The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 33

Twelve years ago.........

"There's my jellybean" Richard hugged his sister tightly hoping she will stop cry. He followed her into the woods to their favorite spot as she ran past him and his friends. Though she was four years younger than him she was tough as nails but along the way she forgets that part.

"Go away Richie." she grumbled trying to push him away but he wouldn't let go. Renae tried to hide her face from him but a sob betrayed her.

"Who made you cry?" he asked getting angry. It was his birthday but he treated it like any other day only his father made a big deal about it. Huge party then a large gathering for his first shift. He was strictly told by his father not to get worked up over little things to have a pre-mature shift but this was his baby sister, he had to make her happy again.

"No one alright. Just leave me alone." she yelled struggling to get out of his hold. Reluctantly he released her causing her to fall, he made an attempt to help her up but she flinched as he got near.

"Jelly? Whatever it is that I've done . I'm so sorry." he pleaded, the hurt was in his eyes as he looked at her. Renae couldn't tell him she wasn't allowed to be around him anymore after he shifted. They couldn't play together or go on trips, she was to leave him alone for good.

"When you become Alpha are you going to forget about me?" she asked meekly. "WHAT!!" His voice already brought the fear of an alpha and he was only sixteen but to her Richard was still her silly big brother. He knelt before her holding her hands in his, " Renae Josephine. Tell me now. Who put those ideas in your head." he asked sternly. She didn't answer but turned her head and looked at their hideaway stream. Richard figured it out, his shoulders slumped in defeat as he sat before his only sibling. He kept in memory her long always tangled blonde hair and bright blue grey eyes, she was small for a twelve year old but was a tom boy to heart. He gave her a weak smile as he noticed she actually wore a dress today but wore her favorite red converse even though the dress was blue.

"Nice dress" he teased tugging it at the hem. She batted his hand playfully away from her while drying her tears. "Mama said I had to wear it to your party so you would be happy." she pouted. Richard laughed at her discomfort then pulled her into a hug, "You're the best little sister ever that's what makes me happy." She stayed in his arms as he attempted to untangle her hair. It became a habit of his whenever he hugs her or just hanging out.

"Jelly? Can you keep a secret?" he asked her quietly. The sadness in his voice had her forgetting her own sadness. "Of course."

Richard looked at the ring on his finger that held his birthstone and the pack's sign. It was an Alpha's ring. He was presented it this morning by his father he only accepted it out of respect. "I don't want to be Alpha." he said softly.

"Why? Dad said you're going to be as great as him by the time you turn eighteen." she argued. He shook his head in denial his strawberry blonde curls shook violently as he did this. "I want to be a graphic designer. Uncle Seb said with the right training I can be working for him in Japan or even here." Excitement was in his eyes, Renae smiled at the sight it was the first time she saw him like this so sure of his future. After explaining the things he wanted to do, his voice got softer.

"I'm leaving soon Jelly. When I'm eighteen I'm leaving. Already have the money saved up and the next two years more would come in." he said holding her hand tightly. To Richard, his little sister was his best friend. She knew of his fears, his worries she knew him inside out just like he knew her. In school and around the pack he was the perfect Alpha's son but he wasn't.

"You're leaving?" she whispered her smile disappearing.

"But I would come back for you and mama when you turn eighteen. You would practically be an adult and can start college somewhere far like London just like you dreamed of." he planned everything out for all three of them. He was sticking to the plan no matter what his father pushed on him.

"You promise peanut?" she asked giving him her pinkie finger.

"I promise you Jelly we would leave this place and be happy. You me and mama." he said firmly locking his pinkie with hers.

"Love you Richie." she said with the widest grin. Richard chuckled at how silly she was, always taking note of her actions and words, something to remember when he leaves her with their father. He knew he had to protect her.

"Love you too R.J"

Two years later, the day after his eighteenth birthday Richard found out how cruel his father can be. He found out the truth about his sister and his love for her was used against him. Raymond Macallister found out about his son's plan to leave and had him trailed by unknown wolves. He kept his own blood in the pack's jail for a week without food and threatened to kill Renae and her mother if he ever tried to leave Black Heart ever again. Richard never told his sister nor mother anything about his real return. While doing everything to make his father proud he kept them safe. He found wolves loyal to him and promised them to look after his baby sis, even her own friends he made sign an oath to keep her safe. If his father can torture his own son to near death he won't hesitate to kill someone else's daughter.

Present day....

"Miss you so much Richie. I need you now. Everything is just.... too much." she whispered to herself as she sat on the most uncomfortable chair looking out the hospital window. They were able to return to the pack via helicopter no hiccups happened along the way. The worried faces of Jacob's family was burned into her memory as Shane relayed what happen. She couldn't speak whenever she tried a strangled sob came out. They all dismissed it as her fear of nearly losing her mate. It was partially that and also the fact the person who wanted them all dead was a man she called father.

She told no one of the discovery but when Frankie laid eyes on her he figured it out immediately. Not caring that she was his alpha and already mated he dragged her up into her office. They both stayed there for half an hour going over everything. He watched as she broke down before him clutching her stomach as she cried over her brother and mother's death once more. Tears of his own fell as the woman he grew with crumbled by words of one man. His R.J was fierce and didn't take crap from anybody but Raymond always broke her. "H-How Frankie? How do I tell them" she sobbed as he held her.

"We just don't. Not now at least." he said quietly.

Turning from the rain splattered window she focused on the wolf on bed. His body took a toll for his first shift. Being a late bloomer it would take some time for him to wake up. The doctor found the cracked rib which would heal quickly, his shift was successful they were all waiting for him to wake up. It has been two days and still no changes. Jasmine visited before she left for school, her lunch time and after dinner. She sang 'You are my sunshine' for her father as she brushed his fur. When Renae heard the song memories of her mother singing it with her last breath as she held Richard's hand came back with a force. It had been an emotional roller coaster of two days for her.

"You should see how wonderful you look baby. Everyone is in awe at how big and domineering you are. Even while you sleep your aura is very strong. The strength of a prince your uncle said. I just can't wait to take a run with you." she said with a smile. Her voice was hoarse from crying, sleep evaded her as she kept guard over him in fear of an attack. Guards were doubled along the border, William have been pestering her into notifying the king but she was stubborn. More sentinels around the pack would draw attention to them and that is what she didn't want. She was able too calm him down by letting him train her men with new tactics and to share his knowledge.

"So proud of you. You did it all by yourself." she muttered turning back to look out the window. It wasn't long before she heard the door open, the scent was very familiar. The scent of love and safety from every bad thing that happened to her in life.

"H-He said... He said to ask you." she stuttered wondering if she was ready to hear it all. Her grandfather said nothing. He didn't move closer to her. Just silence.

"He was going to kill me pops. I called him daddy every day of my life and he was going to kill me." she cried out burying her face in her hands. Dressed in one of Jacob's dress shirts and sweats she was a sight to behold, a complete mess but she didn't care.

"Your mother promised to tell you on your last day of high school but....." he began. The elder Robinson pulled a chair and sat behind his only grand daughter who was lost in memories for the past few days.

"Who is he? My real father."

"Do you remember the story we always told you of a brave knight who served the king loyally?" He asked with a smile. "The adventures of Sir Joseph the great." she said wondering why he was bringing up stories at a time like this.

"Those stories were true. Joseph of Martiz Clan was really Joseph Martiz of Russia. He was one of the king's personal sentinels. All the adventures the brave knight went on was of all the trips he made with King Nikolai and Prince Zarif. His last overseas trip was to our pack there he met your mother. " Benjamin smiled at the memory of the young sentinel running after his daughter stumbling just to get her attention. Marian was so caught up in her music that she didn't realized they had visitors.

"That last trip was when King Nikolai brought peace among all the kinds and got rid of the lawbreakers. Joseph spent a year in our pack but was urgently called back to Russia. Prince Zarif needed him. Little did we know that it would be the last we would see him, he took your mother with him though. When Marian came back, we lost her too." he continued.

"What happened?" she asked quietly feeling the pain her mother would of felt in losing her mate.

"He took a bullet for his prince. An ambush happened on their way to a function, the prince was tending to his son and Joseph saw the rebel before anyone." Tears of loss rolled down the older man's cheek. For the little time he knew Joseph, the young sentinel was very much a son to him. Benjamin saw little things that connected both Joseph and R.J as father and daughter in which he knew his daughter would be proud of.

"B-But how? Pops that man abused her constantly and she still said that she loved him."

"Marian and Raymond weren't mates. She married him for you and Richard. She knew of her pregnancy even Joseph did they called me when they found out they were so happy. How she met Raymond I don't even know but she said she did it for you. Richard was four his mother abandoned him with his father. They made him believe that Marian was his mother and she was just away for a little. I tried to let her leave but she stayed. They both made a non-mate bond which was strong as a natural bond. I'm sorry we didn't tell you. All she wanted was for you to have a father, a nice family."

"That didn't worked out well didn't it?" she sneered.


"No pops. He blamed me for Richie's death. I didn't put myself in way of that attack. I was fighting off the rogues when they both came. I didn't ask them to come pops. I witnessed everything. Four fucking wolves on one that wasn't a simple attack that was murder. The one lone rogue that killed Richie was trained. After years of playing it over and over I figured out stuff that I blocked out. Now today it's all clear to me, he planned it all. He had those changelings attack the pack. If Richie obeyed him and stayed put I would of been the one dead beside our mother. Me."

Renae's body racked violently in sobs, Benjamin rushed over to her and held her tightly wishing he can turn back the hands of time and begged his daughter not to create the bond with that monster.

"We would get him." he said firmly.

Her cries subsided as her grandfather rocked her gently, the smiling faces of her mother and Richie brought a sense of peace to her, her brother risked his life for her and she was forevermore grateful. Now she had a chance to avenge their deaths, get rid of the man who started it all.

"I want to be the one who rips his heart out." she said darkly.

Benjamin chuckled, "That's my girl."

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