The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 13

Jacob felt like he was doing the walk of shame when he made it down to his floor. Second day on the job and he found himself being extremely attracted to his boss who in return felt the same way. Eyes followed him as he walked to the office, some with raised eyebrows while one or two had silly grin on their faces. Making it back to his office he released a deep breath he didn't know he held in. Checking the time he quickly got to work not wanting to miss lunch with Renae. He laughed to himself, after all these years he was truly interested in a woman.

He saw himself being honest and open with her, meeting her for a few minutes and holding her in his arms it all felt right. A question nagged him at the back of his head but he ignored it completely. Whatever she had to say can't be 'life or death' bad. Even if it takes her years he would..... Jacob stopped himself with that thought. Was he going over board? They just met and he was talking about years with her by his side. Is it normal to be thinking like this?

Questions swirled his mind as he found peace in the world of numbers. Jacob questioned himself a lot and all answers went back to 'Do it for her.' He would take the risks with Renae, no one can stop him. Finishing up all the budgets for the departments he decided to video call his best friend, as the call was connecting a delivery man knocked and entered his office.

"Hey man" William greeted. Jacob told him to wait and tended to the boxes with the Huawei logo on them. He raised his eyebrows at how fast this new company wanted to please Robinson Tech.

"What you got there?" his friend asked trying to get a good angle of the box in his hand.

"Samples of new devices" Jacob said distractedly.

"You guys get free stuff what the hell."

"Since I got my work devices, care to receive a new phone?" he said showing his friend the box of the Huawei P9 plus. The look on William's face was priceless. Jacob laughed and read the note that was attached to the three boxes. "Apparently these models are set to be released in December. We are like guinea pigs for them." he commented opening the box to show his friend the phone.

"Dude. Is that a dual camera from lecia? That's photography heaven"

William is a photographer for four high fashion magazines and always sought after by other editors who wants the best results for their readers. "Hmm. Yeah it says so on the box. Why don't you come over. I have parent/teacher meeting today."

"No prob man. Judging from the luxury furnishings I can say that you are definitely in paradise." William said taking in Jacob's background.

"So I met R.J Macallister earlier today."

"And......." he pressed.

"I have a lunch date with her in a few."

William's eyes were wide, his mouth in a shit eating grin then he began dancing around his home office. "Dude, how the fuck did that happen. Wait and when did you decide to actually date. Main question is How in the world you cop a date with the CEO of Robinson Tech. "

Jacob was smiling as the fresh memory replayed in his head, "We just clicked. What I really called you for is to ask should I tell her about Jaz."

"Jazzy is your life. This woman you are about to start to date would be in your life now. Be open and frank with her. If she doesn't accept Jazzy then you start all over again."

Jacob nodded in acceptance and opened the second box instead of the Huawei Matebook it was the MediaPad M2, a sticky note was attached to it. 'MediaPad was added to gifts.' "She's so damn gorgeous. I thought the women here was beautiful but when I saw her... God. She is the perfect girl for me that I never knew I wished for. I wanted her I need her in my life and when she first kissed me everything aligned. She was made for me."

"She kissed you?" he shrieked like a girl. Out of everything he just told his friend the kissing part was all he got out of it.

"I would tell you everything tonight. Come around like 8:30?" he suggested opening the third box. Silently he decided what to do with devices after all they are gifts to him.

"No prob. Is Lexi gonna be there?"

Jacob shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know. These days she has been sticking around longer than usual. Maybe she want to be there more for Jaz, ya know being the only female in her life."

"Not for long." William said grinning.

Checking the time he put away the devices and did an online order for lunch. Not knowing what Renae would like he ordered simple meals that would take less than an hour. All this was done as he and William talked about his job and parents who were visiting soon. They ended their video call when William received an urgent call from work.

Ditching his suit jacket and loosening his tie, he went back into work trying to compose himself, his excitement can rivals a teenager's first date. He thought about questions to ask her, what to tell her, it was their first sort of date, A time to get to know the basics. A call came in from the lobby informing of his delivery, rolling his sleeves to his elbow and getting his phone to message Renae.

Jacob: Food is here. I will be up soon.

Telling his assistant he would be going to lunch for an hour, he walked back out to stares this time amusing and knowing. "Cut it out" he shouted playfully behind him. Laughter echoed through out the floor as he stepped into the elevator. "At least they are cool about it" he muttered to himself as he rode down to the lobby.

Renae: Great. Just wrapping up.

He smiled at her message even if it had no sweet words or teasing. Damn he had it unbelievably bad, he just met the woman for God's sake. Getting the food from the receptionists was weird, they kept on smiling widely, giving him thumbs up as he got back in the elevator. Reaching the top floor he boldly stepped out making his first stop at Tiffany's office.

"She's still behind her computer but you can go in." she greeted rolling her eyes playfully.

"Thanks and this is for you. I don't know what kind of foodie you are so I got you a chicken salad, a cheese burger, a drink plus a ice-cream smoothie for dessert."

"If you weren't spoken for I would marry you." she exclaimed grinning at the food before her eyeing the dessert more. Laughing it off, Jacob made his way to woman who he was claimed to by the whole company by now. Not bothering to knock he walked right in, Jacob studied her before he spoke, she looked like a kid playing behind her father's desk. Hair in a messy bun, glasses perched on her nose, she too ditched her jacket and was hugging one leg close to her chest as she focused on her computer.

"Life of a CEO huh" he called out. Her head shot up the once surprised look turned into a beaming smile, "Wanna try it out. It's so much fun." she returned sarcastically.

"I avoided it once and I would do it again." he joked. The hesitation to ask what he meant was clear in her face but she quickly hid it and made her way over to him. Kissing her head he led her across to the sitting area and set out their food. From the looks on her face, Renae was very pleased with his choices, not caring to wait for him she took the meatball sub and dug into it. Shaking his head he took the calzone he ordered for himself. Conversation started with the basics, what they liked or not, favorite music, movies frivolous stuff.

"Do you miss her?" she asked after a moment of comfortable silence. He saw how her eyes were focused on his hand, his heart began to ache and the smile he once had on his face disappeared. A twinge of guilt tempted to surface but his little girl's request chased it away. It has been six years. Annabella knew he loved her and would do anything to see their little girl happy. He also want to be happy once more and just maybe Renae was his happiness.

"Everyday. I see her everyday in Jasmine." he said sadly.

"Your daughter right? six years old?"

"Guess you read it all huh?" he asked somewhat defensively. "I did but you brought her up first which I wanted. Though I'm your boss I won't dig into your files to know you. I want you to tell me what you want." she admitted giving him a smile.

"Fair enough. I want to get to know you more too. Not the CEO. You."

Focusing on her, he noticed how her eyes lit up a bit when she told him her love of books and cartoons. How she defended each Marvel film. How passionate she was in her work and the people she employed. Renae was great listener too, she gave him all his attention when he told her of his experience when he first migrated to America and how he met his first love. She asked respectful questions about Annabella and didn't call him out when he didn't divulge much of his daughter. To Jacob, the woman before him was simply amazing. The topic of parents never came up which they didn't mind, he told her of William and Lexi which in return she told him of the guys she calls her brothers and of Tiffany , Charlotte and Elizabeth. They found so many things to talk about that time flew by. Reality sucked them back in when their phones rang.

"Wow. Best lunch I have ever had in a long time" he said helping clean up their mess.

"Same here. I'm glad I met you." she said honestly.

"I'm still trying to grasp the fact that I want to see you every day and have these strong feelings for you. Please tell me you are feeling the same." Jacob looked in her eyes, trying to get her reaction, what he saw answered it all. They both were on the same path, he didn't have to hold back. "If you feel like you're on cloud nine by seeing my smile and hearing my voice. It's safe to say I'm feeling the same." she answered bouncing on her toes. It couldn't be explained any better.

He laughed pulling her into his arms, "Then kissing you anytime won't be wrong then." he teased doing just as he stated. Renae didn't hesitate in wrapping her arms around him, moaning in content. The taste of their dessert lingered on their lips making the heated kiss they shared even more delicious. Jacob bit her bottom lip as she tugged at his hair, a low groan escaped him sending a shiver through Renae's body. Sensing it go deeper and may cause them to forget work again he pulled away but kept her body molded to his. "So we follow protocol of a few dates then the title a couple right" he asked a mundane thing trying to clear the haze in his head.

"Baby we were a couple from the moment I kissed you. You're mine already" she said kissing him deeply.

"I can so work with that." he laughed against her lips.

Knowing that Lexi was watching over Jaz , he did a bit extra work leaving the building around five. He noticed Renae's car still in the lot and sent her a quick message.

Jacob: It's getting late. Don't you have a bonfire to chaperone?

Instead of replying she called him via facetime as he was driving out the lot. "Thanks for the reminder. I'm so wrapped up in Huawei. Their technology can give Samsung some real competition but the public is so afraid of change." she said glancing up at him, shooting him a tired smile.

"I've been going through their sales in the country and outside, it's mighty impressive. The models they sent us are so efficient. William would love the phone since he's into photography, the matebook for Lexi I got no need for that and the MediaPad for Jaz. I think we can make them be as big as Samsung. Friendly Rivalry. It would make Samsung step up their game." he replied.

"Exactly my thoughts. What time is the meeting?" she asked packing up her stuff.

"In 45mins. I'm heading there now."

"Be safe baby. I'm heading out now then home. Wish you can come to the bonfire, every year it gets bigger and better. " Jacob thought about it but decided it was too early to bring her into Jaz' life. They still needed time for themselves.

"Next year?" he offered. She smiled knowing where his thinking went. "I would hold you to that. Bye Jacob." she said smiling at him. Stopping at a red light, he gazed into her blue-grey eyes, "Thank you for a very unexpected day sweetheart. Bye Renae"

With another moment of happy silence they both ended the call. Turning into the lane which lead him to Jasmine's school, he touched the rosary which hung on his rear view mirror. "We won't forget you Anna." he said kissing his fingers then touching the rosary once more.

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