The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 30

Maybe it was the sun that filled the room or maybe it was the new bed he slept in for the first time was the reason for him waking earlier than usual. Whatever it was, he was happy that he did. It gave him a moment of peace to truly look at the woman he gave his heart to last night. Renae was fast asleep on her stomach, her hair was in a mess covering her face the blanket was low to her waist with one of her leg out of it. To him she was sexy as hell in her natural state. Her soft snores caused him to chuckle as he easily got out of bed. She was simply amazing. Accepting him after all the pain he caused, a man who was blind to his true self with a six year old daughter who she accepted as her own. He had to do right by her, make an effort to be part of this world, learn who he truly was and help lead the pack. "I would make you proud love." he said softly as he kissed her temple. Deciding to let her sleep longer since it was the weekend he left the room quietly to go check on Jasmine.

"Hi daddy." was the chirpy response he got when he opened her door. She was already dressed for the day and playing with her toys.

"Hi princess why are you up so early?" he asked sitting beside her on the floor. She passed him the doll he always played with whenever they play 'Princess Rescue'.

"Mommy said she and I are gonna have a big girl day today." she explained putting Rapzunel in her cliche tower.

"Well I guess you a super excited because mommy is still asleep. Why don't we get some breakfast and wait for her downstairs." he suggested. Jasmine thought about it then agreed with her father. Jacob watched as she put away her toys and grabbed her Sofia back pack then walked out the door.

'Aren't we independent today' Markell commented. His human simply chuckled and followed her majesty down to the kitchen. Jacob still couldn't get over the fact that Renae lived in such big of a house by herself most of the time. Back in Germany his family home was bigger but noise and people always kept the house alive. Didn't she feel lonely? Who was there for her when she came home tired from work.

'Those questions doesn't have to be answered because she has us now.' Markell interjected.

'You're right.' he answered getting acquainted with the kitchen then started breakfast. As he was finishing up the pancakes and giving Jaz her cereal and bacon on the side a knock on the back door sounded.

"Come in"

"Good morning Alpha. Good morning little one" In walked Frankie who always had a smile for Jasmine and kept his head low in respect.

"Frankie" she squealed forgetting her breakfast and jumping into her protector's arms. "Hi sweetheart. How did you sleep? Did you like your room?" he asked sitting in her chair. Jasmine went on about her room and explained her wild dream as she ate. Placing coffee next to him and a plate of food, Jacob joined the duo for breakfast.

A half an hour later, filled with breakfast and Frankie telling them of the town the scent of vanilla filled Jacob's senses. He began to smile before he saw her, "Mommy's up" he stated. Jasmine jumped down from her chair and ran out of the kitchen. Laughter came from the other room from the two, "I think I can get used to this." he said as Renae came in already dressed for the day holding Jaz on her hips.

"Morning everyone." she greeted but her eyes were only on him as she made her way over. "Morning baby" he said softly as she lowered her lips to his for a kiss. It was meant to be a chaste kiss but she was very enticing. Her hand cupped his cheek as she pressed for more. He needed her again and now, he couldn't get enough of her.

'You can have me tonight. All night as a matter of fact' she said to him. Jacob chuckled out loud and ended their kiss, he forgot about the mate link. It was really intriguing to him being able to talk to her without words.

'Is that a promise?' he asked of her while going for a plate.

'Never broken a promise'

"Jazzy why don't you go open the front door" Frankie said out of the blue. "Why? No one rang the bell." she said shrugging her shoulder but went anyway. They all stayed quiet till they heard her giggles then running down the stairs to the game room all except one set which was heading their way.

"Good morning Alphas. Uncle Frankie"

"Morning Dominic. How are you?" Renae greeted. They all watched as the little boy stood at ease with his head held high, his eyes showed maturity he kept his face schooled as he answered.

"I'm fine. Aunt Renae Jasmine said that you both are going into town. Can we come along too?" he asked politely. Frankie and Renae smiled in approval, the Carmona twins were popular among their age groups and the town itself for their mannerisms and maturity. Between the two, Dominic was the always serious one, always followed the rules and protocol, the protective one while Damien is just Damien. The happy go lucky twin who does everything on a whim.

Jacob watched in awe at how pleasant this eight year old boy was. "Yes you can but please notify your parents and Darius. Use the line in the game room." Renae answered.

"Thank you." he said giving her a rare smile then taking his leave.

"Are all kids like that around here?" Jacob asked breaking the silence. "You can say so but who are we to say so when they are around their own age. Dominic. Dominic has always been intense. Damien balances him out. If he keeps it up he would be a great warrior." Frankie commented.

"Ryan is aiming for Delta." Renae mumbled. They both chuckled knowing how fond their friend was of the twins and their older brother. Always pushing them to be better.

They stayed in a comfortable silence till Frankie broke it. "Alpha Jacob in best interest for Jasmine I would like to ask you to consider transferring her to school right here in Black Heart."

Jacob stayed quiet sipping on his coffee both Renae and Frankie waited for his answer patiently. "William suggested it. For her safety I'm okay with it. What I'm worried about is her adjustment. She just started making friends now to move her? "

"The twins go to the middle school and knowing Jasmine she will fit right in. I know it's all going fast but I know we both will be at ease knowing Jasmine would be around people who will protect her while we are at work." Renae explained taking his hand. Her simple touch relieved a lot of tension from his shoulders. He looked at her with tired eyes and nodded yes.

"Great. Monday she would start." Frankie said getting up from his seat.

"Wait. So soon?" Jacob asked in disbelief. "The sooner the better I'm not taking any chances in leaving her in the open. Whoever is behind all of this would go at lengths to get at me." she said firmly. He leaned and captured her lips with his thanking her heartily.

"I would go sort out everything." Frankie said leaving the two. Jacob sat at the table watching Renae load the dishwasher. If this threat didn't occur would they reach so far in the relationship in such short period of time? Would their love survive whatever life have to threw at them? What about Jasmine would she adjust to it all? Basically, he was truly worried about this threat on Renae's life which is extended to her family.

"Everything will be fine." She placed herself on his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck and lightly kissing his face.

"I just want us to have that smooth family life." he voiced out truthfully placing his forehead against hers.

"Me too "

Dominic sat behind his brother as he played air hockey with Jasmine. He never had much to say only when it's called for. 'Aunt Renae said we can tag along. Why are we even going?' he asked Damien.

'Because I want to.' his brother replied. Dominic saw how Damien looked at the blue eyed girl; it was the same way his older brother looked at his girlfriend. His brother had a crush on Jasmine, that revelation shot jealousy through him. He admitted to himself that he did like the bubbly little girl but she won't return his feelings. Damien was always the outgoing one, the one everyone can get along with.

He can barely get out two words for a normal conversation and with her he struggled to even say good morning to her. 'Are you going to sulk behind me all day?' Damien teased.

He didn't answer, taking a deep breath he got up and went to Jasmine's side. She stopped playing and gave him her signature smile, the one that confused him from the first day he met her and now that same smile made him feel special. "Do you want to play? Damien always letting me win so it's no fun anymore." she said boldly.

"Hey." his brother objected. Dominic shook his head no and took her hand. He dropped it immediately after feeling the most unexpected thing. He looked at her with furrowed brows asking himself how come and why so early. He liked her but wasn't this a child's crush which fades away. "Dom?" His name on her lips even made him feel special. Damien came up to him with a questioning look but he couldn't explain it to his twin. Jasmine stepped forward and took his hand once more the electrifying sensation was back, "No!" he shouted stepping away from her.

Why is this happening? He held her hand before and nothing but now. Dominic backed away from her, the hurt on her face was evident, it tore at him and he didn't know why either. He couldn't stay any longer without any word to his brother he left.

"Did I say something wrong?" she asked with a broken voice. Damien quickly pulled her in his arms, "Please don't..." he started to say but stopped mid sentence. Her scent of strawberries tickled his senses a possessive growl escaped him. He quickly stepped away giving her a weak smile. "Don't cry. Dominic didn't mean anything by that. He's just... umm.... he just realized he forgot to do something for Dad." he explained.

Jasmine didn't believe him, even more so when she saw the same confused look in his eyes just like his twin's.

"You guys come on." Renae called from above the stairs. "Coming mommy" Jasmine sang grabbing her bag and running up the stairs with Damien slowly following. He stood in the drive way as his aunt helped the little girl in. Her smile was always bright making him feel happy all the time, she wasn't afraid in saying what she want and very accepting. He realized it all back at the party when Darius came to them in wolf form. What he didn't understand was why he felt possessive of her, why did he feel such a strong connection to her.

"Damien? Are you coming?" she called out to him her eyes hopeful. He didn't want to see her hurt or sad, Jasmine Kaiser must be happy at all times and he would make sure of that. Pushing the questions aside he gave her a bright smile and joined her in the back seat.

"Alright. So it's just us. Dominic said he's not feeling well." Renae announced as she waved good bye to her mate.

"I thought.." Jasmine started. "Aunt Renae let's go to the mall first." he quickly said cutting her off. Renae agreed and put the car in drive. Damien took her hand in his, squeezing it tightly as the electric tingles surged through him. He can't explain it all but from how his brother described it to him, he knew that he found his future mate.

"You will love it here Jasmine. I promise."

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