The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 11

The review the day before was a success and R.J couldn't be happier. Prince Elliot and his mate Lizzie decided to spend the rest of the day with their friends before following Zac to the next pack. It was like old times for the lot with the prince being an addition. Work weren't on their minds as reconnecting to their lost years as adults were more important.

The day was fun and with each laugh R.J found herself even more, she smiled more, they no longer saw the cold exterior so similar to her father's and they no longer have to watch their words around her. This big bad wolf was now approachable and not so distant anymore.

"Morning boss" the voice of Tiffany brought her away from her bowl of cereal. Just to make sure it was her assistant/pack member, she checked the clock above the fridge. "It's not eight. I'm R.J or Alpha now." she teased.

Rolling her eyes, she helped herself to some breakfast then pulled out her iPad. "You are worse as me." R.J muttered as she was also on her iPad shooting emails back and forth to clients, partners and employees.

"She has been with you for nearly five and the latter with pops. You two rubbed off on her good." Charlotte said walking in already dressed and doodling on her iPad. Tiffany laughed it off while scheduling the day ahead for her boss.

"The kids bonfire is tonight. Frankie and I are on patrol on that quadrant they would be using. Ryan and five warriors are chaperones for the scouts camping trip next weekend and Charlie the principal of the middle school wants to know if you can do Women's day this year."

Tiffany made notes of what her Alpha said while Charlotte double checked the day the principal needed her, "I would confirm with her. I'm free." she said smiling already thinking of what to do for the kids. Days like these were well used. No threats has been near the pack for months and they wish to keep it like that. Better yet, R.J's father haven't been a bother since she told him off. His absence had her more relaxed and thinking more of her future. Will she ever find her mate? If so when? Glancing at Charlotte and Tiffany she wondered if they thought the same thing. Much like her their focus have been the pack and work, dating seem like a dream to them due to their schedules but they hope that destiny put those guys in their path some time soon.

"Mr Kaiser made a great adjustment. He finished the Cain and Donovan files. Chaz' three clients gave great feedback and the staff is warming up to him." Tiffany said with a beaming smile.

"Wonderful. That's a great load of my shoulders. Maybe I would meet him later on today...."

"Oh at the staff meeting you called for 9am" Tiffany muttered in a playful tone cutting her boss off.

"Oye. What you hiding over there." Charlotte said calling her out. She simply shrugged, "Kaiser made some waves through the company."

"What do you mean? Isn't he some elderly guy with great recommendation? I haven't been able to look over his file or look up his name." R.J said distractedly reading an email from the Samsung Group pertaining to an upgrade to one of their pre-installed app. Tiffany rolled her eyes at R.J's lack of interest to the brewing girl talk, by passing the powerful CEO eating lucky charms she turned to Charlotte.

'He's perfect for her. So god damn hot. Focused. Laid back. He's like the goddess sent for her. It's about time she get some.' she linked her Beta.

'No way. Send me a picture. NOW. I must approve. Wait what do you mean it's time. I thought she and Frankie still have that thing going on from since high school.'

'She started distancing herself from him after her father called her out on it. He outright called Frankie a mutt in front of her and told she disgraced their bloodline for stooping low in ranks.' Tiffany corrected.

'That fucking prick.' Charlotte spat.

'Knowing my brother he didn't take it to heart, he's just really concerned for her.' Tiff continued looking at the younger woman whom she admired for staying so strong with that kind of father. She sent the picture of Jacob Kaiser, Charlotte placed her hand over her heart and swallowed the squeal that was about to escape.

'Holy Mother of all things sexy. My ovaries just exploded. How old is he?' she exclaimed with wide eyes.

'27 darling. German origin. Single.'

'Can I have him if she blanks him? She got Shane and she ain't doing nothing with him and that's fine grade Alpha right there.' Charlotte said pouting while looking at the picture of the smiling accountant. The said picture was a full size photo of Jacob. His full height and broad shoulders, his smile was bright lighting up his blue azure eyes.

'Nuh uh. I have a good feeling about this one. I don't know what it is but my wolf and I felt submissive to him yesterday. It was weird when he's a human.' Tiffany explained thinking back to her encounter with Mr. Kaiser.

'Hmmmm. I've never heard of wolves getting that feeling for a human not even during sex.' They both looked at R.J as she was typing furiously on her phone with her face set in business mode. Shaking their heads, they helped clean up and got her things. She was dressed casual because of her weekly tour in the production building.

"I'm taking my car. You guys want a ride?" R.J asked putting on her tan blazer which matched her boots. A floral top and fitted Levi's completed her casual look, as usual make up wasn't her, she always kept the natural look with her long hair loose.

"I will." Tiff called out while Charlotte said she would take her own car.

The drive to work was filled with chatter from girl talk to pending meetings. An email came in and Siri read out loud, the contents of email had them both squealing in joy, R.J stopped before check point to browse the email. "We did it. Oh my goddess we did it." she said still not believing it. The security folded his arms looking at her with an amused grin. Blushing slightly she drove up, "Sorry Danny" she mumbled.

"It's all good, R.J. Have a great day." he said motioning her forward, quickly she parked in her spot and gathered her things. Checking the clock, it was five minutes to eight, enough time. They quickly got out greeting Sammy, "Well look at that, Mr. Kaiser is here already" Tiffany commented. R.J quickly glanced over to the once vacant spot to see a black Ford Edge in the spot. "That's nice. Can you send out a reminder for the staff meeting. Outdoors today. I'll catch up." she said quickly before answering her ringing phone then made her way to the production building.

"This is gonna be so hard." Tiffany muttered to herself as she spotted Charlotte driving in.

All staff please be reminded of meeting for every department at 9am. Please meet in the outside break room.

It was after eight and he was already in his office balancing accounts for the design department. The euphoria of being here was still coursing through his veins, they kept on surprising him. During the course of the day, HR called to inquire about Jasmine. He was confused at first till they explained. In the company it had a lot of working parents with young kids and teenagers, there are times where they would be late in picking them up or having someone to watch over them till they get home. Miss Macallister created a daycare service for such instances and pickup services.

They had a team of designated drivers to pick up the kids and bring them back to the company or look after them at home. It was all surreal when it was all explained, their boss thought of everything for her employees. Being there the second day, he saw that the happiness and comfort was not for show. You treat your employees good and you receive the best in return. Jacob was anxious to meet her today and it looks like he would soon in the next few minutes.

"Sir. Time to go. R.J would be here soon." one of his staff called out stepping half way into the room.

"Coming." he returned quickly locking his computer as a habit then rushed out the door where Steven was standing waiting. "Ready to see the owner of this billion dollar company?" Steven teased.

"I want to see what's all the high praises is all about. Especially by the guys." Jacob returned raising an eyebrow, following everyone as they walked through the hallway on the right to a door he didn't notice before. Sunlight streamed in the building, Jacob cursed out in awe as he stepped onto a balcony which curved in to a half circle with stairs leading down to a neatly kept garden with furniture strategically placed. "I now believe this place is nirvana." he commented as he noticed employees from other floors were doing the same. Few decided to stay on the 1st floor balcony. Getting acquainted with other workers he noticed a gazebo facing the building a small stage and mic was placed in there also.

Jacob shook his head knowing he would never get used to this. He was talking to a guy named Emmett from Design as he explained what they really do and how sometimes their budget doesn't seem quite enough. Jacob learned to be senior accountant here you have to learn each department's work or they can easily blind side you. As their conversation went on Emmett's smile brighten to something or someone behind him. Jacob turned to see the reason and knew he would be smiling too, standing next to Tiffany was a blonde beauty talking to her playfully in a white and pink dress. The sun brighten the color of her hair making her brown eyes glow. "Are all the ladies here beautiful?" he asked out loud keeping his gaze on the two women as they greeted everyone as they made their way to the gazebo.

"Keep that word in mind. The lady next to Tiff, that's Miss Charlotte Lancaster. Head of Design. Great person to work with, most of her designs are still popular that most clients refuse to change sometimes. She's also R.J's best friend." Emmett informed him.

Something in Jacob stirred as he watched the women laughed heartily before composing themselves. "Don't you guys get distracted?" he asked looking around and spotted a few more women who were pleasing to the eye.

"If I say no I would be lying."

Tiffany mounted the stage, adjusting the mic. "Hi everyone. It's been a while since we did this huh? We are always being caught up on our devices so some fresh air won't hurt anyone. Before R.J comes she's late for her own meeting, I have some announcements to make. " she started.

"Diane from Marketing send her thanks to you guys for making her first pregnancy a blast. It's a girl" Cheers erupted as they tried to figure out what name she used, apparently they had a pool running. Jacob chuckled at the sight. "Alright. Alright. The baby's name is Denise." she continued.

"YES!!!" a young man from security screamed out fist pumping the air. Groans of disappointment filled the air. "Continuing. Shirley and her husband John has invited everyone to their 10year anniversary party this Saturday. Please RSVP to the email being sent at the end of the day. Last but not least Mr Robinson's birthday is in two weeks. Every year a ball is kept but this year we are going all out. He has invited every employee and their family to come celebrate his birthday at his manor. All casual. Pool. Barbecue. Activities for the kids. Us being our selves. Later on I will send out the address to the Manor, feel free to bring food or drink. " she finished just as a bit of commotion started at the lobby's back door. Laughter reached Jacob's ears, crystal clear, he wanted to hear more unconsciously he stepped through the crowd near the makeshift path. Her name was being called out through out the crowd, teasing her for being late. He stood at the sideline looking at how she interacted with her employees.

This was 'THE' R.J Macallister, CEO of Robinson Tech. This small woman with the most melodious laughter, the sweetest smile and from afar he saw that her eyes were grey but he can be wrong. Her curves were on show in those tight fitted jeans, the boots just teased him putting how shapely her legs were. Her lips were seductive and pouty, it had him biting his own.

"I'm sorry you guys but I promise it's all worth it." she said out loud jogging up the path, passing him straight. He caught the whiff of her perfume, vanilla, he was in a trance and didn't care. This woman was gorgeous. Beautiful. Fricking wonderful to him and she doesn't even know his name.

"Okay. Okay. I received great news this morning apart from Diane having a baby girl. Dibs on being god mother." she started. Charlotte protested only to be shot down by Tiffany. Jacob smiled as her dark blonde hair fell over her shoulders and she messily pulled it into a bun.

"So team, I know it took us two long years but we just got partnered with the second most popular name in Android..." she continued, her eyes shone brightly, her smile was so bright it mirrored the sun. Excited murmurs began behind her Jacob saw the same reaction on Tiffany. "Robinson Tech is now partnered with Huawei for a contract of five years." she exclaimed. Loud cheers erupted around him, he laughed as their excitement was contagious. He knew about the Huawei mobile company from China, they created phones to rival Samsung. From wireless modems to tablets the company made it big in the Europe and North American market, rumours were in the Caribbean also. They boasted their own app store and different features than Samsung phones on the camera and everyday things you needed.

"You guys this just boost us up so far. Our gaming clients now have a new platform for their apps and games. Design team we can collab with their team to create new themes for the devices. Oh my word, I am so happy and I know you guys would make me proud. The president of the company would be here in two days. Tell your clients about Huawei see if they want to branch out. Remember this isn't for more money in our pockets. It's an opportunity to showcase your talents and help our clients see a bright future." Her excitement was filled in her words and Jacob kept smiling at her.

Tiffany whispered something in her ear causing her slightly tan skin to heat up. "Ooops sorry. As a welcome to the company they are sending us their latest model the Huawei P9 Plus and the Huawei Matebook. Yes our company's technology is taken care of by Apple we can still accept Huawei products. Whatever you want to do with it is fine by me. This is the fun part of the job." she said quickly.

"Okay so that's that and I am sure everyone knows of Chaz' accident. You know he's a fighter. Though he's still in a coma we have to be mindful of rehab which may take months, his absence would be prominent but I am sure the guy who have stepped in to help us would do a great job. Mr. Jacob Kaiser, step up here please."

Jacob's heart thundered in his chest as she looked out in the crowd, with a smile on his face he stepped forward. R.J turned to him and immediately her eyes soften as he walked closer. He was so fixed on her taking in everything about her, the way she stood, her welcoming smile and the shine in her eyes. Her presence felt so familiar and the urge to know her more was there.

"Goddess above" he heard her say under her breath before he felt her lush body against his and her small arms around his neck.

"I've waited for you for so long." she rushed out before claiming his lips. He was in shock but not for long as her lips melted his stiffness. Jacob groaned and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to his body. A soft moan escaped her, he felt the vibrations against his mouth. The woman in his arms was killing him slowly with her beauty and her ability to break him down so easily. He wanted to make her his so badly and didn't know why. R.J Macallister was the woman he needed.

He wanted to go further but she pulled away abruptly but not out of his arms. She looked around and so did he, everyone was silent and stared in disbelief at what they just witnessed. "Um... Wow. Hi." she said shyly.

"Blue-grey. Your eyes are actually blue grey, so beautiful." Jacob said forgetting everyone again. R.J leaned unconsciously into him by his words, "Hi" she repeated again. He laughed and kissed her lips chastely, "I don't know what's happening but I sure as hell want to find out."

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