The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 28


Her voice brought a smile to his face chasing away the sad memories of that night. He had years to think of her death, questions left unheard as they kept on bugging him in the quiet of the night. Should he ask them after all these years? He turned away from the window, his smile grew bigger to the vision before him. In the doorway stood Renae holding their daughter's hand, both their bags on her shoulder. The signs of sheer tiredness was on her face but that bright smile shone, Jasmine skipped into his office running to the large window looking over the company grounds.

"Hi." he answered greeting her with a kiss.

"You ready?" she asked searching his eyes. He gathered his things then motioned his daughter to come along, "Ready to go to our new home?" he asked her.

"With mommy?" she countered grabbing hold of Renae's hand. "Yes with mommy" he answered caressing his mate's cheek. Jacob couldn't think of any one better to be in the role of mother to his little princess. They were both ready to take this next step and that next step was with the woman before them. "Let's go. Everybody is waiting for us." Renae said leading them out.

The drive was filled with questions from Jasmine and laughter from both Jacob and Renae. He took note of the drive as they left the city and unto the highway, she took a right onto a turnoff. "Starting from this turnoff is my territory. Always protected" she commented as he took note of the sparse setting of the trees, the highway getting farther away. "Daddy look" Jasmine exclaimed in excitement pointing out the window. R.J smiled as both father and daughter watched on as six wolves ran in and out of the trees, the sun was getting low, the evening rays made golden streaks on their bodies as they ran. "Those are border wolves. They keep track of who enters the territory. Your scents are new in which they will relay to the warriors up ahead." she explained as the building came into view which was a gas station.

"Welcome to Black Heart. To humans this little modern day town is known as Kale. We have just about everything here. Schools. Movie theater. Fast food joints. Shopping center. The works. We have jobs for the locals but most of us like working in the city." She drove through the main street showing them landmarks and popular eateries. Jacob was amazed how the town was very picturesque and friendly to each other, he noticed a few familiar faces as employees at Robinson Tech who simply waved at the passing van. The drive took them pass the bustling streets to a much more quieter area surrounded by tall trees and lots of greenery. She followed the main road passing other streets that lead to other houses that were neatly kept with perfect lawns. "Is this a step ford community? Everything is like out of a magazine." he commented as the road led them further in with less houses.

"Trust me we are far from the step-ford life."

Taking the only turn away from the last four houses, Jacob and Jasmine was struck by the beauty of Renae's home. It was the only house on the end of the street. It's structure was stone with lovely wide windows and wooden frames. It was simply majestic. She drove around the curved drive way pulling up in front of the front door. "This is huge" Jasmine exclaimed. "Can't have too much room. Let's go your things are already here" she returned getting out of the car. Jacob got out and took in the vast surroundings, he smiled at how beautiful it was here. They followed Renae through the front door and again was shocked at how homey and elegant the decor was. They were shown the tv room, library, sitting area dining area and other rooms. The first floor was designed into an open space that can be closed off by wooden sliding doors if needed.

"Sometimes you would get unexpected visitors. My pack members sometimes come by and visit to take charge of the game room downstairs. My beta and delta would be here soon. Till then let's go up stairs" Excitement on Jasmine's face was clear as Frankie mentioned her room being bigger than her first.

"There are seven rooms up here. The room with the double doors at the end of the hall way is mine... well ours now" she continued with a blush on her cheeks. Jacob simply chuckled and kissed her temple. Renae turned to Jasmine, "Can you guess which room is yours?" The little girl slowly walked passed the first two rooms then squealed in excitement as she noticed the only white door frame with a purple door with her name posted vertically in different colors. She pushed open the door dropping her bag at the doorway exclaiming at everything in sight.

(Jasmine's room)

The room was transformed to a modern day princess room, from the chandelier to the white carpets. Her castle bed was the main focus as the walls depicted a magical forest. Princess dolls and stuff animals were placed around the room, a vanity and writer's desk were added leaving a lot of space for her to play. Her walk in closet was stocked with her previously owned clothes and newly purchased ones. "I guess you love your new room then." Jacob asked taking in the room also in interest.

"So much." she squealed jumping on the bed.

Renae watched on with the biggest smile on her face then left the two to get her little girl's night clothes ready. "I would leave you two at it while I go change." she said handing Jacob the clothes and kissing Jasmine's head.

"I'll be there in a sec" he whispered in her ear. The tone of his voice sent shivers down her spine, it was very suggestive. Having her mate with her every night would be worth it.

Jacob looked around his daughter's room once more as she took a bath in her en suite. Everything was practically new except her toys and clothes, he wondered what they did with her other toys and room decor from the old house. It was all a great gesture on Renae's part to have her comfortable and it was all appreciated. "Hey daddy? Are you and mommy going to get married now?"

Jasmine's voice startled him a bit but her question caught him off guard. "Are you truly happy that she's your new mommy?" he countered.

She nodded her answer yes with much enthusiasm as he helped her get dressed. "I'm happy too and I will marry her soon. You do understand what is going on right?" he asked. At the back of his mind he thought of all of this may be too fast for her but looking at her now she was adjusting well.

"Uh huh. You and mommy are mates. She's a werewolf and so are you. Uncle Billy is a werewolf and he protects us. Am I going to be a wolf too? Like you?"

"Ummm I don't know princess. I'm still learning like you. While we are here I guess we would know more." he answered putting her to bed. She nodded sleepily and hugged a stuff doll tightly, "Good night daddy."

"Night angel" He stroked her hair gently till she fell asleep, thinking of everything that he has been told and what he have seen. After all of that who would still be in denial. He haven't spoken to his parents since it all happen, they have been calling but he always sent it to voicemail. Renae and William helped him a lot, things are still left to be questioned but the basics were understood.

"Hey. She's asleep already? Frankie and the others are here even the twins well one of them are here to welcome her to Black Heart." Renae's voice broke through his thoughts, she came and sat next to him brushing Jasmine's hair away from her face. He wrapped his arm around her waist resting his head on her shoulder. "She had too much excitement for one day." he said softly as they both watched over her. A moment was spent in silence with their daughter before they retreated to their room. Jacob took a quick shower then donned a pair of sweats and t-shirt.

"You ready?" she asked as they made their way downstairs to the sitting room. "Ready." he said firmly. When they entered every one stood with their heads bent low, "Welcome Alpha Jacob." they all said in unison. He looked to Renae then around the room, he recognized Frankie and Damien even his best friend and Charlotte but not the others.

"Thank you." he voiced out. Renae held his hand as she motioned for Charlotte and another guy to step forward.

"You already know Charlotte. She's our beta. Second in Command but in your case below you is William then the beta and our Delta Ryan. He's in charge of all warriors. Protection is his forte." He shook hands with them both and asked the necessary questions and some of his own in which they didn't hesitate to answer.

Three elderly people came up to them next with welcoming smiles, "These are the pack Elders. The wise ones. If you have any problem and need unbiased opinions they are the ones. Knowledge of the pack, our history even the Royals they are the people we seek."

"I'm Veronica. We are all happy that R.J has found you but your situation is pretty unique. You are considered a Prince due to your bloodline and also the fact that you have never shifted. We have lots to teach you but we know you have lots to ask also." one said. Her gray hair flowed down to her waist as her brown eyes shone brightly of wisdom and acceptance.

"I do as a matter of fact. Hopefully over the weekend we may have that talk?" he asked holding her hand with both of his. "Certainly Alpha" all three answered. The other two were men who still bore their muscular stature and youthful eyes.

He nodded his head in thanks and watched them as they left. Damien came striding up next with a sheepish smile on his face, "She's asleep. I'm sure she would be pleased that you came to welcome her." Jacob said giving a smile of his own.

A light blush took over his face, "Can I come over tomorrow? Maybe the others also?" he asked shyly. "You mean your brother and your other three friends?" Jacob found it funny that this little boy and his friends were so attached to his daughter. His over protective father side came out but not 100% his wolf and himself had no problem of letting the boys be around Jasmine. Something was right with it all.

"Yes Alpha" Damien voiced out.

"Sure. I see no problem in that." The little boy released a sigh of relief then excused himself. Renae giggled beside her mate watching as Damien ran out into the halls. "I can't wait till he's 16" she mumbled. Jacob was about to ask her what she meant but his best friend interrupted him.

"Welcome to the fold brother." William greeted giving him a brotherly hug. "It's all still surreal but I do feel like I belong here. I do know for sure that I'm happy." he returned.

"That's great to hear. Makes my job easier now. Renae here offered me to stay in the pack house down the street." William started.

"You are staying right? I mean beside Renae you're the only one I'm close to and would be a great help in adjusting."

Both Jacob and Renae caught his hesitation then quick glance towards a certain blonde. "You don't have to if it would be too much." Renae said softly sympathy in her eyes. "What's up?" his friend asked intrigued by the look between the two.

William gave Jacob a sad smile, "Remember when I told you that every mating doesn't end happily, that not everyone wants to be mated. Guess who got the short end of the stick."

"You mean... Charlotte is your mate?"

"Even though she rejected me, she is still mine." he said firmly before leaving the two. Jacob turned to his mate whom easily wrapped her arms around his waist. "As werewolves, some long for that one person to spend their golden years with and some just find the whole mate bond a hindrance. In William and Charlotte's case, he made the a painful yet brave choice in waiting for her" she explained.

"Just like you waited for me" he stated caressing her cheek as she leaned into his touch. She smiled closing her eyes in pure bliss as his touch sent the most wonderful feeling through out her body.

"If it took years for you to come back to me I would wait for you."

His hold got tighter on her hips, his heart raced at her words, Markell submitted to the woman in their arms in which Jacob did also.

"I love you Renae"

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