The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 24

Their stares and sympathetic looks were like boulders on his shoulders for the whole day. Meeting after meeting was a struggle, his mood began to worsen since he stepped in the building. His co-workers were all still friendly and cordial to him but their eyes sold them out. It was pretty easy for him to pin point the wolves from the humans. The humans wore worried looks in their still gazes while the wolves among him showed sympathy and pure concern, their eyes flashed to the color of their wolves as they subtly bowed their heads to him. His friend told him to expect that because of his mate bond with Renae but now it gotten way past that. As his wolf told him last night protection for him and Jasmine would be every where and anywhere for him to brace himself on feeling watched. He was uneasy with it but said nothing.

During the lunch hour he caught himself texting Renae inviting her to lunch outside the building but his fingers froze over the send button. He decided against it remembering what he asked of her last night.

'Which was utterly stupid. You want normal? You never were normal Jacob. You need to see that. What we are suppose to be doing is damage control. Get Renae to forgive you and continue the happy mate bond.' Markell voiced.

'It's not that easy.' was all Jacob said before shutting his wolf out.

"Mr. Kaiser. You have one more meeting for the day do you need anything before I leave sir?" his Assistant asked over the intercom.

"No. I'm fine." he answered gruffly. He didn't receive a reply and was glad that she didn't, conversing was the hardest. His last meeting took thirty minutes, the fastest all day. Walking his client out it was then he noticed everyone left it was near four, security guards patrolled up and down the floor they paid him no mind in which he was grateful for. Jacob made it back to his office and locked himself in. Feeling uncomfortable he got rid of his jacket and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt. For some reason his body felt heated though no one was around to annoy him he felt irritable. Through out his meeting he hid it all well and practically thanked the heavens the woman was straight forward.

"What is happening to me?" he asked out loud feeling the familiar headache coming on. His wolf didn't answer. He rushed to the suite and quickly splashed his face with cold water then soaking his head under the faucet not caring for his shirt. Clutching onto both sides of the sink, he looked at his reflection in the mirror, pain resonating from his head coursed through his body he yelled out in pain maintaining his grip on the sink. His eyes turned from blue to amber.

'You can't fight this anymore Jacob. We both need her. Our mate is the only woman to comfort us, help with what you're going through. STOP BEING DIFFICULT. You are not the first half breed. In respect to our mate I am not forcing myself for a premature shift. I'm doing this to show you who you really are. FIND OUR MATE.' Markell's voice was loud and stern in his head, the wolf was angry. He understood that he was kept in the dark but his human was pushing away people who wanted to help him. He was pushing away the woman who was made for him.

"T-This isn't easy. Everyone is telling me I'm a whole other person or thing.... I don't even know what to call myself. How do I adjust from a human to an unknown wolf prince. Just how?" Jacob ranted trying to catch his breath. His chest felt tighter, it felt as someone grabbed hold of his lungs and was slowly twisting them.

'By actually listening. ' was all his wolf said before retreating. Jacob release a sigh of relief as the amber in his eyes faded back to his blue.

His drive home was spent thinking over everything that has been said, everything that has been done. Facts and what was expected of him came up to gibberish in his head, do they expect him to just jump into it all? Werewolves and Vampires were always Hollywood's little made up characters to get more viewers and scare them shit-less. Jacob thought of himself as a realistic person, the presence of mythical beings have never crossed his mind. So how can he forget his outlook on the world to accept this new world he was told that he belonged in. It all had him in a foul mood, all he wanted was to be left alone. He wanted to actually make a decision for himself but what if the decision to forget it all makes him lose the opportunity of happiness. On the other hand if he does accept it all is he ready to live this new life? Be a werewolf? Be a leader of a pack of wolves? How does that work out for a human. The upside of it all for him was having Renae. That's if she would have him.

Being caught up in his own thoughts, he reached home in a daze not noticing his daughter running towards him with the brightest smile on her face. Jasmine paused, taking notice of the frown on his face and the irritated look in his eyes. "Hi daddy. Look what I made today" she said out loud hoping she would get a smile from him.

"That's nice sweetie. Why don't you go to your aunt for dinner." he simply said turning to his office missing the disappointed look on her face.

"Hey you're home. Let me take those for you." Lexi said with every ounce of cheerfulness in her smile and steps. She was literally bouncing on her toes. Jasmine looked on from afar as her aunt took his jacket but was denied possession of his messenger bag. "Dinner would be ready soon. Don't be late." she said quickly, brushing off his brash behavior. She reached up and kissed his cheek but in return he looked at her harshly.

"Don't you ever do that again" he snapped.

Jasmine gasped and backed away slowly. That wasn't her father's voice. It was deeper and filled with anger. Lexi didn't looked bothered by his tone and simply shrugged her shoulders and left him be. With a slam of the office door, her father disappeared. "Don't mind your daddy. Probably a rough day at that awful place." her aunt said crouching before her.

"Why did you kiss my daddy?" Jasmine asked boldly. Lexi was mildly shocked by the question then smiled slyly.

"Because I'm going to be your new mommy princess." she answered making an attempt to touch Jasmine's cheek but the little girl pulled away.

"No you're not. Renae would be my new mommy. Daddy loves Renae. Not you." she spat.

"Oh sweetie. Daddy was confused. He told me he made a mistake with Renae and he feels very bad for introducing her to you now you're confused also. Why do you think he's in a bad mood. He doesn't like his new job either."

Jasmine's face contorted in anger, "YOU'RE LYING. YOU ARE NOT MY MOMMY." she yelled to Lexi's face running away from the woman she no longer could stand. In the safety of her room behind locked doors she pressed the button for the only other person she can trust and will help her daddy. Something was wrong with him and her aunt were telling cruel lies.

"Wie geht es ihm? Ist seine Wolf Auftauchen wirklich?" (How is he? Is his wolf really surfacing?)

The worried voice of Jacob's father was hard to bare for William. Since Renae and himself revealed everything to his friend, his family have been worried non stop. Calls came through from their homeland every single day. Though they are making the impromptu trip to America to see for themselves that he understands it all they couldn't help but think the worse. They knew how unmoved their youngest son was, the most stubborn and not easily deterred one of the three.

"In den letzten Tagen hat sein Wolf seine Stärke und sein instabiles Temperament mit ihm geteilt. Ich bin auf meinem Weg nach ihm zu sehen und ihn zu beobachten." (His wolf has been sharing his strength and uneven temper with him these past few days. I'm on my way to check on him and keep watch.) he replied.

Voices of worry and solutions for expected situations came all at once, Frederick Kaiser had him on speaker. William pin-pointed every voice though they were miles away. Jacob's human mother and his two older brothers, in the mix were his own parents. They all spoke in unison the mixture of German, English and French was something he missed about being around them.

"Vous devez le garder calme jusqu'à ce que son compagnon et se résoudre ce petit naissain. Ne pas le mettre en colère William. Son loup est impatient d'être libre après toutes ces années." (You need to keep him calm till his mate and himself resolve this little spat. Do not anger him William. His wolf is itching to be free after all these years.) William's father a french native spoke rapidly. Hoping his son could do this on his own, they were all worried in sending Jacob so far then William following. Parental worry doubled when the news of Jacob falling in love, they wondered if she was his mate? Was she human? Was she a vampire? Worry decreased when it was confirmed she was human and not his mate. They were all warned by other members of Lucian's Sentinels that Jacob being the last bloodline of Prince Malcolm that his growth may be different from the others. The wolf genes in the other descendants died by the mating of humans along the way. It was a big question of 'HOW?' How did the gene skip two sons of Frederick and landed on the third. The elders who knew of Lucian's men couldn't answer.

"Vous connaissez Jacob père. Premier acte, puis voir la clarté mais je ferais de mon mieux pour le garder calme." (You know Jacob father. Act first then see clarity but I would do my best to keep him calm.) he answered with a slight chuckle. His happy demeanor faded when he noticed a familiar car in Jacob's driveway.

"What the fuck is she doing here?" he cursed parking behind Jacob's van.

"Qui est-il fils?" (Who is it son?) Phillipe Everhart asked a bit taken a back by his son's immediate anger.

"The only woman who I hated around Jacob." he spat out putting his car in park harshly and hurriedly taking his phone out of the dock.

"Das Lexi Mädchen?" (That Lexi girl?) Jacob's mother shouted.

"Ouais. Quand elle a claqué la porte, je pensais que ce serait la dernière de son. Mère a fait un travail bâclé avec mes prières." (Yeah. When she stormed out I thought that would be the last of her. Mother did a sloppy job with my prayers.) William replied ending his call as he made his way into the house.

Her scent hit him like a hurricane it was all over the house, seems like she was there long but it was off. Something was wrong with her scent as a human, something was added. "Hey everyone. What's for dinner?" he called out being his happy go lucky self. On cue out came the woman whom he wish would just take a hint.

"William. What are you doing here? Jakey didn't tell me you would be over." she said in a nauseating happy voice.

"Jakey? 1. Why are you calling him Jakey? 2. I don't need an invite to visit my best friend. 3. Where is he and Jaz?"

She folded her arms and gave him a disgusted look. "I knew for a long time you never liked me nor thought me good enough for him. Jakey and I are together now....." she began. William didn't allow her to finish, red was all he saw as he pushed pass her and made a beeline for Jacob's office. "Where do you think you going? He needs his alone time." she called out following him.

"Retour le foutre." (Back the fuck off.) he spat. Though she didn't understand what he said she definitely felt his anger, clenching her fist reigning in her own anger she stopped. Glancing at her one last time he opened the office door and slammed it shut.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Jacob spat out a bit startled.

"I should be asking you that Jakey" William mocked.

"What? Why the hell are you calling me that?"

"How can you be so heartless? I thought you were near clarity. I haven't been around for two days at least and you did this shit. Do you know what would happen to her? To you? And with that bitch? I warned you Jacob since college. I warned you about her."

Jacob came from behind his desk and went before William, "You better tell me what the fuck you gabbing about before I throw you out for this shit."

"You? You would throw me out?" William asked in disbelief.

"If I must." Jacob retorted. They held each others stares a while none moving a muscle before William asked his question, "Where's Renae, Jacob."

No answer. The hold his friend had was broken, his eyes darted all over the room but didn't meet William's once more. Taking a deep breath, he held onto Jacob's shoulder putting pressure on it and asked again, " Where. Is. Renae."

"I don't know." he answered with defeat.

"Please. Jacob. Please don't tell me you rejected her." William pleaded. He was now holding both of his friend's shoulders trying not to get worked up.

"I fucked up really bad Will." was all Jacob said before breaking down. He fell to his knees, clutching at his hair. He started to blubber a whole lot of mess, William looked down at him, the word research reached his ears from the rambling so he turned to the large desk. Laptop was open, printed papers and a large leather bound book. The book was similar to White Blood's. It was the origin of every wolf in their pack. Lexi's name came up next bringing his attention back to his vulnerable looking friend. "What? What did you do with Lexi?" he asked pulling him up from the floor.

"I..I kissed her." he cried out. The signs of regret and guilt were in his eyes.

"Dude. No." William didn't want to believe him, he prayed that he heard wrong. Jacob's eyes were enough truth for him. He stepped away from his best friend in shock and in disgust, "No matter what, another woman is never the answer when it comes to your mate."

"Will....I... I'm.... Dammit. Somehow Renae found out she had a picture to prove it. I-I freaked out. My mind was so messed up, it all was too much and I told her that what we had was over. I just wanted to be left alone. No wolves. No mate. What broke through was when she agreed to leave me alone."

In the blink of an eye William had his best friend up against the wall by his collar, Grayson surfaced growling at Jacob. "You basically rejected her. By the kiss. By the separation. Do you know what the fuck you have done to one of the strongest Alphas under the crown? Do you know what you have done to the woman herself on a whole? You weaken your mate bond." he growled.

Jacob didn't like the position he was in, he held onto William's wrist trying to free himself, he was calling on his wolf but Markell ignored him.

"Do you know how many wolves wish for a chance like yours? How long they waited? Then for their mate to betray them like that." William was no longer present Grayson was in charge as tears of sadness rolled down his face, taking note of their own predicament with their mate.

"William." Jacob gasped.

A door opened distracting them, "Drop him." was all the unexpected visitor said. On command William did bowing his head and stepping away. The person then turned to Jacob who sat frozen to the ground looking at the person above him.

Renae took in the appearance of her mate but harden herself, " I do not want that woman near my daughter or you ever again. Jasmine is mine. You. Are. Mine."

Author's note: FYI Dialogue in French and German are from Google Translate.

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