The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 2

"I was a girl in the village doing alright
Then I became a princess overnight
Now I gotta figure out how to do it right
So much to learn and see

Up in the castle with my new family
In a school that's just for royalty
A whole enchanted world is waiting for me
I'm so excited to be

(Sofia the First)
I'm finding out what being royal's all about
(Sofia the First)
Making my way it's an adventure every day

It's gonna be my time
To show them all that I'm
Sofia the First!"

Jasmine twirled around in her princess dress as her father and herself sang the theme song of her favorite Disney show in the living area. He wore the crown she made him a few weeks ago with a king's robe as he bowed before her gallantly then took her hand leading her to her throne-like chair to watch the new episode of Sofia the first. She was halfway through the show when he decided to go get her breakfast and get her ready for school. Knowing his daughter she would want to leave in her dress but luckily he bought substitutes when he went shopping for her the day before.

"Thanks, daddy" she mumbled as he placed bacon and crown-shaped pancakes with orange juice before her on the purple kiddie table. "You are welcome, princess," he said much alike to Baileywick, "The carriage will be ready soon I shall go get your things" Jasmine giggled at her father's silliness and dug into her breakfast. Jacob quickly ran upstairs and changed into his work clothes, double checking for any glitter from the crown then going to the large Disney Princess themed room to get her stuff.

The show was rolling its last credit when he came back down and she was clearing her table. She ran back in and stood before him, she was excited since the night before when he told her he had a surprise for her. "Are you ready?" he asked with the similar smile to his daughter's on his face. She nodded her head in excitement, her light blue eyes shone and her long black curly hair bounced up and down.

"Eyes closed" he ordered gently tapping her nose. She did as asked and kept bouncing on her toes. He placed the items on his lap and asked her to open her eyes. Jasmine squealed in delight as she took in the Sofia the First t-shirt with the words Princess at heart with the matching pink and purple tutu skirt. He added white thin long tights and a new pair of -you guessed it- purple Sofia light up shoes. She hurriedly changed into them with minor help from her dad, for a six-year-old she was very independent and brave in which Jacob was proud of. He allowed her to speak her mind but be mindful of people's feelings, have her own sense of style and didn't limit her education.

Smoothing out her tutu, she thanked her father so many times with the smile that always melts his heart. He took her small hands and kissed them, "Anything for my little girl" he said looking at the little girl that held his heart six years ago when he first held her. Her mother was the first one to have it and probably still do since they were teens but he knew for sure Jasmine was the official owner. Her light brown skin was due to the mix of her Caucasian father and Spanish-American mother. She was truly beautiful inside and out to him and knew other's thought so as well. Though the delicate feature of nose, mouth, and hair were all from her mother, her blue eyes were from him. Every day he was in awe as to what love produced.

"Can you braid my hair daddy?" she asked pulling the chair to sit before him. He didn't answer, taking the brush and comb he did one of five styles he knew in braiding hair quickly. As a single father to a little girl, he had to learn how to do things on his own and fast. Jacob depended on no one but himself when it came to Jasmine, he learned that the hard way six years ago and promised that whatever his daughter's needs were, he would meet them.

"All done" he called out, standing her up then handing her the personalized Sofia hoodie her god-father bought for her. She felt with her fingers the six cornrows at the front of her head with the rest held up in a braided ponytail. "Do I look pretty?" she asked as he got up to put on his suit jacket.

"Nope," he said nonchalantly going for the car keys and messenger bag. She paused in picking up her backpack and lunch kit and looked at him with a frown. He smiled, "Beautiful. You were to ask, 'Do I look beautiful?'" he said kissing her head. Just like that her megawatt smile returned.

Walking her to her class was nerve-racking. It was her first day of first grade, she was growing up too fast in his eyes. The tight grip on his hand let him know that she too was nervous. "It's alright," he said to both her and himself as they stood in the hallway looking in at the class. Mrs. Johnson Class he read above the doorway. Moms walked passed them giving him the once over then smiling at Jasmine before giving him approval with their eyes. Jacob kept his face stoic, though they were attractive in their own way he wasn't interested. Dressed in a steel gray business suit and a dark trench coat, he looked the part of the successful and sexy father not to mention his blonde hair and striking blue eyes with a neatly marked beard. He kept himself in shape and neat for himself and not to trap any new ladies. He couldn't do that to his daughter yet.

The pair walked into the chaotic place called first grade, kids ran about the room as mothers stood in a corner talking among themselves, the teacher he assumed was checking on each child who was already seated at tables doing whatever artistic thing that came to their minds. The middle-aged lady stood up once more and caught his gaze, with a warm smile and bright eyes she walked towards them. Jasmine stood her ground but kept close to her father, head held high she said good morning to the lady. "Good morning to you sweetie and what is your name?" she asked.

"Jasmine Anahi Kaiser." his daughter answered with pride.

"My what beautiful names. What does Anahi mean?" the teacher asked crouching to her height.

"My daddy says it means beautiful just like me and my mommy"

Mrs. Johnson glanced up at Jacob who only had eyes for his brave little girl. "Well I guess your daddy is right"

"Daddy is always right" Jasmine responded, Jacob, chuckled and playfully tugged on her braids. "Well, I am sure he is. Welcome to first grade are you ready to make new friends?" the teacher responded while standing up. The little blue-eyed girl looked around the room and took a deep breath before letting go of her father's hand. His heart lurched as she took the first step away from him then another. She paused focusing on a little boy who was by himself playing with Jake the pirate toys, she was about to go to him but spun around and went back to her father. Jacob bent to her level, "Bye daddy" she whispered her voice cracking. Rubbing her cheek with his thumb he gave her a watery smile, "Bye princess Jasmine" he said softly before kissing her cheek in which she returned. Standing back up he joined her teacher as she went ahead to meet a new friend.

"Jasmine is allergic to peanut and have mild asthma. There is a medipack in her bag with an EpiPen and inhaler for those type of emergencies. These are my contact numbers and also her godfather and godmother. Her doctor's information is here also" he said with nerves handing her four laminated index cards.

"Mr. Kaiser. Breathe in. Breathe out. She will be fine." the teacher reassured him. He did what she asked looking over at his princess. The boy was shyly showing her his toy as she showed him her Sofia and Clover toy. Feeling stares at the back of his neck he turned to the ladies in the corner, their eyes showed him how much he affected them, with a subtle nod he returned his attention to Mrs. Johnson.

"Don't mind them. Soccer moms that appreciating a good view"

The older woman's words created a faint blush over his cheeks and a nervous laugh escaping his lips, "Um. Her godmother would be doing pickups or myself. I work in the city please if she needs anything for school notify me beforehand" he said shaking her hand. "Will do, Mr. Kaiser." she returned. The teacher left to go tend to other students as he took one last look at Jasmine, looking up she caught her father's gaze.

'I love you daddy' she signed.

'I love you too, princess,' he returned.

Not everyone knew of his disability nor did he allowed it to hinder him from being normal. He being deaf was something minor to him, Jasmine's mother had no problem with it nor did his best friend. With a wave, he left for work as his little girl started her first day of being a big kid.

Adjusting his hearing aid as he stepped into the building, he greeted the security and the lobby receptionist before going up to his floor. The wonderful world of accounting. The company he worked for specialized in handling people's money. Helping them save and also invest in great opportunities. He was a junior partner and was pleased to have a large corner office on the 39th floor. Same as those close to him, being deaf wasn't a big deal to his co-workers and boss. A few took the time to learn American Sign language while others spoke moderately so he can read their lips with success.

"Morning Therese" he greeted his secretary. The matronly woman looked up from her computer and gave him a bright smile, "So... how was it?" she asked. "I miss her already," he said pouting. Therese laughed shaking her head at the man whose whole world was his daughter.

"Miss Jasmine would be fine. She is brave as her father," she said handing him a few files. Taking them, he gave the woman who was like a mother to him a kiss on the cheek and retired to his office. Turning off his hearing aid, he worked in silence on his high priority clients' accounts. A few hours, he felt the vibration of his iPad, it was a message from Therese informing him of a few meetings that were scheduled for the day. Reading through the list, something was waved before his face, startled he dropped the iPad miraculously on a folder. Looking up, he found the smiling face of his best friend.

'Hard at work?' he asked signing his question. William has been his friend since they were four, his first friend. He didn't care Jacob was deaf, when the other kids made fun of him he was his friend's bodyguard.

Turning back on his hearing device, he spoke out to his friend. "Money keeps growing. How have you been?" he asked. William sat and looked around Jacob's office then picked up a picture of his goddaughter and himself. "Came on two things. How was Jaz's first day? Did she cry? Did you cry?" he asked with a stupid grin on his face.

"No, we didn't. She's my kid, we don't cry. I think she made a new friend." Jacob answered proudly.

"Nice, I brought her a new gift. Being a brave girl I know her to be. It's in your car already."

"A new princess toy?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Pshhh... what? Nooooo. It's not technically a toy..." William answered stumbling over his words. His best friend contributed to the princess obsession of his daughter while he gave her clothes, William was the one for toys and whatever little thing that had a Disney princess.

"Right. Now the second thing?"

"You, my friend have a date tonight"

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