The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 18

"Excuse me Alphas"

William didn't turn at the sound of her voice, he allowed her to brush pass him and leave the office. Taking a deep breath after the door clicked shut he kept his focus at the task at hand. R.J sent him an apologetic look but he ignored it.

"Before you start I want to formally introduce myself to you. I'm R.J. Alpha of Black Heart." she said stretching forth her hand. "I think I know who you were from the moment I stepped in. Jacob and Jaz can't stop talking about you." Shaking her hand he noticed the embarrassed blush on her cheek then let go of her. "Behind me is my uncle Benjamin Jr. Alpha of Red Wolf and his father, Benjamin Sr. You know Shane and his Beta Brian."

"Alpha family. Nice." he joked but was truly a bit nervous.

"You can start now son. After what my grand daughter relayed to me about last night I wish to know why changelings were caught at a human's home and you. A warrior wolf from White Blood happens to be connected to him." Benjamin Sr. snapped looking out the glass door at the party below. William whimpered in submission as his power radiated from his order.

"Formally I would like to introduce myself. I'm William Everhart. A warrior for White Blood and member of the King's secret sentinels."

"What!!" everyone exclaimed in pure shock and disbelief of his admission. He wasn't surprise no one was meant to know not even the present king.

"Nikolai has an army of secret sentinels?" Benjamin Jr asked confused.

"Apologies. Not his majesty King Nikolai. My family and four other families have been appointed during the reign of King Lucian for one purpose only. To protect the hidden royals."


They all looked at him as a strange phenomenon happening right before their eyes. He knew it would happen like this but not so soon. Heck he didn't expect changelings to be outside of Jacob's. R.J was the first to get out of the stupor.

"You can't just drop a bomb like that and be all quiet. What do you mean hidden royals?"

"And appointed by King Lucian?" Shane spat out. William haven't told Golden Wolf's alpha everything.

Running his hand through his unruly hair he began to pace the floor, remembering everything his father told him, the story itself was the best kept secret in all history he was surprised the descendants of Lucian haven't found out.

"I'm sixth generation sentinel for Lucian's guards. During his reign, his majesty appointed one trusted wolf to be the general, ,my great-great-great grandfather Simon Everhart his Beta. The reason why he did this was to protect his family. Lucian suspected his brother, Malcolm would be the downfall of the kingdom even their father from an early stage in his upbringing. Not only was Malcolm was a power hungry maniac but he was a notorious womanizer. Not having a care for anyone but himself the older prince raped and blackmailed few of the palace maids and females within the kingdom.

One of his victims came to Lucian begging for help as Malcolm got her pregnant. She told him but he shunned her and threatened to kill her if she speak a word of it. Malcolm wanted her to get rid of it but she was too far along. She was right to tell Lucian, he took care of her till the child was born. When it did happen he asked of the woman if she wished to leave the child within the palace or live a normal life. In fear of Malcolm she chose to live a normal life, not mentioning the bloodline of her child or of the young prince helping her. Knowing the child would have a hard time growing up as a half breed he created his own sector of guards. Lucian and Simon chose four other families of high ranks and pure bred to look after each child through out the years till they can live on their own."

"How many of these women did he got pregnant?" Benjamin Sr. asked.

"Six. Out of the six only three survived. The three that died were humans. Bearing a wolf pup took a toll on their bodies. The pups survived thankfully. Few were resentful to Malcolm as suspected but was thankful to Lucian for caring for them."

"What are your duties as guards beside protecting them?" Shane asked.

"Monitor their growth. The mates they have been blessed with and any signs of untapped gifts that may surface during their growth. So far none have been blessed with gifts. A few have shifted, the others the wolf genes became non-existent as they reproduce."

"And with Jacob?" It was the first time R.J spoke up.

"Jacob is the last male of the Kaisers. His great great grandfather was the first pure bred son of Malcolm. The man actually became part of the sentinels to capture his own father. When he found his mate a human woman he left the sentinels to start a new life. He migrated to Germany. As the years rolled by, pups were born but it was the cycle that we kept track of. Since him only five of the pups inherited the wolf gene and shifted. Fredrick, Jacob's father is the last wolf for the Kaisers but the gene skipped his two older sons and stayed with Jacob."

"Hold up. Hold up." she breathed out trying hard to swallow all the information. William winced as she tugged at her hair and cracked her neck you can see the disbelief on her face and tension in her body.

"He doesn't know of his background." he said softly.

"What the fuck was his father thinking?" Benjamin Sr shouted rushing toward him. "We do not have a say in their family affairs. Protect them. Those are our orders." he grounded out.

"Though the wolf gene is stagnant they were careful not to place him among other wolves. From the high school he went to and the college. Mr Kaiser knew of the risks. As a father he didn't want to see his son struggle to fit in after being deaf at birth. I too saw how my best friend struggled to be normal. Sending him to America changed him a lot. He was happy for once, with Annabella then Jasmine and now with you R.J. That's all we want for him."

"But how ..... I mean.... What... Goddess above what do we do now." R.J struggled to get her words out and resorted to sitting beside Shane who was awfully quiet.

"R.J you have to tell him about you being a wolf. He's changing. His scent is getting strong of a wolf's. His strength and dominant side are slowly creeping up."

"I don't want to lose him. I've waited so long for him. What if he rejects it all. Refuse to believe anything you or I say. I....I....I don't know how" She was on the verge of breaking down but kept a strong front.

"R.J no disrespect but you and your pack being around him 24/7 is causing his wolf to surface and you know what happens to a half-breed first shift if not being guided accordingly. Think of Jazzy. Think of him." William's voice was firm and was trying so hard not to start shaking some sense in the woman.

She knew what would happen they have dealt with it in the neighboring areas around the pack. The wolves become feral and difficult to bring back to human form. She couldn't let that happen to her mate.

"Tonight. I would do it tonight."



Playing Marco Polo with the twins and their friends was fun, she never laughed so much nor had so much fun. "Damien You're too fast for me" she whined.

"Oh come on I'm right here."

She can tell he was lying by how far away he sounded and the laughter in his voice but she didn't care, just like the last few rounds he would come closer for her to catch him. His other friends would do the same too and praise her at how great she was at the game. She brushed it off as them being nice to the new kid. "Marco" she called out once more.

Damien and his friends realized she was getting tired as her wading got slower and her limbs began to get limp, shaking his head he went to her wrapping his arms around her. "Polo" he laughed.

"No fair" she whined opening her eyes. "You won Jaz let's go get some food. I'm sure you're hungry." Terrance commented.

"Yeah come on." another called out behind her. They all took their time in taking her out of the pool, Frankie and Winchester watched from the sidelines and was pleased by their actions. Every wolf present was mindful of her and her father, it wouldn't be nice if they get on R.J's wrong side but it was good being there for the new Alpha.

As Damien led Jasmine to a table, his brother called out to him. 'She would be fine. You still want to show her?' he asked searching for his twin. Spotting Dominic on a lounge chair playing a video game with girls trying to get his attention, he didn't miss the nod. He told their other friends of the plan and was on board for it. Terrance placed a hot dog and a drink before Jasmine before going back for his own. Seb and Turner sat on her sides eating their food also. She looked at both of them and wondered why they were so nice to her. She wasn't their age but they chose to play with her and help her out with things.

"Wanna see our secret place?" Damien asked.

"Secret Place?" she parroted confused as to where can he possibly get a secret place. She wanted one by the trees behind her house but her father won't allow it.

"Yeah. We found it. It has a huge meadow with flowers and stuff then a river next to it. You would love it." Seb answered.

"Can I ask my daddy first?" she asked with a full mouth. "Sure. He's gonna say yes anyway." Damien offered shrugging his shoulders.

"Still." was all she said before leaving her uneaten food to run over to her father. While she was away, Dominic walked over to them not saying nothing but kept his gaze on the the little curly haired girl talking to her father.

"Can I go see Damien's secret place daddy?" Jasmine asked bouncing on her toes. "What?" Jacob asked surprised and confused by the choice of words.

"Easy there. The twins thinks it's their secret place. It's a meadow behind the trees there. Totally safe." Thankfully the boys' father was beside Jacob when she asked. Her father was skeptical with their presence around her since they arrived. "Okay sweetie have fun. Stay close to Damien." he warned. She simply nodded and ran back to her friends. Her excitement died down a bit when she saw the other twin who doesn't like her. Dominic simply stared at her for a few seconds then left. "Is he coming too?" she asked second guessing in going.

"Don't worry about him." was all Damien said handing her a t-shirt and her denim shorts. "Stay close to us okay?" Seb warned her as they walked away from the party. Jasmine nodded watching in wonder the path they led her through. It was a well worn path making their trek easy, the trees on either side of it was thick with moss growing on the trunks. The sun filtered through the branches catching her eyes every other second. The boys talked about silly stuff, throwing twigs and stones to a distance momentarily looking back to check on her. Something colorful caught her attention between the trees, focusing more on the blur she recognized it was someone. Dominic. His steps were in pace with theirs then he stopped. Jasmine found it weird that he just stood there staring at the ground, shaking her head at how confusing he was she turned back her focus to the boys before her.

"Great." she grumbled as she noticed how far they were. Running towards them was a bit of a struggle because the path began to get rougher as the trees got dense. Focusing on the boys, her foot caught on a fallen log causing her to fall. Bracing the impact with her hands allowed the stones and dirt to bruise her palms, grazing her knee on a rock and falling on her chest a bit more hard than she expected. Silent tears flowed down her cheeks as she assess her injuries, it wasn't bad but it still pained her a lot.

"Damien" she cried out trying to pick out the tiny stones in her palm. In soft cries she called out for him again but instead of him coming to her rescuing, it was someone she didn't expect. He said nothing. Dominic brushed away her tears then the dirt from her hands. Jasmine watched on as he took care of her, he then cleaned her knee and gave her a soft smile. "See Princess Jasmine no need to cry." was all he said before helping her up. She was confused but allowed him to hold her hand and led her out of the forest. They both walked till there wasn't anymore trees, the boys were waiting for them at the end when Damien saw her his eyes filled with worry then they calmed. He looked at her hands and smiled, "Dom made it better?"


"Good. Now close your eyes." he said taking her next hand in his. The twins led her out of the trees, she smiled as she felt the sun on her skin, a giggle escaped her when she felt something tickled her ankles. The boys ran ahead to the stream a few feet away from the meadow. Dominic released her hand and took a seat on the ground looking at the little girl who had him so confused from the first day he saw her.


Both boys smiled at her reaction, she ran through the purple and white flowers, disturbing the resting butterflies, her laugh was infectious. They liked seeing her happy.

'Mom said to keep her away from the west quadrant. Training is going on.' Dominic told his over excited twin who was now playing with Jasmine.

'Ok whatever.' was the reply.

He watched as the two played, getting bored he laid back between the flowers and focus on the blue cloudless skies wasn't long before he dozed off.

A frightened scream broke through the air waking him up instantly going into the defense stance his father taught them. Looking around he saw Jasmine cowering behind Damien who wore an annoyed expression and was looking pass him. Dominic allowed himself to relax then turned around, " Darius really?" he said plopping back down on the ground. Their older brother was in wolf form, he was sitting idly watching them with amused eyes.

'Is that her? The Alpha's daughter?' he asked. Dominic turned back to his twin and the girl who was being gently pulled to meet them.

'Yeah. That's her.'

Darius went into a submissive position as Jasmine got close. The large brown and grey wolf now looked like a dog willing to please her. Cautiously she stepped forward with her hand outstretched, "Go on. He won't hurt you." Damien cooed. She made her last step and placed her hand on the wolf's head, she giggled as he began to sniff her and licking her hand then face. "You are so cute. Are all the wolves big like this one?" she asked running her tiny fingers through his thick fur.

"Well the ones here and back where you live."

"We have wolves in our town? I've never seen one." she stated willing to prove him wrong.

"How come? There are lots of werewolves near you. Didn't your uncle show you his wolf?" Damien pressed. Darius sensed the little girl's confusion and warned his little brothers to end the talk now. They were about to ask why when Jasmine asked her own question," My uncle has a wolf?"

Damien willing to please her for some unknown reason blurted out the answer, "Is a wolf. Just like us and our family. This is our big brother, Darius." Both his brothers chastised him for saying so much. Jasmine began to step away, "Like in the movies? The ones daddy said are too scary?"

Dominic sent a look to his twin then ran to the trees where his brother sent him. "Nah not like the movies. We are way better. I'm like totally surprised because Auntie Renae is the leader" Again he said too much.

Jasmine looked at the wolf the twins called their brother, Dominic jogged back to them carrying a shorts and placed it before the wolf. Damien covered her eyes then she heard the most chilling pore raising sound, "What is that?" she asked covering her ears. When Darius was fully human and dressed he removed her hands from her ears as his little brother removed his.

"That was me. See I'm human again. Pretty cool huh?" He asked her with a playful smile. Her eyes lit up thinking that it was the most magical thing she ever seen. People who can turn into big wolves was something out of a book. She couldn't wait to tell her father and just maybe Renae can do it for too.

"That was awesome"

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