The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 17

The scent was so strong he couldn't miss it as he pulled up near the walkway. Fearing the worst he ran up the stone staircase , hurriedly unlocking the door then gave the ground floor a once over. Everything was in place no sign of a struggle or attack, he stood in the middle of the hallway looking around his surrounding giving the place another whiff. 'Two high ranking wolves' his wolf confirmed. The pitter-patter of little feet then bigger ones put him at ease. They were safe but why would two high ranking wolves be in the house.

He was given word that they both would be safe. Ignoring the playful squeals of father and daughter he went out the back door into the backyard where the scent of blood was more distinct. Releasing a warning growl for any wolves around he followed the scent, breaking through the barrier of trees. A dominant low growl reached his ears in which he went to his knees. The shifting of bones reached his ear then the heavy footsteps came closer, "It was handled. The Alphas just left when the human woke up." the person easily stated.

Lifting his head, he took in the man before him, they met before. "What happened? Your Alpha promised my family and I that they would be safe." he spat. The beta sent him a warning growl, "Know your place warrior. You may be his protector but you are still beneath us. Alpha Shane has taken care of it. His mate responded also and kept watch over him till it was time to leave. She believed a message is being sent to her."

"To her?"

"Your charge isn't the only one connected to the crown." was all the beta said before dismissing himself. Watching the large brown wolf huffed at him then disappearing into the trees, he thought over his words before going back into the house. The two haven't come down yet they haven't heard him for the pass ten minutes, he had to have a stern talking with Jacob.

"Helloooooo anyone ready for a party? I know I am." he called out.

"Uncle Billy."

William laughed at the response, Jasmine was a great addition to his life, she kept him grounded and focus. He wanted what his best friend accomplished in coming to America. Jacob found stability, love and family. He wanted the love part, his job as a photographer took him places beside being a desk jockey back home in Germany.

The father/daughter duo came running down the stairs with huge smiles still in their pjs. 'Hey. What are you doing here so early?' Jacob signed.

'I came in a few minutes ago. Didn't you hear me? You must be more alert Jacob.'

His friend rolled his eyes and motioned to his ears, no devices. 'Replacement needed. Have to pick them up before the party.' he replied turning away from William to get breakfast started. He watched on as Jasmine communicated with her father then ran back up the stairs not before pulling him down to her level to give him a kiss on cheek. When she was out of sight he went up behind Jacob and tapped his shoulder.

'You need to be more alert. Your alarm didn't even go off when I first budged the door. Don't you care about Jazzy's safety?' he signed furiously. Jacob's eyes came alive with anger, he pushed William harshly causing his friend to fall to the floor skidding towards the fridge which was three feet away. 'Of course I care about her. She's my daughter don't you dare assume that I am careless' This time as he signed he spoke out loud but his words were jumbled, not once did he realize what he just did but William decided not to bring to his attention.

"I am sorry bro but you know how protective I am of the two of you. Let's just get ready to go to ya doctor then at your work soiree." he said moderately for Jacob to understand who simply nodded and got back to his fatherly duties. With his help they got breakfast ready and Jazzy stuff for the day sorted during the next hour he tried to figure out who would be so devious to be attacking Jacob in order to get a reaction out of the female Alpha.

When Jacob and Annabella decided to have their family at Malvain Estate, as his protector he had to notify the closest pack. He didn't know that the young CEO of Robinson was the next Alpha nearby, information he was fed that a Raymond Macallister was the present leader as Shane told him R.J being the new Alpha was kept on a need to know basis. To William he didn't need to know because he had Golden Wolf but when Jacob confessed his attraction for the blonde beauty and Shane confirming that they were mates he knew he had to have an audience with her. He has been putting it off for the past few weeks but it seems like he had to. Today.

"Okay uncle Billy We are ready" Jasmine called out clutching onto his leg. "Well aren't you Disneyfied." he commented surveying her outfit. She was dressed in a Frozen one piece suit with a denim shorts, a turquoise floppy hat and a denim vans, a Disney denim vans to be precise. Accompanying her whole outfit was a Disney princess bag with towel, shades and slippers to match. "You like? I love." she said twirling around letting the ruffles of her swimsuit flow around her. The sharp clapping of hands made her stop instantly, in walked her father dressed as simple as him. White cotton shirt and a khaki shorts.

"Let's go. I can't wait for you to meet Renae." he signed with excitement.

"Yeah she's so cool and funny." Jasmine continued and she was off talking all things R.J and Damien of course. By the time they reached the doctor's William knew the woman's favorite color and her favorite movie. He was at ease that Jaz approved of her, one step closer on having a new mommy he thought to himself watching how the little girl actually brighten by talking about the alpha. They all followed Jacob in the office and waited till he was finish fitting in his new device. It didn't take long but to an excited six year old it was forever. After 45 minutes his friend came back out smiling and ready to go; the drive was a bit long, Benjamin Robinson's house was in the next town over nestled on his own private property. "Tree. Tree. Tree. Another Tree. Wait... no another tree." William was bored the games on his phone grew tiresome and Jacob settled into silence as he drove. Jasmine was entertained by a movie and couldn't careless how long the drive was.

"It's not that long. See. There's the town and up ahead would be the private road." Jacob said amused at his friend's childish behavior. William took in their new surrounding, the town was welcoming, it had all the necessities it's people needed and then some. Though it was considered small to out of towners it still boasted a large theater, a few fast food restaurants, office buildings and two chain stores. Clean streets, friendly faces it was stepping into the twilight zone. Jacob drove to the end of the main road then into a some what hidden road that boasted a Private Property sign. It was a mile long before they saw the iron wrought gains with 'R' framed in them. Left open, they drove through looking for spot to park, a few people were already there and enjoying what the Robinsons had to offer. Someone knocked on the driver's window, with the excited squeal from Jasmine and Jacob's chuckle, William deducted it was some one they both knew in common. His friend gestured to his daughter and the strapping wolf quickly opened the back door pulling Jasmine into his arms. He looked intimidating to any one but you can see he had a soft spot for the little girl.

"R.J said she would...." the man started to say then his focus shifted to William. His brown eyes turned dark and confused look flashed across his face then kept a blank look.

"That's my uncle Billy." Jasmine said proudly. "Is that so?" he said with a fake smile but as a wolf William sensed his distrust.

"Yup. My best friend" Jacob added getting the bags and allowing William to lock up the van. "I'm William." he said stretching forth his hand. "Frankie." was all the strapping wolf said shaking the gestured hand momentarily.

He didn't hold any grudge he understood he was still a new wolf to the Americans. His true pack was back home in Germany. "As I was saying, R.J said she would come find you. She's with her grandfather and uncles at the moment." Frankie said putting Jaz on his shoulders.

"Cool. Will let me introduce you to some of my co workers" Jacob said following Frankie's lead. As they walked through the open front door, they didn't have to turn any corners or so forth as the hall way led them straight to the back yard. On either side of the hallway were open rooms that anyone can use, Frankie informed them of the overnight option after the party, there were spare rooms on the west wing of the 2nd and 3rd floor. Getting closer to the balcony of the pool area, William and his wolf began to feel uneasy, so many wolves were beyond the white double doors, his keen sense of hearing picked up warning growls as he stepped out. A few people turned their heads to his direction but covered up their curiosity by calling out Jacob and Jasmine. He looked on as the wolves and humans greeted his make shift family with genuine love and gave him a speculative look as he walked next to Jacob.

'They are very protective of their Alpha and Jasmine.' his wolf commented staying alert.

'And it's not one pack. I picked up four different pack scents. The dominant one I can't recognize.' He gave welcoming smiles to the males his friend introduced him to and flirtatious ones to the females.

"Jacob" a woman called out excitedly, William stayed behind his friend and watched how at ease he was. His signature amused chuckle was heard then a dark haired woman walked into his arms giving him a friendly hug. "I'm not really here for you. Where is she?" the woman asked with her hands on her hips. It was then both of them realized Jasmine was missing, he was about to panic but the carefree laugh from Jacob put him at ease.

"She's either with the guys or the twins."

The woman huffed, "They promised I would have her first." she pouted. William chuckled at the fact that they were calling dibs on the little princess, it was then the exotic beauty noticed his presence.

"Well who is this?" she asked with a raised eyebrow. 'Spunky. I like.' he said to his wolf.

"William. Jazzy's god father"

"Tiffany. Come walk with me." Her statement was made to be flirty but he heard the underlying order. From her scent, he knew she was of warrior bloodline, strong ones to be precise. Giving her a seductive smile to keep up appearance for Jacob he replied by giving her his arm. "And that's my cue to go mingle elsewhere" Jacob laughed leaving them to it.

When they both saw him engaged in a conversation their flirty demeanor disappeared, "He doesn't know I'm a wolf and I am not a rogue."

"Good enough for me but you have been requested by the Alphas." she said leaning in closer and faked smile as she led him back into the house. "Alphas?"

"Sweetie you entered the most dangerous wolf den in the state. So yes Alphas" she laughed genuinely. "Things I do for my best friend" he muttered jogging up a flight of stairs then turning to the east wing. His steps faltered as he came face to face with two guards in black gear standing at ease at the beginning of the hall.

"Told you most dangerous wolf den." Tiffany joked nodding her head at the guards. The men back home had nothing on these men, though they were all pure bred warriors you can feel their power as strong as their deltas. The air was suffocating as they walked further in to the second door on the right, as he waited for them to enter his wolf was antsy, he wanted out but William had a hold on him.

'After dude' he snapped at him. "Go in" was all Tiffany said and left his side. Taking a deep breath, he kept his head low and entered the room. "Welcome William." he was expecting a male voice that would send fear through his body but it was a female's. He raised his head at the welcome to have a gorgeous slim figured woman with striking blue gray eyes sitting on the edge of a large desk.

Jacob's mate. Alpha R.J.

"Thank you Alpha." he returned calmly. She simply nodded and made her way over to him, "You have a lot to tell us don't you." The smile Jasmine and Jacob told him about wasn't on her face, there wasn't a trace of mirth or welcome for him, to her he was a threat. Expressionless eyes bore into his, "Yes ma'am." he answered looking around the room.

A man with the same color eyes as hers and light brown hair sat in the large leather chair behind the desk eyeing him closely, by the double doors leading to a balcony was an older gentleman with more distinguished features resembling the first stood stiffly with his arms folded. On a couch on the far right sat Alpha Shane who he already knew beside him was his Beta. A movement behind him caused him to be alert it was then he realized why his wolf was going crazy, from the wall stepped out a striking blonde haired woman with warm brown eyes. She recognized him but kept her composure as she went to Alpha R.J's side. Taking in her scent he knew why she was here.

'Our mate is Alpha R.J's beta.' his wolf said shocked with a bit of hurt. She didn't acknowledge them, her eyes remained emotionless not even a motion of noticing their bond. He wanted to go to her, his first step towards her was his last as she turned away from him. If anybody else in the room noticed their actions then they kept it to themselves. Steeling himself he regained his at ease posture and focused back on the alphas.

'Fine. If that's what she wants, so be it.' he said firmly but his wolf was too hurt to reply.

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