser. New head of the accounting department." Tiffany introduced.

"A bit young. From the docs you are just 27. A bit of a hot shot." the lady teased. Jacob simply shrugged with a disarming smile. "Enough B. Just get him in the system, no question asked. I need to get him up to Maxie in fifteen." his tour guide said stepping away from him while fiddling with her phone.

"Sure. Sure. Okay sweetie. I need all your personal documents and any family member or friends that you trust information." B asked of him leading him to a sectioned off cubicle at the end of the room. He watched with interest as the woman plot in his information in the computer, took his picture and asked him questions that he forgot answers too, well a few. He was told to be very truthful, so Jacob had no choice to state the names of his family members, his late wife, Lexi and William and last but not least his daughter. When it was all done, she showed him the newly made completed record of him.

"How this works is very simple. You can simply call security to inform them when your friends or family are coming to visit. Our cameras have facial recognising software which would capture them and give them a green to be let in. In case of emergency, we have them on file to be notified and vice versa. Oh quick note, visitors are not allowed in your designated department. You can meet them in the lobby or usher them to the first floor which is the visitors area." He nodded in acknowledgement taking it all in. B played around with the computer pulling up files on everyone close to him even his little girl. "Cute kid" she complimented.

"Thanks to her mother." he returned as her school file was added to his record. It was like they were the CIA, the eyes and ears of the world.

"B are you through?" Tiffany called out. "Just about" the woman returned handing him a new employee id card.

"This card is now your life. Access to anywhere in this building and into accounts that you and every employee here are working on. The code below your picture is your id to access your computer and office. Don't damage the strip. This card also checks you in at the gate. Good luck kid and welcome to the family"

Family, so far from what he have seen was surely that. Tiffany was a great guide. He was shown the Human Resource floor, Marketing, Testing, the employee lounge which was an entire floor, design and last but not least Accounting. As they made there way to accounting he asked about the seventh floor which the associated button was red.

"That would be my floor." she answered.

"I'm not allowed to see where you spend the majority of your time." he asked smiling at her.

"The seventh floor is also the CEO's floor. The only way you go up there is when you are called."

His brows furrowed in confusion, "Why? Don't people just pop up and visit the boss when you need to talk to them."

The door opened up to three carpeted hallways just like the other departments before she can answer. On the left and right were the workers in their own designated glass offices nine on each side. Each employee personalised their space as well the mini meeting room parallel to their office. They all lined the middle hallway outside of doors which led them back to their world. He like the concept of it all, one side of their office for their clients the other side for them if they need their boss' opinion, a quick fast way to him. The office at the end of the hall was a unique one it had no matching meeting room, it was pink and green colour from the walls to the furniture which screamed really girly.

"Hi guys" Tiffany greeted waving to them. "Hey Tiff" they responded smiling back at her. "So as y'all know Chaz won't be here for a while, though we are sadden by his situation and miss him around the company we still have to work. R.J as usual worked quickly and got a replacement so we won't disappoint our clients." she started. Through out the tour, he have heard the name R.J and she was spoken of very highly, she must be a heck of a boss he thought.

"I would like to introduce to you the newest member of the family, Mr Jacob Kaiser."

Jacob stepped forward and waited till the applause died down, "Hello everyone, it's so great to be here. First of all kudos. Kudos to everyone here and other departments, I am sure you all have heard of the awe and praises you get by just working here. I must say from the moment I drove in the welcome was phenomenal and I appreciate it a lot." he started. Applause thundered the hallway once more before he continued.

"I've met nearly everyone in the past hour or so and was truly amazed by what goes on here. I think the only two I have missed are the CEO and the head of Design." he continued only to be cut off by a guy a bit older than him.

"Our muses dude. Trust me when I say, they are our muses and the motivation to come to work." he commented.

"Well them and the money" another joked.

"Well can't wait to meet them. A little about myself. I am a Junior partner at Woods and Charles. Single father. Last of three boys. Down to earth. I am not an ogre so when you see me in my zone just know I'm not mad at the world. Numbers pull me in and its hard to get out. Last thing is..." Jacob stopped, at the last moment he caught himself opening up very freely to these people and felt no anxiety just calmness.

"Last thing is that I am deaf. I can read lips very well so don't feel the need to talk slowly for me to understand. My hearing aids help a lot." he finished. They were momentarily shocked then they simply came up to him to give personal greetings. No discrimination. No questions because of his disability just heart felt welcome.

"Alright. Alright. Get back to work before I tell R.J." Tiffany warned pushing her way through the crowd. Rolling their eyes playfully and making funny remarks, they dispersed to their offices leaving Jacob to follow the spitfire Tiffany. Passing all eighteen offices, he came up to a glass door with a keypad on the door, Tiffany punched in his number and ushered him into his office.

"Are you sure this is the correct office?" he asked in amazement.

"Yes. This was Chaz' office. He kept it traditional with a little bit of modern. R.J encourages everyone to bring their own sense of style to the office. Comfort is a big thing here from the way you dress to your work environment. To be productive in work you must be comfortable at first. Is it up to your standard?" she asked.

The tan wood furnishing and dark grey furniture was a great match, the lighting was perfect, hidden drawers and a wide comfortable desk. His boxes were placed on the desk waiting to be unpacked along with a medium sized white box. He loved this new job already.

"This office is way better than my old one." he exclaimed.

"Great. Through here is your private bathroom suite including a shower. On the other side of the office is your private conference room only accessible through your office. We all understand late nights. Balcony over looking the city bay area, skylight. Feel free to add anything to your liking. Need help call me or your assistant who is running a bit late. Her name is Tasha. Chaz had an open door policy you don't have to do the same just letting you know. If you keep it closed, your team can come in by the non touch access button by the door. That only works when you enter your code at the beginning of the work day, when you leave and lock the door they won't be able to come." she explained thoroughly.

Jacob looked around the office, he had his privacy in which he liked, the comfort was already there, what nagged him was the question of how long would he be here for.

"Thank you for everything Tiffany. I am very happy to be working here." he said truthfully testing out the buttons below the desk.

"Our pleasure. I would leave you to get settled in. Oh your work devices are on your desk, fully set up, need any technical help call B. Have a great day, Mr Kaiser." she said giving him a smile then left. Jacob stood behind his desk and took in the whole room again, he had his own office suite with the latest technology. "They sure know how to take care of their workers." he said out loud as one of the buttons revealed a flat screen TV on the left of his desk. Opening the white box, he shook his head in amazement as he took out the box with iPhone and a few cases then the others.

"Just who is this R.J Macallister?" he asked him self reading a welcome note in a feminine handwriting.

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