The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 31

"Jasmine are you ready?"

It was Monday, first day as a mommy and first day of a mixed school for Jasmine. Renae was nervous as she packed her daughter's lunch and placed her already made breakfast at the table. It was such a major difference. She kept to her morning training, this time she came back in to a mate now rising from his sleep and a daughter lost in dreamland. It was surreal. She backed away from the counter and looked at her work. Breakfast and Lunch for three already made and with time to spare. "I can so do this." she said fistpumping the air.

"What did we accomplish so early in the morning?" The teasing voice of Jacob brought her back to earth, with an embarrassed smile she turned to face him. He too was already dressed in a jeans, dress shirt and a tie loose around his neck. His blonde hair shone in the sunlight making his blue eyes sparkle. She found herself in his arms tiptoeing to reach his lips. "Good morning my love." he greeted with a kiss holding her tighter to his body. "Morning baby" she returned continuing their kiss.


They chuckled at the fake disgusted voice of their little princess who took a seat at the table. "Good morning little one." Renae greeted kissing the messy hair of curls. "Morning mommy. Can you or daddy braid my hair?" she asked digging in to her breakfast.

"Sure thing princess" Jacob absentmindedly answered as he replied to emails on his iPad. Shaking her head Renae got her comb and started.

"Excited to start a new school?" she asked.

Jasmine shrugged, "I guess. Damien and Dominic goes to the same school?"

"Yup even Sebastien and the others. Remember them from the party?"

"Oh yeah. I hope I make new friends. I will miss Jaden though." she replied playing with her cereal. Jacob looked up from what he was doing noticing the sad look on her face. "We can plan play dates? Would you like that?" he asked. Her bright smile made an appearance instantly easing the tension in the room. They talked about her new school and what to expect. The stranger-danger talk was given again and what to do if the territory is being attacked. While they had their talk the doorbell sounded, "I'll get it. Jaz it's near time. I'm dropping you off because daddy has a meeting soon." Renae said over her shoulder as she left.

"You gonna be alright? I want you to be happy. When you asked for a mommy and me finding someone I didn't expect all of this." Jacob always confided in her since she was a baby though somethings were beyond her understanding she always listened then hugged him.

"I am happy. I love my new mommy. She's the coolest." she said with pride.

"She is great." he agreed eyeing the packed lunches on the counter. He smiled at how easy she jumped into the role of mother and companion.

"Baby? You have visitors." Renae said as she reentered the kitchen. "Me? Who is it? No one knows I'm here beside William." he asked instantly confused but still quickly got up and stalked into the sitting room.

"Hallo Jacob" Her voice was still soft and melodic thick with her native tongue. Her red hair was now lighter with streaks of grey but her blue eyes which he inherited still shone with vitality of a young woman. Hearing her voice showed him how much he missed her.

"Mutter" (Mama) he called out softly. His eyes moved from her to the other three men behind her. All tall and strapping with the signature Kaiser blonde hair. His brothers and father. They all shared warm brown eyes that showed whatever emotion they were feeling.

"Papa. Jason. Jeremy." He was lost for words as they stood before him smiling waiting for him to make the first move. The past few weeks were torture for them as he ignored them all. Jacob slowly walked to them standing before his mother, "Es tut mir leid Mama" (I'm sorry Mamma) he apologized with a broken voice kneeling before her. She quickly held her youngest son close, his head resting on her stomach as he wrapped his arms tightly around her waist. Her little angel. "Es ist in Ordnung. Du hast nichts falsch gemacht Engel. Wir sind diejenigen, zu entschuldigen."(It's okay. You did nothing wrong angel. We are the ones to apologize.) she said softly. His father came forward and knelt beside his son, stroking his wild blonde hair, "Always mama's boy eh?" he teased.

"Oh shush father" Jacob laughed hugging his father. "I'm so sorry kid. We have lots to talk about." Fredrick muttered in his ear. Standing up he went to his older brothers who stood with arms folded and mischievous smirks on their faces. Jason and Jeremy Kaiser, Heirs to billions, a year apart in age between themselves but five years older than Jacob. They always looked after their baby brother even when he moved to America. "Come here squint." Jason bellowed pulling him into a brotherly hug.

"Must say squint you have the best taste in women. Your mate is... wow." Jeremy commented. Jacob gave him a warning growl for talking about his Renae. "Jeremy, none of that. They are fully mated so he's even more testy around men who talks about his mate." their father warned.

"Thanks dad but what are y'all doing here? William have been really helpful. Wait where is he?"

"Always questioning everything. We come firstly to support you with this change in your life and also to see Jasmine." his father stated.

On cue out came the two important ladies in his life hand in hand. "Grandpa. Grandma. Uncle Jase and Uncle Jerry. Hi!!" the little girl squealed running to them. She was received with lots of hugs and kisses along with comments how pretty and grown she was. Jacob stood aside with his arms wrapped around a smiling Renae. "Did you meet my new mommy? We live with her now." Jasmine said out loud halting the conversation. The whole Kaiser bunch turned to the female Alpha who stood with her head held high. "A hurried introduction by William." Frederick stated with an amused smile.

"Every one this is Renae Josephine Macallister. My mate and as princess stated, her new mommy." Jacob formally introduced. Stretching her hand forward to greet them it was pushed away by his mother who pulled her out of his arms and into hers. Renae gasped in shock, her body tensed as it was the first time in years she had been held like this. She felt how warm and motherly the woman was to her a stranger more or less. Slowly she returned the hug, "Thank you for staying by him" the older woman said softly in her ear.

"I wasn't planning on leaving." Renae returned. "Adeline you would suffocate the poor girl" her husband teased. "Oh shush ya old dog. I have another daughter, I'm allowed to smother her a bit. Can't do it with these three." she huffed releasing Renae. Her sons muttered under their breaths their objections to her smothering.

"Hello once again Renae. I'm Frederick and these are my boys Jason and Jeremy. Thank you for everything you have done for Jacob and Jasmine. Word has it that you hired him at your company?" his father said shaking her hand.

"Yup. Who would of known that I would be hiring my mate." she voiced out loud looking Jacob's way. He gave her a loving smile as he stretched out his hand for her. "Mommy we have to go." Jasmine called out tugging at her skirt.

"That's true. Sorry for leaving early but it's her first day to a new school. Jake do you want to cancel your meeting and take the day instead?"

"I can't cancel this one love. Do you mind if they stay here or at the packhouse? William and Mark will be around." he replied with a torn look. He wanted to spend time with his family so badly but his meeting was a top priority.

"It's okay you two. Your Delta Mark have been kind to us and offered the pack house which we agreed earlier too. You three need space to adjust. As for the day we are excited to get the tour of this well known Royal pack." Frederick stated easing them both.

"You heard of Black Heart?" Renae exclaimed.

"When William's father talks highly of a pack and is known through out Germany I think it's safe to say that you, young lady are one great Alpha. You don't give yourself much credit do you? Your warriors are heard of. Your leadership style has been praised by the Royal Delta and young Prince Elliot. You must be proud of yourself." he continued.

Renae gave a weak smile to them. She have heard of it all but the words of her father still lingered. All she ever wanted was for him to be proud of her, look at her with the look of pride he gave her brother every day. "I'm just humble I guess. Any way. Have fun and welcome to Black Heart." she said making her way out with Jasmine.

'Love.' Jacob softly called out to her.

'I will be fine. It still bugs me a bit. See you in a few. I love you.'

'I love you too.' he returned watching her from the doorway as she strapped their daughter in. He sensed how sad she got and heard her thoughts of her father. What father wouldn't be proud of her? His own father was proud of her and they just met.

"Squint. What time you got this meeting for? We gotta talk a bit before you leave. Something you must know." Jason called out from inside.

"Do you want me to walk you in?" Renae asked as both her and Jasmine sat in the van outside the middle school. They watched as kids ran up to their friends, a few was playing on the lawn waiting for the bell to ring.

She didn't answer for a while then she smiled when she saw both Dominic and Damien walking up to the van followed by their friends. "No thank you." she answered happily climbing out. "Remember what we told you. Also Frankie and Mark are around." Renae warned once more.

"I got it. Bye mommy" Blowing a kiss to her little girl she drove off while waving to her god sons. Jasmine stood watching the boys walking towards her and how everyone around them gave them lots of room to pass by. The twins were taller than most boys their age and seemed much more mature. She always questioned herself why do they always choose to spend time with her, even their friends. Over the weekend after the confusing Saturday they both were back to their normal selves. "Morning. Ready?" Damien asked.

She nodded her head yes glancing to Dominic who stood silently next to his twin. His brother took her bag and lunch pack but her attention was focused on the most quiet boy she ever met. Damien tapped his shoulder twice then walked off.

Slowly Dominic took her hand looking at how different in sizes they were, taking a deep breath. "I'm glad that you're here now."


Tiffany watched from door as her boss and the company lawyer intensely discuss a document unaware of her presence by the door. She could tell it was a long day for R.J her hair was in a messy bun, she was barefooted and only in her work skirt and blouse. Her eyes showed signs of tiredness but that didn't stop the welcoming smile on her face.

"Yeah Tiff."

"Came to notify you that Jasmine is with Frankie and the boys. Oh and Alpha Jacob is coming soon for the lunch date that was constantly pushed back." she stated.

"Guess we both had one of those days. Thank you Tiff." Renae replied rocking back in her chair as her assistant left. "I will finalize the changes and get them back to you. Take it easy Alpha." Francisco assured her as he packed up his things to leave.

As he left in walked her mate with two plates of deli sandwiches and bottles of water below his arm. "Hey beautiful" His exhaustion was in his voice as he placed their lunch on the table and made his way to her. "Hi baby." she replied. Trapping her in the chair he took what he had been longing for all day. Her touch was like fire as she held onto him by his forearms, putting more pressure in the simple kiss. The smell of her arousal was eminent, growling in lust he rolled up her skirt then placed her on the desk. He knew what she wanted in her kisses and at the tugging of his hair. "Please." she whimpered unfastening his pants dropping them to his ankle followed by his boxers. She began to caress his member as he got her breasts free and began to tease her. With each tug at her nipples, she did the same with his shaft getting his erection harder. "You fucking tease" he cursed as he spread her legs wide and plunged into her deeply.

Renae bit into his shoulder muffling her scream, "Won't be gentle" he warned her wrapping her legs around his waist. She didn't mind clutching on to him as he stroked into her roughly over and over nibbling on his mark giving her more pleasure. Releasing her hair from its hold he wrapped her blonde curls around his hand and tugged her head back. "Look at me" he grounded out as he felt her tighten around his member. Renae saw everything that she felt mirrored in his eyes as he went deeper into her. "Jacob." she sobbed happy tears rolled down her cheek, his jaw was clenched tightly as he tried to hold back his release. Cupping his face with her hands, she pulled him forward and branded a hot searing kiss on his lips. Holding him close, she bit down on his bottom lip as she gave into her orgasm. Jacob's grip on her hair and shoulder tighten as he followed close behind, her throbbing core milked him dry. They said nothing to each other as they tried to regulate their breathing not removing their gazes from each other. Their movements and looks conveyed everything to each other. Jacob held her in his arms after they cleaned up, kissing her temple. "I would die a thousand times if I ever lose you." Renae whispered.

"That's why you will never lose me." he replied.

After a quick lunch and run down of each others schedule for the rest of the day, they decided to take a walk outside in the building's garden. "Mom and Dad love it at Black Heart. Dad kept messaging me of everything he loved." Holding her hand as they walked around the path he felt stress free, nothing in the world can bother him then.

"I'm glad he did. Your uncle Phillipe was the same. Ryan called to boast that his first training was unbelievable and it would boost his men greatly." she replied laughing softly. Kissing her hand he led her to the small koi pond with a few stone benches. "Dad and Uncle Phillipe told me something that really had me thinking."

"What is it?"

"Apparently King Nikolai was told of us. The descendants of Prince Malcolm. He wishes to see us. All of us."

Renae stayed silent going over what she has been told, thinking of the outcome how it would affect them and the pack. "He's expecting us in a week's time." he continued handing her a letter with the Royal seal. Her hands trembled as she opened it, reading its contents her worries were confirmed. It stated that he wish to know of them all and welcome them to the family. Precautionary methods would have to be made and extensive self defense training would have to be done."Do you want to restore your birth right?" she asked softly.

"No. If I do I won't have this freedom like I do right now." His answer was honest, Phillipe told him of what would be expected of him if he accepts to be a prince. When he heard of Renae would need to change her lifestyle, her anonymity would be destroyed. Most have heard of her but have not seen her both in human and supernatural world. She hides behind her grandfather and others, letting them take the credit while she works behind the scene. "Knowing Prince Nikolai he would still put a protection detail on you. He's all about family. I already have six of his men here due to his son's mating to one of my friends. Imagine how many he would send for his cousin." she joked halfheartedly.

"I won't allow our whole lifestyle to be changed for some title. It would just be you and I. Alphas of Black Heart. How does that sound?" Renae reached up and softly kissed him conveying that she was okay with that. "I would come with you for the day visit." she said out loud wrapping her arms around his chest.

"I wasn't going without you." he said chuckling. Renae was worried that word will get out that he's of Royal Blood and he would be in danger. News have been circulated on attempts on the Royal children's lives. Though they have settled into a peaceful living they were rebel groups who thinks a Royal Monarchy wasn't right. She can handle the few crazy rogues but assassins that's another story.

Settling back into her work filled evening she lost track of the time. A call came in on her mac as she was finalizing a spreadsheet, seeing it was her mate she answered quickly. "Hey love. Are you through? It's near dinner time and Jaz is asking for us." he answered. She took note of him packing his bag tiredly and his weak movements.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine just really tired. Back to you. Finished?" he asked ruffling his hair. Renae looked at her desk, files that needed to be done by the next day mocked her. She gave him an apologetic look.

"Love. You're tired I can see it in your eyes. Let's go home." he pushed with a weak smile.

"Sorry but I need to get these done by tonight. You go on. Do you want one of the late drivers?"

"Nah I'm good." he said looking at her with a dreamy smile. A blush took home on her cheek as she returned his smile. "Don't wait up. I wil be home soon. Give Jaz a kiss for me." she said softly.

"You know I would wait for you. Bye love." he said sending a kiss her way.

"Bye baby." she returned before hanging up.

Fifteen minutes later her phone rang obnoxiously. Her movements stopped as the ringtone was one for emergencies. Her heart thundered as she picked the phone, praying it was a false alarm or a minor rogue incident.

Shane's worried and breathless voice reached her ear along with shouts and gunfire in the background. "R.J you need to get here. It's Jacob."

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