The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 27

He couldn't take his eyes off her as they stood by the hostess' podium awaiting their table. Dressed in a fitted yellow skirt and sleeveless pink blouse along with a floral pumps she looked radiant. Her long blonde tresses flowed around her face as she typed with one hand and held his with the other. Jacob chuckled as he leaned forward kissing her cheek. "No more phones. It's our time now" he said quietly.

A light blush stained her cheeks as she peeked up at him through her eyelashes, "Sorry. I just want everything to be perfect for Jasmine." she mumbled. He pulled her into his arms, muffling a groan of pleasure as her body molded to his perfectly, " Whatever you choose, she would love it. Did you see how excited she was to see you at breakfast?"

Renae looked into his twinkling blue eyes and smiled remembering the wonderful breakfast she had with him and her now little girl. "I did. I want more mornings like those." she quietly admitted. Tucking her hair behind her ear, he lowered his lips to hers "So do I. We can start our new family now. I'm sorry for hurting you Renae. I was foolish to think I can run away from it all. From you and who I truly am." he said against her lips.

"It's okay now. All that matters is the fact that I have you back in my arms and Jasmine also."

"You're too good to me." he breathed out before initiating the kiss. He didn't rush it, Jacob wanted her to feel everything he wanted to say to her last night. He wanted to tell her those three words but became tongue tied. She moaned in his mouth, pushing her body closer, Renae wanted this man whose arms were tight around her.

Someone cleared their throat bringing them out of their love struck daze. The hostess stood by her podium holding two menus trying not to look at them directly in the eye. "Sorry. Two for Kaiser." Jacob said quickly while holding Renae close to his side.

"Follow me" she said leading the way to the dining area. Walking through the tables Jacob's grip got tighter on her waist and the low possessive growls reached her ears. "Easy there wolfie" she purred in his ear.

"I don't like how the men are looking at you. You're mine." he returned his voice was a bit deeper giving Renae the knowledge that both Jacob and Markell was in true possessive mode. It was a huge turn-on.

'Careful there girl. Don't want our heat to start prematurely.' Kara teased.

'Oh shush, you and I both can't wait to be claimed by them.' Renae retorted kissing her mate's cheek. After a long talk with him about their relationship and dangers, things were back to normal between both of them. She spent her first night by his side, in his bed, wrapped in his arms instead out in the woods suffering with heartache. It was simply sublime, they both felt at peace what they went through the past week or so disappeared, only their futures mattered.

They were seated in the sparse area of the restaurant away from prying eyes which was perfect for them. Back at work everyone noticed their arrival together and how they were back to the happy loving couple, every meeting leading up to lunch, eyes followed them and hushed conversation were made as they walked by it was unnerving. Renae caught herself staring at Jacob as he read the menu with furrowed brows. His blonde hair was a bit messy and he got rid of the beard much to her disappointment, his blue eyes now shone brightly with specks of amber. Both him and his wolf has been closer since Jacob accepted her as his mate and decided to embrace his wolf side. His body has gained some muscle the past few days, he didn't notice till she commented on it on their way to work.

Renae was enthralled by the man before her, just like the first day she saw him. They made it. She smiled at the realization but know there are a lot more bumps in the road for them. Their relationship would be tested but she was confident they will make it.

"What do you think of having? I'm craving their burger and sweet potato fries." he commented giving her a smug grin.

"Oh. What? Um...." she blushed at being caught staring at him. Jacob chuckled leaning over the table capturing her lips with one of his many sweet kisses. "I will order for you. Do you mind?" he asked. She shook her head no caught up in his gaze. He gestured for a waiter and gave their orders while she checked her phone. Frankie made it his duty to fix Jasmine's room while the others packed up Jacob's house and putting everything in place at her home. Moving in to her home was agreed on unanimously as safety for Jasmine and himself was top priority, sleeping arrangements weren't talked about they were all focused on protection and adjustment.

"Jake?" she called out for his attention as he was ending a small work call. "Yes baby?"

"A-Are you fine with...with sharing a room. With me." she asked a bit flustered. Jacob smiled at the powerful CEO across from him at the moment who was nervous and searching for words. It comforted him to know that she too was human, apart from the roles of CEO of a billion dollar company, Alpha of a dominant pack she was still a woman handling whatever life throws at her.

"I mean you don't have to but I wish you would. I always want to be near you and last night was one of the best nights I've ever had. If you think we are moving too fast and don't want to send mixed signals to Jazzy I totally und..." she ranted with lots of hand gestures.

"Renae" he spoke cutting her rant. She stopped mid-sentence biting her lips. "You're my mate. My forever girl. My daughter calls you mommy. Sharing a room would be second nature." he continued with a smile.

"You knew about her calling me mommy? And you're not mad?" she asked mildly shocked.

"I was passing by her room when she was telling Frankie how happy she was that her mommy and daddy are together again. Why would I be mad? This is what I wanted to give her, a complete family. Thank you for accepting her." he said sincerely.

"Apart from the pack, you two are my closest family I have now and Jasmine feels like my own already."

Jacob was on cloud nine, he was in love with a woman who accepted not only him but his daughter too. What other woman would stay by his side after all he did.

They had lunch talking about any and everything, she told him of the pack and their day to day goings and he told her about his worries of moving in with her and being practically co-leader of the pack.

"You will do great. It's like being in charge of your department just bigger the main goal is to keep them safe."

He scoffed, "The last time I made that promise it didn't end too well." Renae sensed a change in his mood, quickly she took his hand and gave him a reassuring smile.

"She died on her birthday you know." he said sadly gazing at the white band his wedding band left on his ring finger. "You don't have to tell me about Anna" she said softly.

"No. I want to. In order for us to have a good future I want us to lay everything out. You told me of your family now I want to tell you about my late wife." he said with a sigh. He stared at the dessert that was placed before them and squeezed her hand.

"I planned a surprise birthday party for her. Invited her parents, mine and our college friends we kept close. I was so pleased with myself by getting her out of the house, Jazzy was 3 months and she was doing great for a new mom but I wanted her to have some alone time. A day without being a mom and wife, appointments were made to keep her out of the house until the late afternoon. When it was time for her to come home I grew worried. My mom kept telling me that she probably lost track of time and was having fun. Everyone was there waiting for her to walk out the door. I kept calling her phone over and over but no answer. Two hours passed no Anna, I was freaking out. Everyone was worried and the looks on their faces were filled with pity. Her father and my dad went to look for her and I kept calling her phone leaving voice-mails. Another hour passed no luck. It was 8:30 in the night. I would never forget that time. I had a sleeping Jazzy in my arms when the doorbell rang, I rushed to it thinking it was her and she forgot her keys but it wasn't. William stood on the doorstep with two officers behind him with their hats in their hands.

They didn't need to tell me. Their faces and the blood on my best friend's shirt and hands said everything. She died on impact, Will found her on his way to the party. Apparently she lost control of her car and slammed into a tree. The police were talking all sort of things but I was trying to register that I lost my Anna, my wife, the mother of my child. William never left my side through it all. He was the only one I allowed near me."

Jacob's eyes were filled with tears as he put on a brave smile, "Wanna know something?" he continued. This time Renae couldn't hold back her tears as he kissed her knuckles.

"The day I met you was the anniversary of her death. I lost one love six years ago and found another six years later."

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