The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 19

"It's getting late. Where are they?" Jacob asked getting worried. The party and sun has died down, only a few people were around the pool or on the lawn talking and enjoying the peaceful environment. Renae and himself took up residence on a bench below a big oak tree. He had a great time with her, she never left his side nor failed to keep in contact with him. Kisses were stolen, a lot of teasing and shared looks that revealed something so fierce that they both thought it was too early to say out loud.

The past few hours of enjoying himself, knowing Jaz was safe with friends after much trustful words from the twins father, Renae and her friends that he allowed himself to come out of the worrying father role. Though out of one role he couldn't come out of the other, the best friend role. He saw how William's mood changed drastically when he returned to his side. His friend spent most of his time to him self though he had a lot of females eyeing his tattooed arms and mysterious attitude he didn't give in at all. Fake smiles and excuses were given to Jacob but he didn't push.

"She would be here soon. The boys know not to be in the forest after sundown. It's a rule." Renae comforted him once more. Releasing a deep sigh he kissed her cheek and placed his head on her shoulder then taking a deep breath. He smiled at the scent that covered her, he never noticed it before vanilla and sandalwood pulling her into his lap he released a low growl. The foreign sound got a surprised look from both him and Renae. "It seems that you bring out the animal side in me" he muttered before claiming her lips. His grip on her hips was tight, keeping himself in control of the kiss he savored every movement of her lips on his. She was intoxicating, he wanted her then and now. His hand reached her hair, tugging at it a bit roughly as he deepened the kiss. A groan escaped her lips as his other hand reached under her thin shirt, his fingers brushed the bare skin at the side of her breast. She shivered in delight pushing her body closer to him.

"Do you know what you do to me?" he asked huskily. Words couldn't escape her lips but he answered for her as he pulled her hips closer to his hardening erection. Something or someone else took over, he felt in control wanting to be dominant over the woman who held his heart in every single way.

"I want you so bad baby. I need to be in you. Show you how much you affect me. You're mine." he growled into her ear, nipping the skin of her neck. Jacob was lost in lust for the goddess on his lap.

"J-Jake. We... we... need... fuck baby." It was nearly impossible for her to talk as he pinched her nipples putting just the right amount of pressure on them. "We need to what my love. Can't talk now? That's a first." he teased nibbling on her earlobe. With strength she didn't know she had, Renae shot out of his lap and tried to compose herself.

A low growl escaped Jacob once more before she can turn around he had her trapped in his arms, her butt feeling the result of what she did to him. "If you don't fucking cover up I would take you against that tree right now in front of everybody. You're a damn tease baby" Renae closed her eyes cursing to herself, the voice that just spoke wasn't the human side of her mate. It was his wolf. The voice was deeper, his German accent was more pronounced. His wolf was awfully close to surface. She was about to say something but her attention was diverted to the trees as a low bark was made.

"Jasmine is here." she rushed out. On cue, he calmed down instantly, she turned in time to see his eyes turn from gold back to his striking blue. He looked at her confused, looking from the bench to where they now stood. "Legs were cramping." she offered.

"Uhhh okay." he conceded following her. Jacob smiled as he spotted his sleeping princess on the back of Dominic. Damien and the other boys surrounded him as they made their way over to him. "Thank you boys. Guess you all had a lot of fun." Taking her off the tall eight year old's back, she blindly reached out for the boy who hesitated in stepping away. Dominic looked at Jasmine once more with furrowed brows then left abruptly. Damien and the boys too looked at the small girl clutching onto her father wondering how in the world she got Dominic to be gentle. "Bye sir. Thank you for letting Jaz come with us." Damien said slightly bowing his head to Jacob then Renae. The others did the same and left.

"Let's get her cleaned up. She can stay in my uncle's room." Renae offered. Earlier he agreed to spend the night after William took his van to get back home. He claimed he had an emergency and needed to get it done, Jacob gave in again knowing his friend would tell him soon. Following her pass the pool they greeted the last of the party goers a good night, making their way into the house. "I meant to compliment your grandfather on his house but your grandmother didn't allow me a word in." he mentioned with a slight chuckle.

"She was really excited to meet you. Beside my friends you're the first guy I brought home."

Jacob felt his chest swelled bigger knowing he was the first guy to meet the family, it was a huge honor. "Is that so? I didn't get that from the countless times she introduced me as R.J's future husband to her friends."

"Oh my word. That woman." she said letting out a groan between a dying whale and cow giving birth. It took everything in him not to laugh out loud, couldn't risk waking up his little princess who was drooling on his neck at the moment. "Didn't you correct her to R.J's boyfriend?" she continued opening a door leading to a grand bedroom.

"Nah. I liked the sound of it." he said nonchalantly. Jacob didn't miss the blush on her cheeks as he walked by her. The room was immaculate, everything screamed neat freak and manly. The bed was the main focus of room a large four poster mahogany bed. Every piece of furniture was of the same wood and intricately designed, Renae showed him the bathroom and where she placed some clothes for her. "You didn't have to buy all of these babe." he said smiling at the new nightgown and tooth brush also the change of clothes for the following day.

"I wanted to make her feel comfortable here. New place and everything."

"Trust me you are. You all made her, I mean us, feel so welcomed. I've never seen her so happy around new people. She learned to keep her guard up from young, never understood why. Thank you for it all." he said wholeheartedly as he gently washed Jasmine. He sat at the edge of the tub cleaning off the dirt on her while Renae detangled her hair and placed it into a single braid. Their actions were compatible, it felt like they have done this so many times. It felt surreal. It was what he wanted for Jasmine, this feeling. The feeling of family.

"You're welcome. I would do anything for her. You can say she has finally got me wrapped around her finger." Renae said softly while caressing her chubby cheeks. "Welcome to the club. I think your friends are already caught."

They both tucked her in and made their way over to her room leaving the door open to let in the hall light. Being in same room with her stirred the feelings from earlier, he watched in awe as she took off her shoes then shirt. Clad in her bikini she walked around her room getting what she needed to take a shower, as she reached the door she stopped. "After we freshen up we need to talk." she said giving him a weak smile.

Those dreaded words struck him like cold water to his face, the heated feelings that were about to turn to fire were now doused. "Umm sure." he answered hesitantly and watched as she disappeared behind the now closed door. Jacob began to pace the floor trying to think of what went wrong. Was she tired of him already? A woman as gorgeous and successful as she is can have anything or anyone her heart desired. He end up sitting on the sofa in the corner, thinking over everything that possibly went wrong.

Lost in thoughts he didn't realize Renae was out and fully dressed. "The bathroom is free. Meet me down by the pool. Yes?" she asked running her hand through his hair. What he saw in her eyes caused him to worry more. Her eyes were sad and indecisiveness, he pulled her closer wrapping his arms around her waist, her body was beckoning to him but he fought the primal urges that were begging him to be let loose. "Everything is great between us right?" he asked burying his face in her toned stomach. On their own accord his hands roamed her bare tanned legs over the curve of her behind, her breathing hitched as she clutched onto his shoulders.

"Everything is perfect." she breathed out as he squeezed her luscious behind with his large hands. "You sure?" he asked gently biting her nipples through her camisole. "Yes. Really sure." she bit out pushing backwards and straddling his hips. A growl escaped her but Jacob didn't put it to mind, he thought it was sexy as hell. Renae clutched a handful of his hair and tilt his head back taking his lips, she didn't care that her wolf took over. They both felt how worried and sad he was, they just wanted to show him how he affected them. The sexual tension between them was thick as he cupped her bare behind and thrust upward letting her feel how turned on he was by her. She bit his bottom lip and grounded her core on his member, "You feel so good" she moaned out.

"Let me have you baby." he said against her lips. With his eyes still closed, relishing in the feel of her soft mounds pressing against his bare chest, he felt her heated gaze on him and her smile against his lips. "After our talk. It's important that I do." she said firmly then removed herself from him. Giving her a quick kiss, he agreed to have this important talk she wanted.

Should I be worried? A woman will never kiss like a man like that if they wanted to end things. Jacob's thoughts were pestering him in the shower. Why is it the shower you think the most, he said to himself.

'Be calm. Have a clear head when you meet with her' a voice said to him. "Great my subconscious is giving me advice now." he said out loud leaving the shower.

'Jacob. I'm not your subconscious.' the voice said again. This time it made him pause, the voice was familiar to him but couldn't place it. Brushing it off as his mind playing tricks on him he quickly got dressed and made his way down to the pool.

"I'm so nervous. What if he leaves me. I....I can't lose him. Damn it Kara what do I say?" her voice floated to his ears on the staircase leading to the pool. He watched for a few seconds as she paced nervously alongside the pool. "Really Kara" she spoke out loud again this time looking upwards towards the night sky.

"Baby? Who's Kara?"

Renae spun around quickly towards him, she released a nervous laugh and began twisting her hands harshly. "A uh? Friend?" she offered. "Where is she then? Is she imaginary? I think you've passed that phase my love" he teased walking her way.

"Ha. Yeah. Um.... Hi"

"Hi" he returned with an amused smile. Letting out a deep breath she composed her self, "Let's take a walk." He simply shrugged and fell in step beside her, they walked leisurely on a path around the house stealing glances at her he saw how caught up in her own world she was. "Renae. What is it?"

Him speaking out loud startled her, she dissolved into a fit of giggles before composing herself once more. They stopped and faced the large house that scream comfort and wealth. "Do you believe in soulmates?" she asked returning to their walk. This time she led them to the hidden Japanese garden. "I do actually." he replied thinking of Annabella a sad smile made its way to his lips as they sat on the stone bench.

"I have been waiting for mine since my mother told me of them." It was her turn to be lost in sad memories. Pulling her legs close to her chest she laid her head on her knees and took in the man beside her. "My mother told me of soulmates when I was four. Since then it came as a bedtime story for me, she told be how different people met their soulmates. Some was lucky to have a happy ever after while others.... others still are trying to mend their broken hearts. When I turned sixteen i was so excited, I'm finally going to find my soulmate. He and I would meet and fall into each other's arms, he would spin me around then kiss me and on that day we would pledge our love for each other."

Jacob looked at her confused, her concept of soulmates was totally different to his. He wanted to ask her what she meant but the painful and sadden look flashed across her eyes.

"But that day didn't come. Mom said he's probably took a wrong turn on his path of destiny" she continued with a sad laugh.

"My mother was always optimistic. Always happy. I envied her for that sometimes. She lived with a tyrant and was always smiling even when he embarrassed her before his friends and our family. I always asked her why did she put up with my father. You know what she said..." She posted the question to him with teary eyes. He reached out and pulled her closer, "What did she say?" he responded softly.

"She said 'love between soulmates is different for everybody' I was at lost for words when she said that, this man abused her before his own kids and she still turn around and treated him like a fucking king. That man didn't even shed a fucking tear when she laid cold and bloody in our backyard. Not even when his son was on his last breath. I was there. I was the one who stayed with them till they couldn't take it anymore. I believed he never loved mom and never loved us. That night I prayed to the Moon Goddess that I find love and happiness with my mate. I longed for him to come and save me. Make me feel wanted. Show me how valuable I am to him. After years of my father verbal abuse I was able to come out of that cold shell he wanted to seal me in. Then. I found him. I found my happiness. I found you."

He looked down at her wanting to ask so many questions but he couldn't, so many emotions ran through him but the only one that stood out was love. Just like her, he found his happiness in her, she made him whole again.

"You and I was destined to meet by the Moon Goddess. Though it took a while I am happy that we are finally together."

"Moon Goddess?"

It was then she realized what she said to him. In her mind and heart she prayed that he won't freak out. That he wouldn't leave her, leave something so magical.

"It's what we werewolves call the woman who saved us centuries ago. Some call her Mother. Castio De Leon the first werewolf on earth taught his followers, his pack to always thank her for she was the one who saved him and the world for chaos and darkness." In response, she got a raised eyebrow, a look of utter disbelief then the laugh. Jacob laughed heartily, jumping up from his place beside her shaking his head in disbelief.

"You got me there Renae." he laughed.

"What?" She took in how he watched her like a crazy person but kept his distance.

"Is this the important talk? Some fairy tale about soulmates and wolves? Sorry werewolves. Is this a new way to string along someone, talk crazy shit so they would make a run for it? Pretty ingenious because i was so sucked into it. Nice touch with the dying mom and brother." he said laughing but deep inside he was disappointed. The story she told was so believable till the whole Moon Goddess thing. He couldn't believe she played him like a fool, on top of it played his daughter also.

'It's not like that. She's ours. It's the truth.' the voice was louder this time . He shook his head furiously mumbling for the voice to shut up.

"Why would I make this up? Why would I lie about the death of my mother and brother. I witnessed them being killed before my eyes while trying to save me. My wolf was injured from training and I couldn't shift, Richard didn't hesitate to make himself a barrier. Why would I lie. Yes I am a living breathing werewolf. A mythical being. I'm the Alpha of a royal pack. And you?! You are my mate. My destined mate. My forever guy." Her voice was strained as she cried out to him. Every step she took towards him he made a step away from her. The sound of her cries tore at his heart, tears flowed down her face like a river.

"Renae. You're not...." he started to say but the voice inside his head was begging him to stop.

'Please. I'm your wolf. Just like our mate. Just like your father. Please. Listen to her. You're hurting her. Look at her.' the wolf began to get frantic inside of Jacob feeling the pain of the she-wolf before him. He waited years to have her near just to be with her and now his human was going to push her away.

"Shut up. Just shut up. I'm not a werewolf, neither is she. It's all stupid stories" Jacob spat out angrily covering his ears trying to block out the voice and Renae's pleas.

Hearing what he said and feeling the strong pull of another wolf, Kara surfaced. "Jacob please you need to calm down. Your wolf is hurting so are we. " she cried out falling to her knees. Renae was lost to it all, she felt his rejection without the words. It was all in his eyes.

"Stay away from me. Just don't." he grounded out as he saw her still edging towards him, "I'm not up for your tricks. Was this all a joke get me to fall for you so quickly then to say all these foolishness. I opened up to you Renae. I brought you into my daughter's life. I didn't expect this bullshit from you."

'NO!' his wolf screamed out as he witness the woman before him on her hands and knees crying her heart out begging Jacob to believe them. His wolf fought the mental barriers his human put up since he was teenager, with every push he made it was painful to Jacob.
Renae watched as her mate fell to the ground clutching at his head crying out in pain, something was wrong.

'POPS!! Please I need help. Something is wrong with Jacob.' she called out.

"Jake. Can you hear me? Just relax." Her voice was hoarse from the crying as she crawled over to him. She reached out to him wanting to comfort him but he turned away from her momentarily watching her in disgust. Her heart shattered into more little pieces. "Jacob?" she whispered. He was now on his hands and knees, growling and shaking his head. "Jacob? " she called out again. His head shot up at the sound of his name she was expecting blue captivating eyes but instead she saw golden eyes showing so much emotion.


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