The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 26

Screams echoed throughout the bare room. The sound of silver chains hitting against fresh wounded flesh were mixed in beautifully to him as he stood leaned against the wall watching it all. To him it was art, the blood that stained her now ripped blouse on her back. The way how she pulled at the silver shackles clasped around her wrists and ankles. The item of his choice was a silver chained cat o' nine tails, with each stroke her skin would burn and keep on burning with the wound staying open as another stroke hit her back. The scent of blood filled the air, tears of agony rolled down her face he walked around and crouched before her as one of his loyal men whipped her some more.

"Am I pleased with your lustful actions tonight?" he asked.

Crying out again as the chains bit into her skin she answered through the pain, "No. Sir."

"Your fucking infatuation for this 'human' put a dent in my plan. What was so hard in simply taking him and the kid out."

"I....I'm. I'm sorry sir." Lexi couldn't stay alert no longer, her body felt weak and she no longer heard the new addition in her head.

"Sorry? You're sorry. Knowing the little bitch she probably has eyes on your whereabouts. They already have watchdogs on her pathetic new family, now because of your slip up I know she would step it up a notch." His anger rolled off in waves as he shouted in her face, his eyes were dark giving off a dangerous aura. He slapped her face harshly then held her face tightly by her chin. Lexi fought to keep her eyes open, watching the man who explained that he was her Alpha, the boss when she regain consciousness a few weeks ago.

"From now on you follow my rules. Forget about that human. He's no longer yours, he never was. You're so fucking pathetic. I know what you did the first time." he spat.

A pained gasp escaped her dry lips questioning her self as to how he found out about it. No one knew nor did she tell anyone. "I know everything. Get it into your head. R.J Macallister has the love of your life in the palm of her hands and you would never have him as yours. " he continued letting go of her face. Her wounded and weak body fell to the cold white tiles, she couldn't move a muscle her cries caused pain through out her body. Cold air hit her wounds, shivers ran down her spine blood can be felt as it trickled out the cuts the silver chains left on her back.

"It would take a while for you to heal. Your wolf is still young and as you know silver is not to good to our kind. Let's hope you survive." he sneered kicking her in the ribs. The vibration of his steps and the sound of his boots were loud to her ears as he left the room, the thoughts in her head were of her near death. She couldn't move, the darkness was near and her breathing was extremely labored. Strong hands grabbed her roughly, dragging her out of the 'correctional room' they all called it. The path they took was familiar, they were taking her back to her cell. With the same etiquette they threw her in not caring that she landed on her back.

"Good luck. You gonna need it kid." one said snidely before slamming the heavy door shut.

Lexi laid on the floor in pain with anger in her body, "You're wrong Alpha. I will have Jacob and no spoiled bitch is going to stop me." she said out loud weakly. Taking one last deep breath the darkness took over.

"What's the damage?" he asked slamming open the door of their control room.

"R.J's men tracked the her 10 miles away from HQ. She was able to trigger the coverups to lose them. Our eyes around Golden Wolf reported a heavy presence of wolves around the human's house. Outside wolves were scented coming in from our vantage point." His beta reported.

"Just as I said. Stupid bitch. Gotta speed up the plan now."

"Sir. We have them all at one place we can simply attack now." Brandon has been the first changeling and has earned the title of Beta easily. His hatred for his once human kind was unbelievable, he knew of wolves, his wife was a purebred werewolf who was killed by a hunter back in their hometown years ago.

"Though we have a lot of newbies they are still no match all three dominant packs plus their allies. stick to the plan. Weak Alpha. Vulnerable pack."

"So what do we do now sir?" Brandon asked with arms folded while looking at some video footage in the lab.

"Hit them where it hurt most." the alpha said smiling. Brandon chuckled and pulled up the folder made on the main people in the plan.

"I would love to see her get out of this one."

The sound of the door bell cut through her call harshly. Charlotte released a long sigh and ignored the bell but it went off three more times impatiently. "I will get your new designs to the printers soon and I'm very pleased that you loved them. Talk to you soon, Mr Zalis." she said with a smile before hanging up the phone. She decided to take the day at home amidst of everything going on at the company and at the pack she needed to be alone.

Dropping everything she jumped up from her office chair causing it to slam against the wall, with hurried steps she reached the front door on the person's fifth try at the doorbell.

"What?" she spat out opening the door. She expected one of the warriors with a report or a simple pack member wanting her help. What she didn't expect were the warm brown eyes that kept sleep away from her and her wolf to go AWOL on her.

Her heart skipped a beat as she took notice of how his dress shirt was snug across his chest and arms, his sleeves were rolled up showing some of his ink on his forearm. Her eyes unabashedly trailed down to his lean waist where he wore dress pants very well. Her mate was the vision of a GQ model.

"What are you doing here?" she bit out remembering her life plan.

"Good morning to you too mate" William answered coldly. His tone matched his eyes, Charlotte flinched at his words, her wolf stirred at the sound of his voice mentioning the word mate.

She folded her arms and leaned against the door post, "Again I will ask, What are you doing here? Found me to cut the bond? Couldn't wait huh?"

William said nothing but kept his gaze on her. He couldn't believe how adamant she was to deny him, her mate. This was the woman he longed for, what did he do wrong.

"Well speak up." She snapped getting annoyed. Again he said nothing and pushed passed her and found the sitting area without any trouble."Hey!!! You can't just walk in here" she shouted after him.

He stood before the windows with hands clasped behind his back looking at her by the doorway. "What the fuck is your problem? "

"On agreement between myself William Everhart and Alpha R.J, her mate your next Alpha Jacob and his daughter Jasmine will be relocating to your present Alpha's home in less than 24 hours. I am notifying you of changes that are to be made for patrol and guard duty. My charge's parents would be arriving soon." he started cutting off whatever she was about to say. Charlotte paused looking at him in surprise, no one has ever been so forward and authoritative to her except R.J.

"You don't give...." She started stepping up to him angrily.

"I do and I can. Being a Royal guard I have authority over a Beta and whatever warriors below you. Only person I adhere to are the Alphas of each packs and present Royals, I may look weak and spineless to others but take note that's just great acting. As I was saying Beta Charlotte, here are the new strategies the alphas and I have came up with. Training schedule is also included. I expect you to be present at all training sessions as myself and my father would be handling it. R.J suggested I stay here at Black Heart but..." he continued then pausing on the last word to gauge her reaction to it all.

Charlotte visibly held her breath waiting for what he would say next, "I told her I would think about it. Pack wolves don't take kindly to outsiders." he finished while throwing a black folder on the coffee table. She kept her gaze on the folder hoping he didn't see nor ear the relieved sigh she released.

Silence enveloped them. William kept his eyes on her as she awkwardly stood before him trying not to give into her wolf's impulsive behavior.

"You can do it you know. If it would make things.... easier for you, you can do it. Now. I'm right here." he voiced out. It pained both him and Grayson to give her that option. Seeing her once more was what they dreaded all night after long discussions with the alphas. Bittersweet thoughts filled his head on seeing her again, they thought she would forget it all and be happy to see him on her doorstep. Accept them as hers but it was short lived by her greeting. Her dismissal of him spoke volumes him showing up didn't do anything. She simply didn't want him as her one and only.

Charlotte folded her arms and tilted her chin up with pure stubbornness. She wanted this. This was what she wanted right? Be successful with no-one's feelings to consider. Commitment wasn't her strongest forte, heck she didn't wait for a mate to show her love. She didn't need him then and she didn't need him now.

Squaring her shoulder she turned to him, taking one last look at him. His blonde hair was neatly styled and his dark beard was neatly trimmed, he was the epitome of perfection and he deserved better. He deserved a mate who would be at his beck and call, a woman who can be the perfect friend, wife, mate.

'That is us. Charlotte please I beg of you. William belongs to us. No one else.' her wolf begged.

'I have told you years ago I do not wish for a mate.' she snapped.

"I, Charlotte Lancaster...." she started. She paused when she saw him flinched and stepping back, his hands loose at his side. All of his hidden emotions were now on show but she ignored it all.

"I, Charlotte Lancaster hereby reject you William Everhart as my soulmate."

William took note of her accomplished smile, her cold eyes as his heart broke, Grayson was lost to it all while his human stood strong for both of them.

"Why?" he asked surprised that he was able to talk while everything was being broken inside.

"What? I just rejected you and you asked why?"

"Yes. Yes I did. We met once before and said nothing to each other. You denied me by your actions back at the party. Do you want a mate of a higher position? Different kind? Different looks?" William asked anger brewing inside of him.

"No. I... Look I just don't need a mate. I need to focus on my career and pack life. Having a mate I would have to change things that I already started to build and he would want commitment, I'm not that girl. A mate would hold me back from my dreams. I don't need a clingy man on my hands." she explained.

William listened to her explanation and began to laugh humorlessly. "You're pretty selfish you know that" he exclaimed.

"Excuse me" she blurted out ready to defend herself.

"You. Are. Selfish. Yes I said it. You said you need to focus on your career and pack life. What about your chosen mate's life. Don't you think he has a great career going on that would take him away from his mate at the drop of a call. Don't you think that he would have to make sacrifices also when he finds her. What about his feelings huh?!" he spat out at her in anger. Tears mixed with anger and pain flowed down his face walking slowly towards her.

He didn't care that she saw him like this.

"She rejected him without a word spoken to him but by a mere cold shoulder. He has been waiting for her since he was sixteen, he stayed fucking committed to her knowing it may take years to find her. The temptation was there but she was on his mind for years. Do you think she knows how he felt?"

She shook her head in disbelief. "No. She didn't because she didn't care how he felt when he saw how cold and distant her eyes were when it landed on him. She saw him as nothing. A bloody hindrance" he shouted at her. William was so close to her that he can hear how loud her heart beat was. Her eyes were filled with tears as his flowed freely.

"Do you know what he planned to do when he finally finds her? He planned to stay by her side wherever she wanted to be. Do you know what that means Charlotte?"


"Of course you don't. It means he would do whatever it is to see her happy. Even if it means not going back home to his pack. His family. Giving up international jobs so his mate won't be sad and lonely. He would do whatever in his power to make her happy. Show her how much she meant to him. Put her first. Compromise Charlotte." William reached up to touch her cheek but she stepped away turning her face from his hand.

He scoffed and shook his head at her. With a smile he uttered a statement that she didn't expect, "I William Everhart hereby DO NOT accept Charlotte Lancaster's rejection."

"What are you doing? You have a chance to find the perfect mate."

The smile still on his face he grabbed hold of her hand and pulled her into his arms. He heard her breath hitch in her throat as he lowered his lips to her ear. "It must be painful to hear your wolf hurt so bad yet your heart is so cold because you chose to ignore her. Do you know that she's calling out to us. I want you to feel the pain you are putting us through. I've waited for you for so long Charlotte and I am not giving up because you believe I would hold you back. I would never do that to the woman I love."

Charlotte clutched onto his arms as she felt her knees go weak at the word love. How could he?

Slowly he pulled away from her, not hiding anything from her. He lowered his lips to hers waiting for her to pull away but she was in too much shock to move. Lightly he pressed his lips to her soft ones and held it there, tears wetting her skin as they flowed from his eyes, "I do love you Charlotte. You had my heart so long and you didn't even know it." he said against her lips.

That being said he left his mate at lost for words as he himself tried hard not to break down on her front steps.

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