The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 16

The next two weeks sped by quickly for the two after meeting Jasmine for the first time, R.J knew that she was ready for her instant family. Jacob was very pleased as to how close they became. Every afternoon Jasmine arrived at the company she always requested to see R.J, sometimes before hand she asked R.J to meet her downstairs instead of her father. He didn't mind it felt right, R.J slipped into their lives easily. Beside lunch dates within the company the two managed two dinner dates and was each other's dinner companion at a fellow employee's anniversary party.

Every thing was like a fairy tale for R.J. A wonderful mate. A peaceful pack. A booming company. She considered herself in a great place after so many years. Though she haven't told him of her family background and him not talking about Annabella they were very much happy with each other.

"Renae?" Jasmine called out to her tugging at her hand as they walked to the elevator. Jacob asked her to bring his daughter down to the car while he finish up some work and lock up. "Yes little one." she answered pressing down on the panel.

"Would you like to come over for our Disney night?"

"Disney night?" R.J repeated confused at the name. Jasmine looked up at her new grown up friend with a smile, "Daddy and I have Disney movie night every Friday and have junk food till we get so sick."

Picturing Jacob watching all those movies while singing along to the umpteen songs was a sight she wanted to see but they haven't talked about going over to each other's home. She would love to spend time with the little girl who captured her heart and others in the pack but she was on duty tonight. "How bout next Friday? I'm a bit busy tonight."

"Are you and daddy going out?" she asked boldly as they walked across the lobby. The question didn't faze R.J, the little girl was very observant and bright. She asked her father if he liked R.J the night they went home after they first meet. Jacob was very honest with Jasmine but was very much surprised when his daughter squealed in excitement and continuously talked about having a princess as friend. "Nah not tonight. We have my grandfather's party to attend tomorrow remember? Your uncle Billy and you are invited." R.J said putting on her fake sad face.

"Oh. Right. I forgot." she giggled skipping out the building. It was near 6 and she needed to make sure both Jacob and Jasmine are home before she goes on patrol around her pack borders. Every night she ask for updates to be given by the guards around their home.

"Is Damien gonna be there?" Jasmine asked excitedly as they walked to her father's van. "Yup and Dominic also. Why do you ask?" R.J replied raising a questioning brow. "He's nice and so funny." she answered nonchalantly, "But I don't think Dominic likes me that much. He's always staring at me with his mean face and doesn't answer my questions." R.J tried to hold back a laugh as she studied how frustrated Jaz got while talking about little Dominic. She looked like a little old lady fussing about her bills.

"Just give him time. He's a quiet one." was all R.J said before she took notice of Jacob jogging to meet them. Messenger bag slung across his chest and an additional brief case in his hand, his jacket in the other. A smile was on his face as he came to a stop before them, he kissed his daughter's head then R.J on the lips, "All set?" he asked.

"Yup" they both said. Jacob shook his head in amusement packing up the van and getting Jasmine settled, leaving her to her own devices he then turned to his girl. R.J shivered as he brushed his knuckles across her cheek then pulled her in for a hug. "See you tomorrow?" he asked softly.

"Tomorrow" she confirmed holding him tighter taking in his scent.

"Don't want to let you go."

"Same here." In truth she wished they both were coming home with her, where she won't have to worry about them every night. Pulling away he brushed his lips against hers, their kisses lately have been borderline sex in the streets but they always manage to keep a hold of it all.

"Mine." he breathed out before claiming her lips with passion she knew she had in her also. The possessive word he said had both her and Kara submitting fully but how could it be? She was the dominant one, Jacob have had the power to make her extremely weak and unaware of her surroundings frequently. Now with him kissing her she allowed him to slam her against her van, clutching her hands behind her back tightly as he whispered explicit things he wanted to do to her. His lips were hot against her neck, she moaned out loudly calling his name. "You're mine Renae and always would be mine." he said huskily kissing the spot where a wolf's mark is meant to be. Looking into his eyes they were dark with lust, she saw the appearance of gold in his eyes then it faded away.

Shaking her head, she regained her composure, "We should get going. Call me when you get home. Give Jaz my love." she said tracing his lips.

"I will." he returned distractedly still holding her hands behind her back.

"You're mine also. Not letting you go." Her words brought him back in focus, giving her a beaming smile he kissed her once more before fully pulling away. She watched him as he sauntered to his ride then left the lot with one last wave.

The obnoxious beeping in her earpiece was very annoying. It was her third watch precisely 1am in two hours she was off duty and couldn't wait. She needed rest but knew it would only be an hour. Pressing the answer button she didn't have time to give a greeting.

"You need to get over here now. Come with your best tracker and warrior." R.J didn't need to be told twice as the urgent voice of Shane disappeared.

'Ryan get to my post now. Carlyle. Frankie get the van meet me at the gates.' she commanded.

'Yes Alpha' was their reply, no questions asked. It didn't take her long to reach the community gates as she was a few feet away. The blacked out van came to a rolling stop as she broke free of the bushes, not waiting for the door to be closed Frankie sped off. No one said a word, R.J was silently freaking out wondering what went wrong at Jacob's. She spoke to him two hours ago after Jasmine was asleep, he told her of their night and how much he missed her. They also spoke about him meeting her family everything was fine. Her feet bounced in anxiety as they left their territory onto the open main road. Another beep came in, her heart thundered as she answered, "Shane?" she said shortly.

"Use the back road, leave your vehicle at the trail then trek it up." he said coldly. She knew that tone, he was pissed, something wasn't adding up. Relaying the message to Frankie, she noticed how tightly he gripped the wheel. "S-She's fine. You told her to keep it on all the time." R.J reassured him. He simply nodded and made a sharp turn onto the dirt road that lead to the back of Malvain Estates and Golden Wolf pack. As they neared the next pack, the territorial scent was strong, four wolves appeared and ran beside their van. One veered off to the right while the other three followed them to the left. Another wolf fell back getting lost in the dark bushes, the two that left changed positions, one in the back the other in front. "Shane's beta" she informed them of the wolf who took the lead.

On their right they saw the security lights of homes in Malvain. Few occupants took it upon themselves to fence their piece of land while others like Jacob left it as open range. Where they drove was the forested area, a few feet away from the residents, they were all safe from attacks by new born vamps and rogues all thanks to Golden Wolf. Most of them didn't know what really went on in the world around them. The van came to a stop and she hurriedly got out, following the Beta as he led her to Shane. They stopped amidst some trees, they both looked up as they heard the rustling of leaves but it wasn't any threat, it was Shane and four of his men jumping down from their vantage point. His beta left immediately and so did his men.

He said nothing and she didn't need him to say anything. "How many?" she asked taking off her gear then ear piece. His blue eyes no longer shone with mirth, this was Alpha Shane now cold and calculating. He still didn't answer."I have two trackers following their scents, send your man west. Clean up is arriving soon." was all he said before shifting.

'Carlyle. Take the west I want a full report. Frankie keep watch.' she told her men before shifting into her wolf. Kara was uneasy as they followed Shane. He stopped just outside the boundary of Jacob's backyard which was lightly covered by thick trees.

'What the fuck. How in the world they got so close.' she cursed as her wolf's hackles rose taking in the bloody mess before her. Four males laid dead on the grass their limbs ripped from their bodies, their lifeless eyes open wide with their jugulars ripped out. Sniffing them out, their scents were unfamiliar, she studied their bone structure and body mass. Shifting back into human form, she knelt beside one and studied what was left of his neck. A faint needle puncture was on the kid's neck it left a greenish bruise on his skin. His body wasn't naturally built like normal werewolves she can tell that he had his first shift recently and the bones didn't shift well. She saw these kinds of wolves before and it wasn't good news they wanted to bring.

Shaking her head in disbelief, tears forming in her eyes she quickly turned her attention to the house and listened for any other signs of intruders. Motioning for Shane to follow her she shifted back into Kara.

'Please Goddess. Let them be safe.' Memories of what happened similar to this situation years ago came flooding in, she prayed that day she wouldn't have to feel that kind of terror ever again. Guess those prayers wouldn't be answered, she thought bitterly.

They made a perimeter search then using the flat surfaces on the sides of the house they went back to human form and found easy entry into the house.

'Not safe.' Kara said with disapproval at how easy they entered through the unlocked window of a spare room. Shane motioned that he would be downstairs while she checked on Jacob and Jasmine. Going their separate ways, they both made notes of what discreet changes was to be made. R.J went to Jasmine first; her tense body eased a bit after spotting no threat, gently she brushed her hair away from her face and gave her a kiss. "Good night little one." she whispered. As she was about to leave the little girl stirred going deeper under covers, "Mommy.... Daddy" she mumbled sleepily.

'No matter what, she's ours to protect.' Kara said sternly as they took one last look at her and moved through the other rooms ending at Jacob's room.

"Thank Goddess" she breathed out as the tears of relief that he was okay rolled down her cheeks. No foreign scents or trap inside the house. They didn't reach so far. Stepping closer to him, she took in how he slept peacefully without a care in the world. Afraid that she might wake him, she retraced her steps and met Shane downstairs. "Alarm wasn't set" he reported.

Releasing a sigh, they both left the house. "I would have my men come in while they are away tomorrow to set up security. These guys were sent by someone. They aren't natural born wolves they are changelings" she confided.

"What? King Nikolai banned this years ago plus killed the man himself who started it all." Shane spat out in disbelief.

"Well they got another one and he just messed with the wrong fucking family." She growled lowly before shifting snapping at Shane before disappearing into the dark forest. He knew she didn't leave but was close by, they cleaned up the mess and did another check . He still couldn't get how the attackers got so close, though they patrolled the boundaries of Malvain, the guards were doubled for R.J's mate. It all was confusing.

R.J came back to his side still in wolf form, "You have to tell him." was all he said before she laid down whimpering.

"He needs to know" he continued looking at the human's house.

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