The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 15

With the Lexi debacle pushed away for more serious matters, Jacob had to find someone to pick up and baby sit Jasmine after school. The morning after their fight he called her hoping she would put aside their differences for the sake of her god-daughter but his calls went unanswered. With William out of the country for the rest of the week he had to rely on the day care service at work. Robinson Tech was just outside of the city and closer to her school, it was easier for the day care driver to pick her up at school and bring her back to his work.

"Is everything sorted?" Renae asked over the Skype call. They both were buried in work but found time to do an unconventional lunch date.

"Yeah. They agreed to pick her up and I have notified the school of the change." he responded going over a client's account.

"Do you think this change would affect her? As you mentioned Lexi have been with her since birth. Change in kids can go different ways. Some just goes along with it while others tend to act out because they don't like change. Is she open to new people coming into her life?"

Jacob looked up from the report and focused on her. She sounded very experienced dealing with kids and was really concerned for his daughter. "Jake?" she called out finally looking up, "Oh. What's wrong?"

"Nothing is. I'm just curious that you knew so much." he admitted smiling at the shortening of his name also.

"Yeah well growing up in a close knit community you learn a lot."

"Hmmm. True. I think she would handle it well. The good side of it all I know that she's close, I'm not all good with strangers in my home."

"Understood. What time will she be here? I bet she's excited to see where her dad works"

Jacob laughed thinking back how nonchalant Jasmine was to it all, she took the news of aunt Lexi not picking her up for a while pretty decent. She was excited though to see where he works. "She sure is. Around 3 she would arrive. "

They worked in silence, clarifying each other on things that they were stumped on and talking to each other about themselves also. "Are you ready for tomorrow?" he asked. The signing of Huawei Technologies and Robinson Tech was being covered by the local news and other stations who wanted the scoop. She voiced how nervous she gets in front of new people especially reporters. They always push her for more information on herself and the company she inherited. The fact that she was young they all found it fascinating, some was waiting for her to fail while others wanted to see the next Robinson take the company higher.

"No" she pouted. "You will be fine sweetheart. Keep the answers short and sweet. Make sure its precise so they won't find something to precede a next question. Oh and keep your business face on the expressionless one." he offered. R.J looked at him in sheer curiosity thankful for his help but wondering where he came up with those great pointers. He saw the wheels turning in her head and decided to put her out of her misery.

"Don't over work that brain of yours. I grew up being in the press when I was younger. My parents was successful in hiding the fact that I was coming to America. Trust me there wasn't any privacy in being a Kaiser in Germany. We are like fricking royalty there. I hated it plus the sympathy looks when they noticed I'm deaf it was too much. I like it here. A normal life for Jaz and I."

"Explains things. I know how you feel about the publicity. My mom was the same also and I'm thankful that she kept Ri.. me, kept me out of it." He didn't miss the name she stumbled on but didn't push it, her body grew tense then she calmed down after a few deep breaths.

"You okay now? Keeping in grief isn't good baby" he commented. She simply nodded clutching her pen tighter. "I know but it's reliving it is the worse." she admitted raising her sad eyes to him.

"I would be right there to make it all better."

"I'm happy that you will be right there for me." Jacob's heart warmed at her words and how sincere they were, he was still in awe at how close they become when they haven't known each other for long. It felt like they met years ago and was simply picking up right where they left off. With her it wasn't about being cautious he wanted to do everything with her, have her in his life 24/7. He watched her closely while she worked mumbling to herself about a few things, he looked at the picture of Jasmine on his desk smiling up at him.

"Renae?" he called out still looking at the bright smile of his angel.

"Yeah hun" she quickly answered correcting a report for the third time.

"I want you to meet Jasmine when she comes in." That statement of his made her forget about her work immediately.

"Are you sure?" The pitch of her voice went higher in disbelief.

"Yes. I'm throwing caution to the wind. You really bring me out of my comfort zone and I know Jazzy will adore you. Heck I adore you already."

A blush took over her cheeks as she nodded 'yes' shyly. "She will be here at 3 meet me in the lobby before then."

To others it may be risky but for Jacob it felt right even if it had no explanation for it all.

"Jasmine? Your father's driver is here." her teacher called out. She turned away from her tablet to find a guy in black with shaggy brown hair smiling at her politely. "Does your daddy works for the FBI? Because I saw on tv the FBI wears clothes like that." her best friend said softly. Jasmine rolled her eyes at Jaden as she packed up her things,"No he doesn't. I'm going there now. He says it's really cool." she returned.

"Like Chuckie Cheese?" he asked his eyes lighting up.

"Uncle Billy say its way cooler."

It was Jaden's turn to roll his eyes, he shyly waved at her before she turned to walk to her father's driver. Daddy never had a driver at his other job she thought as the guy held out his hand for her to shake.

"Hi Jasmine. I'm Frankie. We will be going to your dad's work now you will love it. Trust me. My best friend owns it." the man told her while taking her bags. She gave him a smile before waving good bye to her teacher.

"Daddy says I will be staying in the kids area. Is that true?"

"Yup. It's got an indoor playground. Video games. Cafeteria with great food. Kids library. The works to keep y'all occupied" Frankie answered her trying to hold back a smile as she gave him her best serious face.

"Are there kids my age?" she asked climbing into the red suv and into the car seat. Jasmine eyed the man closely as he buckled her in. "Yes little one and older ones too."

"How old are you? How did you know my daddy?" she inquired some more keeping her mean face on. It was then Frankie knew he couldn't hold it in any longer, he released the laugh and got into the driver seat. He waited for his partner to come in who was keeping an eye out on the other side of the van. Winchester a warrior from Golden Wolf finally came in. "Who is he?" she asked again.

Winchester turned to watch their tiny investigator, he chuckled at how adorable she was, the new member of Black Heart. "This is Winchester. He and I will be the only ones to be picking you up okay? No one else" Frankie's answer was all seriousness and Jasmine new that voice all too well. Her father always spoke in that tone when he's protective of her and warned her about strangers.

"Okay. Frankie and Winchester only." she confirmed understanding it all. "Do you know what's a panic button?" Winchester asked. She shook her head no. "This is an Emergency Responder. All the kids at the company has one. If a stranger tries to take you, you press the red button." he continued handing her a small device.

"And you will come to help?" she asked looking at the contraption, it had a pink lanyard with her initials on it. "Right away or anyone with a mark like this." he answered showing her a wolf's head on his wrist with the sun behind it. She nodded touching the tattoo then pocketing the device. The drive to Robinson Tech was filled with questions and amused answers, when they drove up to the security check point they both heard her excited gasp.

"This is where daddy works? Wow!!!" she exclaimed pressing her face against the window looking at the colorful building ahead. "Well hello there Miss Kaiser" a new voice called out startling her.

"Hi" she squeaked. It was Danny the security guard. He smiled at the little girl then waved them off letting them through. Frankie got out to help her as they parked before the lobby. "Come on little one. Your father is just inside." he said softly taking her hand. Jasmine held her new friend's hand tightly as he walked her in, the place was so huge to her and colorful. It looked like a playground for grown ups.

"Hi princess" She came out of her stupor when she heard her father's voice. Not caring where she was, she squealed out his name and ran to him. Jacob held her tightly in his arms showering her with kisses as he did everyday, it always cause her to giggle as his beard tickles her whenever he does it. "Stop daddy" she laughed trying catch her breath.

"Awwww I was having so much fun" he said in his fake sad voice.

"Oh shush daddy"

Laughing at her sass, he placed her down and turned to someone behind him. Jasmine craned her head to see who it was. Her eyes widen as a lady stepped forward with long dark blonde hair and beautiful eyes. The little girl was in awe as she unconsciously went to her. She took in fully the blue dress the woman wore and the big girl shoes she begged her daddy for. "Are you a princess?" Jasmine asked. Chuckles surrounded her, it was then she realized everyone was looking at her, causing her to blush.

"Not that I know of but I heard you are. After all you are named after one." the woman answered. Jasmine believed the woman before her was truly a princess, she even sounded like Cinderella. A Soft and musical voice.

Frankie knelt down beside her, "Remember my best friend I was telling you about." he asked. She nodded then looked up at beautiful woman. "The one with the boy name." she blurted out. R.J laughed out loudly shaking her head at Frankie. "Yeah. She's a tomboy so we call her a boy name." he shrugged. "Frankie" R.J laughed out again who stepped away from Jasmine allowing Jacob to come beside her.

"Princess. I would like you to meet my new friend, Renae but R.J is also her name also. She owns here, do you like it?" he explained. R.J stretched forth her hand to the little girl who immediately took it, "Hello Jasmine". The little girl was busy witnessing how shiny the woman's hair was and how it fell forward. R.J sent an amused smile to her father then returned to the little girl. All three entered the elevator to drop her off at the kids floor. "Your name should be Aurora or Rapunzel" Jasmine voiced out tugging at R.J's hand.


"Because you are so beautiful and your hair is really shiny."

R.J pretended to think about her answer then shook her head, "Nahhhh I'm liking the name Elsa. Did you see how white her hair got when she got her castle in the mountains? I wish I was cool like her." Jasmine gasped with her eyes filled with much more admiration for the woman holding her hand. "You watched Frozen?"

"Pshhh like a million times but I prefer Mulan because she kicks butt and pretty awesome." R.J countered leading her out of the elevator to the lobby.

"Daddy she watches princess movies like me." Jasmine whispered shout to her father. "Told you all princesses watched princess movies." he returned the same way before going to the receptionist of the kid center. Jasmine tuned out her father as she took in the shiny colorful walls and floors. Pictures of a lot of Disney characters were on the wall, a glass door with a keypad prevented her from going further. What she saw from her position were large rooms with everything Frankie told her about one or two kids ran from one room to the other, there was a pink room that peeked her interest a lot. She knew she had to go in there. "Hey? Here you go." her father said placing something around her neck. She saw her picture on the badge, her name and some numbers.

"What is this?" she asked.

"It's called an access pass. Every time you come here, you tell the lady by the desk hello and your name, then wave this over the red button." R.J explained. They encouraged her to try in which she was successful after one try. "The pass has your name and your father's name on it and which part in the building he works."

"So cool" Jasmine said in awe turning the card over. R.J took her hand once more in which neither her or her father objected, she led them to a large room filled with books and tables plus computers that lined the wall on the right. The center supervisor met them at the door and introduced herself. "This is the library/home work room. Here you store your stuff, do your homework then do whatever you want."R.J explained.

It had a few kids her age group and maybe some older, two boys who looked about eight years ran over to them and clutched onto R.J, "You guys are back? Welcome home." she said giving them each a kiss. The boys were identical with curly dark hair and dark exotic eyes. "Boys this is Jasmine, she's new. Sweetie these are the Carmona boys. Dominic and Damien. "

"Like Francisco Carmona? The company's lawyer" Jacob asked surprised. "Yup. My god-sons" she responded brushing away their wild curls from their faces. Jasmine looked up at boys and suddenly felt shy as they both smiled her way. "I'm Damien, he's Dominic" one said stepping up to her then taking her bag. She looked at Dominic who kept his eyes on her unsmiling, she can tell the difference between them both by that simple action. Also the fact that Damien had a scar above his right eye.

"Boys take care of her. Don't forget to show her the girls room." R.J ordered. "Yes auntie" they chorused. Jacob went beside her, "Be good. If you need me just tell Miss Sasha."

"Yes daddy." she returned giving him a good bye hug. It wasn't long before R.J and her father left, she peeked at them as they left and witnessed him kissing the woman's cheek. She smiled at seeing her father so happy. Someone tapped on her shoulder causing her to spin around ungracefully, "Do you have any homework?" Damien asked.

"Yes Language and Social Studies. I think one is a project." she answered following him to a table where his brother was already at doing his homework. Damien took a look at her books to see what he can help her with, Dominic stopped his work and pulled both books away from his twin then pushed back one.

"I guess Dominic will be helping you with your social studies project" Damien chuckled. His brother simply grunted and went back to his work.

Yay me she thought to herself and got to her work, excited to explore the other rooms.

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