The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 29

"I love you Renae"

Renae was lost for words, her wolf was actually dancing for joy screaming 'He loves us' over and over again. She took note of his beaming smile and the matching emotion in his eyes, Jacob chuckled resting his forehead against hers, his hands found their way in her hair releasing it from its hold.
Closing his eyes he kissed her nose, "I never imagined I will ever find love again and find a mother for Jasmine and here you are. I found you in one of the most life changing situations. This morning I had to stop and look at you, touch you wanting to make sure that you are real." Her eyes became glassy with tears, her breathing hitched as he trailed his lips over her heated cheeks.

"You love me." she breathed out, her trembling hands cupped his face curving as he smiled widely once more.

"Pretty hard not to." he laughed.  Renae attached her lips to his conveying every thing that she felt about him in that one firm passionate kiss. Jacob saw the ever so mentioned fireworks as he tasted her soft lips that tasted so much like cherries. Heat coursed through both their bodies as that one kiss strengthen their bond, pleasure couldn't explain how they felt. Ecstasy. A Euphoric moment. Any word that can explain what they felt it was truly that, Jacob gently bit her bottom lip as she slowly passed her tongue over his lip. Her hands rested in his hair tugging at them every time he put pressure into each movement on her lips. A lusty moan escape her as he caged her in his arms. They were one as they held each other tightly, hearing their loud heart beats racing wildly together.

"Take that as you love me too?" he whispered against her lips.

Again she couldn't reply being caught up in it all she continued their kiss. Her fingers lightly trailed his neck where she would soon place her claim, his pores raised following the path her fingers made. Not wanting to be out done Jacob trailed his fore finger from the base of her spine tracing the curve of her back. Beneath her t-shirt he stopped at her bra tugging at it, enough to tease her. The lacy material of her bra rubbed erotically against her nipples. "Jacob" she gasped. He chuckled darkly against her lips loving the red blush on her cheeks, her eyes closed in pure bliss, her breathing labored in discontentment. An intoxicating scent reached his nose, he growled lowly his hand reaching between them and cupping her sex. He gently applied pressure on it making her limbs go weak, she leaned against her mate's muscular chest groaning in pleasure.

"I can imagine how wet you are my bad girl." he whispered darkly in her ear. He chuckled once more as his hand felt the moisture seeping through her yoga pants.

"J-Jake. T-There... W-We.... oh"

"What was that?" he asked amused at how she was lost for words. Slowly he prompted her to walk backwards until her legs touched the sofa.

"Guests." she gasped loudly as he squeezed her core harder while he tugged at her bra. Both sensations were blissful torture to her sensitive areas.

"What guests my dear alpha?" he voiced out with a cocky smirk.  Opening her eyes the first thing she saw was the mixture of both Jacob and Markell's eyes darken with lust. She knew they too saw the same mixture in her eyes by the soft smile they gave her. Renae looked around quickly to the once filled sitting room, every one left.

"They're gone." she exclaimed.

"Which is perfect by me" That voice. Deep smooth lustful voice did wonders to her body. In one swift movement he ripped her t-shirt in half dropping the pieces on the floor, pushing her down onto the sofa.

"You are every kind of perfect to me." His words brought comfort and acceptance to her as she took in the tall muscular stature of man who ultimately pledged his heart to her. He took that one leap of trust and accepted her as his mate and the new life of an alpha. Renae followed every movement he made as he lowered himself to his knees, spreading her legs apart, taking in the scent of her arousal. His eyes held hers as he slowly lowered it to her lips then to her partially covered breasts. He deftly unhooked her bra from the front allowing her pink tipped breasts to tumble out, bouncing after their release. The cold air in the room brushed harshly against her skin causing her nipples to pucker, slowly he covered them with his mouth. Tugging and biting them gently building up her need as she held his head in that position wanting more of him. Allowing her to be flustered by that one sweet torture he edged his hand into her pants cupping the soft flesh of her behind squeezing it in time of his tugging at her nipples.

"I need to taste you." he voiced out huskily stopping his movements. She nodded yes in her lustful daze. Jacob smiled standing to his full height then picking her up bridal style. "I'm sure after I taste you I would want to be deep in you. I want our first time at making love to be proper." he continued as he carried her up the stairs. Renae flinched a bit, tightening her hold on him. She was worried that he would find it hilarious when he discover her secret. She told him that he was not the first man she has ever been with relationship wise and was thankful when he brushed it off as nothing important. Frankie was the only guy among her other guy friends that she connected with further than the whole 'brother/sister relationship' His quiet demeanor and protective nature attracted her to him, their friends knew of their relationship but not what kind.

She felt the smooth and soft texture of her bedspread against her back fully registering that Jacob placed her on the large bed and was now hovering over her. "We don't have to do it tonight if you think we are rushing things." he said softly as he brushed her hair away from her face.

She shook her head no and placed a kiss on his wrist and began to idly trace his facial features. "I love you Jacob with all I have to give and this love I have for you would never die." she said truthfully.

"I love you too baby but something is bugging you. Tell me."

She smiled at how easy he can read her, putting herself in a sitting position then waited for him to follow she covered herself with a blanket. "Remember when I told you about my past relationship with Frankie?" she asked.

"Yeah. He was your first. Babe bringing up another guy ain't keeping someone happy."

Renae looked down to the straining in his sweats which twitched at her gaze caused her a small giggle to escape her lips. She eased her mate's ego by a soft emotional kiss which sobered both of them, he finally figured out how serious she was pertaining to whatever she was about to say. "Frankie was my first boyfriend emotional wise. When I needed comfort through my bad days he was there as I was for him. We had this bond since the death of my brother and mother. Physical wise? We.... well. Ummm... We never really..... ummm" she started lowering her head in embarrassment.

Both Jacob and Markell caught on quickly, slowly he reached out and raised her head by her chin. "You two never went all the way." he finished for her.

"Never. Last two virgins in the group. Everyone thinks we did it but nope." she laughed nervously. Jacob said nothing he simply smiled pushing the blanket off her shoulders then taking off his t-shirt. The silence of the room was filled with the rustling of sheets and clothes. He didn't stop till they both were naked. A permanent blush was on Renae's face as she got an eyeful of her mate's hard pulsating member twitching in need to have release. It rested on his lower abdomen with precum glistening in the moonlight. She closed her legs tighter as she felt her own sex throb in need, her own juices flowing down her inner thigh.

"How ironic it is that the second woman I find myself in bed with is a beautiful virgin." he breathed out against her neck.

"W-What?" Shocked by his statement she stared at him unbelieving. Jacob kissed her nose and forehead tenderly with a heart-melting smile

"Anna was my first and you will be my last." he voiced out hoarsely. She laid back against the pillows as he ghosted his lips over her body, memorizing every dip and curve of her petite body. She gasped as his tongue made contact with the curve of neck, his fingers were like a cast-iron branding her skin with his possession at every touch he made. "Can't believe you're mine." he said against her bare stomach. Placing heated kisses near her core while spreading her legs wide, his tongue made contact with her nub she grasped the bed covers arching her hips upwards. Her juices flowed heavily as he lapped up every drop, holding her legs down on either side wanting to get full access to her sex. Her moans of ecstasy filled the room combined with hums of approval sounded out by Jacob. Renae bit her lips harshly muffling a cry as he used his wicked tongue  heavenly, teasing her nub then going back for more at her center.

"Don't hold back baby." was all he said to her before going deeper. He added two fingers to the work his tongue started. "More. Please." she moaned out loud rocking her hips in time with his motion. He took that moment to look up to see the result of his work, he wanted to see her let go. Her body was heated as she twist and turned in pleasure, caressing her breasts, biting her lips, crying out as he carried her up in to the clouds of euphoria.

"Jake.. don't stop." she called out bucking her hips wilder, he felt her tighten around his tongue and fingers. She was close. He went faster, her cries got louder. Holding onto her legs he went deeper till her juices gushed out of her now sensitive core, licking it up like honey from the Gods. Renae clutched at his head as he continue, her body was shaking from her orgasm, her lips still in the O shaped form from her silent scream. With one last lick over her sensitive bud Jacob crawled up her body, his erection brushing against her wetness. He stapled his lips to hers letting her taste her intoxicating self grinding slowly against her core. "Oh, baby" her moan was soft yet loud in bliss to his ears. She reached between them and grab hold of his member.

"Fuck" he bit out as she used her thumb to caress the tip of his shaft. He buried his face in her neck trying to regulate his breathing. His mate was torturing him slowly and he loved it.

"I need you. Now." Her voice was smooth as silk and very seductive. It was filled with lust and simple satisfaction. Jacob shifted and looked into her eyes, "Are you sure? We can wait." he asked.

"It was always you. I've waited this long for you." she grounded out as she slowly passed his member against her still sensitive nub. His eyes soften at her words, he lowered his lips to hers not initiating the kiss, propping himself up on his elbows he helped her to guide his shaft to her entrance with his hips. She moaned as the thickness of his member began to fill her, her sex hugged it tightly with every inch it made. Jacob's breathing was labored as it was torture not to plunge deeply into her at first. Her nails marked his back fiercely as he began a teasing motion of in and out, lubing his shaft with her juices. "It may hurt at first but would be worth it after." he said against her temple caressing her cheek. She nodded in reply releasing a whimper from her lips. Moving to her lips he whispered encouraging words as he pulled out stopping at her entrance, with one stroke he plunged into her a sharp scream left her mouth in which Jacob clamped his own over hers. He silenced her scream with a searing kiss moving in and out of her building up the momentum taking away the pain from her.

He heard her muffled cried of pleasure and released her swollen lips from their kiss. Holding onto her small waist he began their journey to euphoria watching as she grabbed onto the sheets sounds of pleasure leaving her lips, her breasts moving back and forth. Renae moved her head from the side to turn to her mate above her. He was already focused on her as he plunged into her over and over , holding back. "Don't hold back" she said repeating his words.

Trusting her completely he went faster, taking hold of her breasts squeezing and tugging them biting his lips in erotic pleasure. Her legs were placed around his neck allowing him to go deeper, Renae screamed his name tweaking her own nipples.  The sight was enough to send him over the edge but he was going to stretch it out until she begs him to stop. Roughly he took down her legs and hovered over her, pinning down each of her hands going rougher, making love bites around her breasts and neck claiming her as his. His name was on her tongue constantly with cries of pleasure and pleas for more.

'I'm ready.' Markell growled lustily feeling every thing his human felt while making love to their mate.

'So am I' Jacob returned. He knew what was to come Markell prepped him before of how things happen for new wolves. Pain radiated from his canine teeth as they merged into his wolf fangs, he yelled out in pain momentarily to the ceiling. His muscles ached as he clutched onto his mate's arms tighter, a welcoming growl sounded beneath him. Turning his focus to the woman below him, ecstasy shot through him as his groin ached painfully in arousal even more as the sight was extremely erotic. Her eyes were dark as night, her fangs glistening in the moonlight streaming from the windows, her breasts rocking back and forth as he continued to stroke in and out of her.

"I love you both so much."The velvet seductive voice of Kara reached their ears sending Markell over the cliff. In one swift movement he moved her hair from her neck and claimed her. His fangs pierced her skin, her blood flowed to his mouth giving him a heady effect. Renae clutched onto him her claws biting into his back as she found her release. "JAKE!!" Her body convulsed around him as he too found release in her, his motions slowed as he took his fill of her blood closing the wound with a lick of his tongue.

Renae growled in satisfaction as his venom merged with her blood, he was now part of her. She purred taking in his scent holding him closer, "My big bad wolf" she voiced out before claiming him herself. "RENAE!!" His voice was hoarse as he cried out her name wrapping his arm around her body as she savored his blood on her tongue. He grounded his member into her forcefully wanting more of her as the erotic feeling surged through his body.

"Forever mine" she said possessively, kissing her mark on his neck. Jacob held her gaze both their wolves have surfaced wanting to be part of the moment. Both Kara and Markell felt how stronger they had become as wolves, pleased with the mating they allowed their humans to have the rest of the night to themselves

"Always Yours." he said with the most loving smile she have ever received.

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