The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 21

Tears that he vowed never to shed again rolled silently down his cheek as he took the last turn onto the main road. The radio was now off as his breathing and his daughter's soft snores filled the car. He couldn't stop thinking of her, his heart ached for her even though it was his choice to leave. He had to, he couldn't believe she would make up such story to push him away. "Everything is fine" he mumbled to himself while shaking his head.

Her pleading cries filled his head, her face filled with loss and pain nearly was fused in his mindset a sob escaped him that sounded very loud in the car. "It's for the best. Make believe and reality don't mix. Lies is something I can live without"

'But can you live without her?'

The voice was back, "Go away" he grounded out gripping the steering wheel tighter as he drove through the gates of Malvain Estate.

'I'm part of who you truly are. I can't go away.'

"Shut up" he shouted in anger hitting the wheel hard. He quickly parked outside his house and exited the confines quickly slamming the door in the process.

"I can't do this right now. Stop talking. You are not real." he grumbled pacing the street and tugging at his hair. The headache that disappeared a while ago came back in full force. "Shit"

"Daddy?" Jasmine ambled out of the car awkwardly looking around her surroundings. "Why are we back home? Where is Renae?" she asked confused.

He didn't know what to say, the disappointed gleam in her eyes rendered him speechless. Making a move towards her, bright headlights shone in their faces then the slamming of a car door.

"What's wrong? Why are you here?" William wasted no time in asking question and taking his niece in his arms, keeping his eyes on their surroundings.

"I.... Renae.... It's just that..... and this voice....dammit." Jacob was fighting to get all the words out but the headache and what he has been through for the night wasn't making it easy for him.

Hearing how frustrated he was and the mention of a voice got William moving, "How bout we take this inside. Get Jaz back to bed and talk it out."

"Whatever. " Jacob snarled getting the bags from the car and stormed into the house.

"Is daddy okay?" Jasmine asked. William stayed still and honed into the night sounds around the house. Crickets, owls then the crunching of leaves. "Shhhh" he said to her. Malvain residents loved their privacy , Jacob's neighbors were more than ten feet away which was very fortunate that night because they would freak to witness the sight before. Tiffany and Shane along with four wolves approached them , from the looks on their faces whatever Jacob had to tell him was going to be bad.

"Darius" Jasmine squealed fighting to be let free.

"Jaz" he hissed looking between her and the front door of the house. Jasmine was now hugging the brown and grey wolf as he nuzzled his snout into her neck then tummy. Thanks to her face being nestled in the wolf's fur her giggles were muffled.

"Your charge is unstable so R.J's pack and mine also Red Wolf have banded together to watch over him. The two had a rough night and on behalf of R.J..... " Shane started then stopped swallowing a lump in his throat. For the Alpha it hurt him badly to see his friend in her present depressed state.

"Please. Please help him see that this is where he belongs. With us. With you. With R.J" Tiffany finished. William nodded getting the gist of what happened then he turned to his niece. The child was fearless but he expected screams of terror of seeing large wolves like the ones before them. "Jazzy how do you know this wolf?" he asked going to her.

"I met him today. This is the twins' big brother, Darius." she said smiling from ear to ear. Her smile was infectious causing everyone to smile. "Well that's one down another one to go." he said picking her up.

"Thanks for the heads up. I will spend the night."

Shane and Tiffany nodded in agreement then disappeared with the four wolves. "You young lady have to keep this a secret from daddy. " he said to his niece. She pouted at his request, "I will show you my wolf if you keep this secret." he whispered as they walked through the front door. She nodded her head in excitement and hugged him tightly.
Jacob was no where in sight which got William a bit antsy. "Jacob?" He looked in the kitchen, the tv room and the dining area as he was about to check the last hallway he saw the light in the office on. Releasing a relieved sigh he set Jasmine down, "Hey princess I need you to go upstairs to your room while I talk to daddy."

She began to walk away then stopped, "Uncle Billy. Is daddy and Renae fighting?" she asked. Glancing at the closed office door he nodded his head yes.

"Does that mean she won't be my new mommy?"

William looked at the little girl who never really saw or remembered her mother, how wonderful she was and now she found a maternal bond with a woman who her father just pushed away. "Renae would be your new mommy. I promise." he said firmly. Jasmine deserved a mother and he would make sure his best friend don't go and screw things up more. "Thanks Uncle Billy" she said before running up the stairs.

He didn't bother knocking because it will go unanswered, as expected his friend sat on the leather sofa with a bottle of Vodka in his hand with his focus on the double glass door leading to the backyard. William sniffed the air and cursed in his head, the scent of a Kaiser wolf. Cinnamon and fresh earth. His wolf was near. He felt the dominant aura he gave off which Jacob was unaware of. William sat at the edge of the desk and waited.

It took a few more minutes of silence before Jacob spoke.

"When I first met her I thought it was too good to be true. If a gorgeous and successful woman comes up and kiss the hell out of you won't be suspicious?" William simply shrugged.

"Well I was, an inkling though. Every time we touched or kissed it felt so surreal, she was surreal. I thought that she was the one, I would give her my all. Be honest. Open. Trustworthy. Then for her to be a fucking loon just because she wanted to get rid of me" All his words were bitter, his eyes glazed over from the alcohol, he took another swig and let out a humorless laugh.

"Dude you're so gonna laugh when you hear the crap she fed me." he laughed standing up. 'Just roll with it.' William's wolf said.

"Apparently her mother told her of soulmates when she was a kid and at 16 she was to meet her 'one true love' but that shit didn't happen. When she met me it turned out that I am her 'one true love'; she thanked the Moon Goddess for me. Do you know who is the Moon Goddess?"

William laughed nervously and shook his head no. "She's the mother of all werewolves. They call her Mother or Goddess apparently she saved them from chaos and darkness." he continued with an intoxicated laugh. William joined in with an uncertain one running his fingers through his hair. "Take note all beautiful women are crazy. She then turned around and said that she was, no sorry, is a werewolf. A mythical being. A fucking alpha." Jacob laughed humorlessly while taking another swing of his drink.

His friend kept his eyes low as he though of ways to say, You know she's telling the truth right?

"Why aren't you laughing? It's crazy right?!" Jacob asked after realizing his best friend was laughing as he expected. The room was quiet, the tension was thick.

'Anytime now. Just jump right in, Mr Royal Guard'

'Not now Grayson' William snapped.

"Remember when we were younger back in Germany how my parents and yours were very watchful over you?" he started.

"What does that have to do with what I told you?" Jacob snapped.

"Do you also remember how you weren't allowed over to my side of the village? Your father have been very careful all these years wanting you to live a normal life. A life normal humanly possible just like your older brothers. I always wondered why they always made sure to keep you happy and unbothered. I thought it was because of your disability but my father told me the true reason on my 12th birthday...."

"Why?" Jacob asked intrigued as to why his happy go lucky friend was now serious and tensed. William looked at him weighing his options in telling his friend the truth. 1. He can become angry because of the secret and go into an early shift or 2. Be quietly disappointed and cut their friendship. 'Either way it's time. We can't avoid this any longer.' Grayson interjected. Taking a deep breath he steeled his shoulder and held the gaze of Jacob.

"They did it all to keep the werewolf gene you inherited from your father stagnant. Being around our family would bring forth your wolf. We know it was mighty selfish of us to keep this from you but it was all agreed. Your father had a hard time being a half-breed and didn't want that to be added to your already tough adjustment. They all thought the gene ended with your dad then surprise you came along. Guess Mother have plans for you" he explained ending with a nervous laugh.

Jacob said nothing, he was trying to understand it all for his best friend to back up Renae it must be the truth. He was still skeptical of it all. His father was mentioned and their undivided attention was more than they gave his brothers. Even they were giving the best big brother ever love through out the years. " You said we. That means...." he said still trying to come to terms with all. The vodka in his hand was forgotten as he gave William his full attention.

"Yup. I'm what you call a pure bred werewolf. Your Royal body guard at your service sir" William answered in a light voice and gave him a slight bow.


"Oh yeah. Other big news. You're practically Royalty in this world dude."

Jacob looked at the Vodka in his hand and walked over to the mini bar, "I'm werewolf Royalty." he muttered searching for something stronger than the Vodka.

"And Renae is your chosen mate from the Goddess."

"Renae" Jacob breathed out pausing in opening the bottle of Jack Daniel. 'Now would you listen to me. I'm your given wolf. Name is Markell.' the voice in his head spoke.

"Markell" Jacob parroted. It was a lot to take in from Renae's confession to the clarity William just gave him.

"Markell? I guess your wolf just formally introduced himself to you. Your first shift may or may not happen but that's for another day." William calmly stated walking over to his friend. Dark circles were under his eyes and his body was filled with tension.

"So much I didn't know, that was kept from me. Oh God, Renae. I hurt her so bad. You should of seen her face. Fuck." Regret was heard in his voice and was written on his face, for the first time since Annabella's death William witnessed his friend broke down before him. Jacob fell to his knees and held his head in his hands. "I lost her. Even If I go back to her she won't take me back." he cried.

'Our mate understands it all. Just give it all time.' Markell comforted him.

"Look dude, it's late. Why don't you get some sleep tomorrow is another day."

Nodding his head absentmindedly he allowed William to guide him to his room, "Oh and by the way. No pressure. Your parents and mine would be here soon." his friend said with a cheeky grin. Jacob was too burned out to even tell him a few choice words so he simply shut the door in his face.

As William made his way to check on Jasmine he felt light one part of his worries were over. The other part, the situation of his mate, he already knew the end result. It's either he find her and get it over with or they both live in misery, ignorant of their bond. Nearing the little girl's room, the scent from a wolf tickled his nose, he wasn't alarmed as it was one of Black Heart's wolf. Opening the door the sight before him brought a smile to his face, Jasmine had on her purple tutu over her pjs with her Sofia and Jasmine dolls in her hand asleep on a grey wolf. The wolf stirred opening his eyes watching William closely as he turned down his little miss' bed.

"You must be Frankie." William stated while lifting Jasmine in his arms. The wolf nodded and watched his every step and movement as he placed Jasmine under the covers. They both watched her sleep, her little fingers twitching then a smile made its way to her face. "Do you ever have bad dreams princess?" William whispered before kissing her head. Frankie made his way over to her and crawled unto the bed, getting himself comfortable.

"You took the role as her champion huh?"

Frankie simply huffed in response and licked the hand of his little miss. Since the first day he saw her, he made the oath to the Goddess for some unknown reason he knew she would need him.

"Thank you" was all William said leaving the warrior to watch over his charge.

'There's a reason for everything.' Grayson said as he shifted upon his human's request.

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