The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 20

"Mate" Both Kara and R.J replied rushing over to him, his arms tighten around her small body as he took in her scent.

"I'm sorry that I had to hurt him but he was going to leave you. I couldn't allow it. Please forgive me my love."

The deep German accented voice washed away the sadness and despair she felt moments ago. Tears flowed down her face as she cupped his face with her hands, brushing away his own tears as he looked at her. She felt like the most important person in his world, love shone so clearly in his golden eyes that she momentarily forgot about Jacob.

"I-Is he alright?"

The wolf nodded yes with a sad smile, "He passed out. Just like before he doesn't want to acknowledge this part of him."

R.J was about to ask what he meant when he released a defensive growl, quickly standing up and shielding her. Knowing the scent she took hold of his hand, the electrifying feeling in which she was told about mates flowed through her body. He looked down at her in surprise, he felt it too. "It's my grandfather. I called out to him in panic." she explained.

"You were worried about him. Do you wish to have him back now?" The disappointment was clear in his eyes and voice but he was able to give her a warm smile. R.J focused on her wolf mate before her, this is what she wanted to have Jacob see her as his soulmate, the love of his life. Was she being selfish in wanting his wolf stay longer? What if Jaz wakes up for Jacob. Did she want to relive the disgusted look in Jacob's eyes, the painful rejection?


"Jelly bean?" Both her grandfather and mate called out to her.

"Pops" her voice was soft and forlorn. She squeezed her mate's hand, he felt her indecisiveness and knelt before her.

"I will go. I would always be here when he's ready. I will miss you so much. Waited for you for years, I was blessed with such a loving and beautiful mate. We are both lucky. Be patient with him, he would see that you're our forever girl."

She gave him a sad laugh, "What's your name?" she asked after a moment of silence.

"I am Markell." She nodded and went closer to him, he didn't hesitate to wrap her in his arms. "My beautiful princess." he whispered in her ear. Her body tensed at the endearment. He chuckled, "I know of our lineage. I wish I can tell my human but he's closed off to our world. I tried to surface when he was 16 but he's a strong one. Brushed me off as figment of his imagination. He's a very focused one." Markell looked behind him and bowed in respect to the older Alpha. Benjamin Sr. smiled appreciatively as the wolf turned back to his granddaughter wanting to cheer her up, be optimistic for her.

'I want to come out. Be with him.' Kara told her human.

'Very well' she replied sadly her thoughts mainly on Jacob.

"Want to meet Kara?" R.J asked him out loud. His eyes lit up in excitement causing her to laugh, it was her first real laugh for the night. Stepping back, she allowed Kara free, the black she wolf stood proud before her mate feeling the love and adoration for her. "Hello angel" he said running his hands through her thick dark fur. "Soon I would be able to talk to you, run beside you. Please be patient with Jacob. He will come to you both soon"

Kara licked the spot where her mark would be in the future and let herself go in Markell's loving arms. "Time to go, he's waking up." he said his voice breaking. Quickly Kara stepped away from, 'Take him back to the house please pops. I would stay here tonight.' R.J told her grandfather. With one last look at Markell, a sad whimper escaped her before she ran off to the dark forest.

"Are you ready pup?" Benjamin asked of him.

"Do you think my human would come back to her?" he asked looking in the direction his mate disappeared.

"With your help he will. He needs her just as she needs him."

Markell simply nodded and smiled sadly. A moment later he fell to the ground, Benjamin crouched beside the man and waited till he stirred awake. Blue eyes looked up at him in curiosity then it all came back to him. "Where's she?" he asked gruffly getting to his feet.

"She decided to give you some space."

"Fine by me. Expected her to break up with me a sane way but she chose crazy lady way. Sorry for asking of this so late but I wish to borrow a car. I think it's best that we leave." Jacob's face was set in an emotionless expression, his eyes cold as he addressed the older Robinson.

"Son, there are things in this world that are not easy to understand and we decide to be ignorant to it all. We fear those things because it would bring about change but sometimes don't you think change is a good thing? If that change comes with someone you care deeply about don't you think it's worth the risk?"

"Don't tell me you believe in her fairytale?" Jacob scoffed.

"I am her grandfather after all, taught her what truly was to be a great Alpha." Benjamin returned before walking away from him.

"They are all crazy."

"Why now. Of all the times in the world you chose today to send him to me."

Charlotte cursed the Moon Goddess since she set eyes on her mate. His carefree smile and dark eyes filled with awareness and hurt stayed put in her memory. From the moment he stepped foot into the office she knew he was hers. His scent was strong, it overpowered her wolf causing her a moment of vulnerability. As beta she prided herself of being strong and always on top of her game, never once did she allow herself to show how vulnerable she can be. It was at that moment she despised how that warrior made her feel. Her wolf was cross with her in not acknowledging him but she didn't care, Charlotte wasn't ready for the mate bond though she gushed about mates with her friends she didn't want it so soon. Her career life came first an overprotective possessive wolf wasn't in those plans.

Walking around the tv room of her house with a glass of wine in her hand, her mind drifted back to the blonde, muscled, tattooed warrior who stood before four Alphas with confidence. The moment of his recognition of her didn't flew pass her, she definitely saw it.

He was happy.

He wanted to hold her.

He then turned cold. Result due to her eminent rejection. "He would have another mate soon. You would sure be on top of that huh Mother." she spoke out loud bitterly. The thought of another woman in his arms pained her wolf but to her she didn't care. Back at the party, she stayed in the house and kept watch over him as he sulked beside the pool. Her female co workers flocked around him wanting his attention, she waited for him to return the attention but it never happened. Why won't he move on? she cursed to herself as she witnessed him approach Jacob then leaving with his head down.

"At least that would be the last I will be seeing him." she muttered throwing back the last of the wine. Her wolf kept on whining in sadness but she kept strong and ignored her.

"We have a future ahead of us. Mates and babies won't be in it anytime soon. Forget about him."

She decided not to mention this to anyone else, R.J knows but she won't say anything without her permission. She would want to lecture her on it but her mind was already made up.

'What if we meet him again? What should we do?' her wolf asked sadly.

'Simple. Reject him.'

William was in the same spot as he placed himself in since he came home earlier in the day. He haven't made the walk to the kitchen for food nor had he answered the phone calls that kept pouring in. Rocking back in his recliner he focused on a picture of Annabella and his self on her wedding day, of course he was the best man. He was thinking of her. Charlotte. The woman he wanted to start a life with, something his best friend had and what his other best friend wanted him to achieve.

He laughed sadly remembering the promise him and Annabella made, 'Be settled before Jasmine's sixteenth birthday.'

"I have to keep looking Bella. She doesn't want me." he said out loud swallowing the lump in his throat. He promised he won't cry over her, he haven't spoke two words to her and she made up her mind to reject him soon. William left the party earlier than usual because her presence was too much. He knew she was observing him, he wanted to prove her wrong if she thought he would be an unworthy mate. The women there wasn't appealing to him after he saw her, she was what he wanted.

"Is there something wrong with me? Bella I swear I didn't say a word to her nor was I in some compromising position." The more he thought back to the moment in the office the pain flowed back in ten times stronger. Tears flowed down his cheek as he remembered how her blonde hair moved with her, her creamy white skin, eyes that would make a man lost for eternity and lips that begged to be kissed.

"On a lighter note, Jacob and Jasmine are doing great. Promised that I would watch over them didn't I? R.J is wonderful with Jaz and Jacob is happy once again. Last time I saw him so head over heels for a woman was you. God, you two were so nauseating." Annabella's smiling face stared back at him for some reason speaking to her out loud made him feel better. She was his best friend. The irony of it all both her and Jacob are his best friends but it was only her that knew of him being a wolf.

It still haunt him how she found out and it still confused him why she was on the other side of town when she died. He wished he could of turn back the hands of time to save her but as the Goddess said it was bound to happen. Jacob and R.J had to meet.

The loud ringing of his phone dispersed his morbid thoughts, this time he did answer because it was Jacob's ringtone.

"Hey-" he started to say but was cut off by his friend's sharp tone.

"Lexi was right. I believed Renae was the one but she came up with this shit. Dude. Fuck." Jacob spat out.

"Jacob where are you?" The unmistakable sound of a car engine was loud in his ears and the low music of the radio in the background.

"On my way home. On the main road now. I-I couldn't stay. Things are just so fucking confusing and messed up. I trusted her with my heart my daughter." he began to rant. William didn't miss a beat as he grabbed his car keys and ran out the door to his car.

"I'm on my way over. Just be careful." he said hanging up the phone.

'I don't think we will like to know what happened.' his wolf said uneasily.

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