The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 25

Jacob and Renae said nothing to each other, one was too surprised to speak while the other was angry at what she has just been told. Forgetting the broken ties between herself and Jacob she rushed over to his residence when Frankie notified her of Jasmine's distress call. Approaching the house they picked up the foreign scent, the opening of Jasmine's window and her tear-streaked face put them in action, no questions asked.

Her little girl told her everything, she felt somewhat relieved when she heard Jacob reprimanded Lexi like a child when she kissed him but her anger flared after the lies Jasmine was told. Though Jacob asked for space till he come to terms with everything, no one can deny how they felt about each other.

'She left ma'am. We are tracking her now.' one of her men reported.

She turned to William, "Come." was all she said going towards the door. In the hall she shifted into her wolf, taking in Lexi's scent, putting it to memory. Beside the unmistakable scent of a human something else was there, it was nagging at Renae's mind. Denial was there at first then the question of how and why came into play. She visited every room she has been in, they both noticed the front door open, things were left undone in the kitchen a chair was over turned and the stove was still on.

"Someone left in a hurry."William sneered before stopping mid step. Renae did too. Lexi's scent was more prominent, they both figured out why it was so familiar and weird for a human. William quickly shifted into his wolf and ran back to Jacob while Renae called out to Frankie and her men.

'Stay with Jasmine, don't let her out of your sight.'

'I won't ma'am' Frankie returned.

'Be on alert. The human girl is now a changling. I want her exact whereabouts. Notify Golden Wolf.' she ordered positioning herself in the middle of the hallway, a wide view of all entryways. It wasn't long before William joined her. Minutes passed on high alert, waiting for a report on Lexi, waiting on any other changling around the territory. Minutes turned to hours of silence and being on guard, thinking of strategy plans to escape if there was to be an attack.

'No confirmation on changling's whereabouts. Scent ended by the highway, she is no longer in our borders.' was the report she didn't want to hear. She let out a sharp bark and turned for the stairs. Looking over her shoulder she motioned William to stand down, he nodded and sat on his hind legs tilting his head slightly with expectation. Renae huffed playfully and made her way upstairs.

'We are in the last spare room.' Frankie relayed to her, sensing her presence near. Her heart thundered as she near the door, gone was the anger and moment of defense, now walking towards the room was a woman facing the man who held her heart. She pawed at the door and waited.

"All good?" he asked opening the door. She shook her head no but he knew what she was getting at, he walked back in the room and gathered a sleeping Jasmine in his arms and left. Standing by the door, she took notice of Jacob standing nervously by the night stand. He was looking everywhere but her.

'Is he afraid of us?' Kara asked sadly.

Renae made a step towards him slowly with her head low, a sense of relief flowed through her body as his movements became less tense. She sat before him hoping he would make the first move. His eyes shifted from blue to amber, with Markell in control they were now seated before her. "Hi there my love." he said softly reaching out to her. His fingers ran through her fur, she growled in satisfaction resting her head on his lap.

"I missed you so much." he said softly, kissing her head. Renae whimpered and nuzzled her head into his stomach. Having Markell show them this kind of affection was a dream come true but they both wished it was Jacob. He stretched over to the bed, pulling the blanket off and covering her body with it. "Shift for me. I need to feel your arms around me."

Renae and Kara had to remind themselves that this was Markell their wolf mate not Jacob. They were happy his wolf accepted them but him as the human have to be accepting also if not they both would be at war constantly. Wanting to please their mate Kara allowed Renae back to her human form. Dark blonde hair tumbled over her shoulders, falling over her face. She clutched the blanket tightly looking at him through her mass of hair.

"You're so beautiful." he said softly brushing her hair away from her face. Renae closed her eyes relishing the feel of his skin against hers, she felt him wrap his arms around her blanket covered body pulling her to his chest. Markell felt her body became rigid.. "Shhhh. It's just me. Markell. Everything thing is going to be fine. I promise." he comforted burying his nose in her hair.

"How is he?" she whispered. His hold tighten on her then she felt his lips against her neck. "Getting there. We got your book. Sneaky wolf you are."

Renae giggled as he nibbled her ear playfully, "I thought it would speed up things. I missed you both and Jasmine so much. Thank you for not giving up on him Markell. I couldn't bare losing both of you."

"I've waited long enough to have you in my arms. I wouldn't dare mess that up."

They stayed in a comfortable silence, him gently caressing her back as she listened to the thundering of his heart. 'This is where we belong. Can you feel it? Can you feel the love she speaks in her words, her touch even her presence. This is why we are given mates, to even us out as some may say. Allow her in Jacob.' Markell said to his human.

'You're right! To be honest I am scared of it all. The book helped, great thinking on her part but I'm scared that I will mess up as a mate, a leader. Before all I had to worry about is not messing up as a father now two more things not to mess up.'

'You're not doing it alone. I will be here. She will be here. Like she has been for past few days. She won't give up on you.' Markell reassured him as he kissed his mate's head one more time.

'She proved that in so many ways and I repaid her by causing her pain.' Jacob said as his body racked in guilt.

Markell nudged Renae for her to look at him, her eyes were filled with fear and love, a combination that should never be in any woman's eyes. Slowly he lowered his lips to hers, 'You saw it. It's up to you to erase that fear.' Markell told Jacob as he gently pressed his lips against her soft ones. Neither of them moved for a moment then slowly they sought out each other. Pushing and pulling with gentle force savoring each touch, telling each other a piece of their heart.

'I promise.' Jacob said with purpose as his wolf retreated giving him full control of the woman in his arms. As her arms made their way around his neck, the blanket fell away, Jacob's hands tingled as he touched her bare skin. It was a jolt to his system, a recollection of how things were before. He clutched onto her, his kisses became dominant as he followed the curve of her body with his hand. Lowering her onto the blanket, hovering over her, he paused. He wanted her to see it was him and not Markell.

Renae opened her eyes slowly wanting to ask why he stopped but she didn't expect to see those blue eyes that always have her in a hold. Jacob smiled down at her his eyes welling up with tears just as hers did the same. With a trembling hand she cupped his cheek, embracing the buzz that flowed through her body, he leaned more into her touch closing his eyes. Tears flowed down his cheek as he kissed her palm.

"I am so sorry baby. I would make it all up to you. Prove to you how much you mean to me. I don't deserve you, I'm sorry for hurting you Renae. Sorry for everything. Please forgive me."

Renae didn't answer, she simply pulled him into her arms claiming his lips, they both fought for dominance touching every inch of each others body. Her heart was filled with joy as he released a lustful growl against her lips, she chuckled knowing that both Jacob and his wolf were getting along now and they chose the perfect timing.

"What are you laughing at? It felt like years I haven't touched you." he said lowly as he pressed his erection against her bare core. A loud moan escaped her lips, arching her back as he moved from her lips to her neck caressing her breasts. Jacob found it simply satisfying hearing her moans of pleasure, he wanted to hear more. He removed his lips from her neck and attached hit to puckered nipple, Renae gasped for air holding his head on her breast, arching for more.

He balanced himself on his knees, removing his shirt he wanted to feel her smooth against his. Laying down on her, mindful of not putting all of his weight on her, he shivered as their skin touched. She slowly ran her fingers over his muscled back loving how it tensed at her soft touch. They said nothing to each other as they gazed into each others eyes, gifting each other with random kisses and loving smiles.

"I don't want this moment to end, I just got you back but your safety comes first." she said tugging at his hair. He groaned burying his face in her neck, "I don't want this to end too but I know you wouldn't brush it aside." He jumped up to his feet and looked down at her,unconsciously he held his harden manhood and groaned loudly. His gaze swept from her tangled blonde hair over her soft breasts, toned stomach, luscious core and clean shaven core. "God have mercy on me" he bit out closing his eyes. He heard her chuckling as she stood up coming closer to him. Her scent drove him crazy, out of habit he held her close before they retreated to his room.

Getting Renae properly dressed, they checked in on Jasmine who was still asleep with Frankie sleeping on a cot beside her bed. Making their way down they heard someone speaking fluent french in the kitchen, "William." was all Jacob said before leading her in. His friend paused conversation taking in the changed demeanor s of the two along with the smiles and holding of hands.

"Tout va bien avec les deux." (All is well with the two.) he told his father with big grin. Holding the phone between his shoulder and head he took out a large pizza from the oven. Jacob took note of the now empty pots in the sink deciding to ask of that another time. They waited for William to settle their late dinner and to end the call.

"Good. So how are we tonight?" he asked sitting before them sharing the pizza. "A great start. We got a lot to work on but we are great." Jacob said kissing Renae's temple.

"Thank heavens because I was really close in beating your ass if what that bitch said was true."

Renae growled lowly at William's statement, "What did she actually say?" Jacob asked aware of his mate's distaste for their present conversation.

"She said you two were together, started calling you Jakey...."

"She told Jaz that the both of you were together. I was a mistake, you hated your job hence your bad mood. Last but not least that she was Jaz's new mommy." Renae continue tearing at the pizza in her hands.

"What the fuck" Jacob exclaimed.

"Uh huh. Told you about her the first day I saw her. Remember. You introduced me to Anna and her. Caught her looking at you like the greatest specimen the Goddess have produced." William commented stuffing his face with two slices.

"Well we know she have a major crush on Jacob the next question is how did she become a changeling? She can't just be randomly picked. What are the odds that she shows back up after what two weeks or so, not to mention after the four that were intercepted." Renae put in getting rather annoyed of the woman she haven't met.

"Wait what are changelings and four? when?"

William and Renae looked at each then Jacob who was confused as hell. His mate kissed his cheek and kept his gaze, " I stationed guards from the day I met you to protect you and Jazzy. Being my mate comes with unwanted attention, a lot of rogues or rival Alphas would just love to see Black Heart go down. The best way to do that is to hurt you. " she started. Jacob's eyes soften as he took in how her mood changed. "I can't let that happen. I won't let anyone get to you. Someone sent changelings to you the night before the party. My friend Shane Alpha of this territory notified me. I have never been so scared in my life baby. I was so relieved that they caught them in time. Changelings are humans that are illegally changed into werewolves. It's a risk when our venom enters a human it's a 50/50 chance that they survive. Lexi was lucky I guess. They are aggressive, unstable and can easily taught to kill. Lexi can't be near you and Jaz. Her focus is solely on you and this person knows this. They would fuel her fire, she would do anything to get at you. I won't let that happen."

"I know you won't. What do you suggest we do?" Jacob said holding her hand tightly.

"Move in with your mate into Black Heart Territory."

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