The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 35

"You've been asleep for a long time baby. It's beginning to worry us. Jasmine misses you so much. It's time to get up."

Renae has been at her mate's side close to five days on limited sleep. She found herself doing both their works in that room only phone conversations she allowed herself to get into. She didn't want to leave his side and have the chance of him waking up alone.

'I would try Markell. Him being like this is leaving us vulnerable. We don't know when Raymond would attack.' Kara advised reaching out to her wolf mate.

'You're right.'

'I can feel Markell but he's having a hard time surfacing.' Kara was relieved as she felt the faint calling of her mate. Jacob's human side was being overly protective.

'Try telling him to give way to his human side.' Renae said grabbing a blanket covering the large wolf on the bed. She felt every emotion Markell conveyed to Kara, he was feeling alone yet worried for his human but agreed to step back. Groans of pain echoed through out the room as Markell retreated. Slowly the black fur and wolf limbs shifted back in to human, with trembling hands she touched Jacob's body as he yelled out in pain unconsciously. "Next shift would be easier." she comforted him kissing his temple. After his full shift she adjusted the blanket to keep him warm, no other noise were heard from him only his deep breathing. 'Jacob, it's okay now. You're safe. You're home.' she called out to him over their link. Hoping that at the sound of her voice he would wake up she was a bit disappointed when he didn't not even after his shift. She spent another hour by his side talking to him over their link and helping get dressed in a simple sweatpants and t-shirt.

The sun was going down from her position near him she can see the beautiful sunset, making the skies golden, the rains have held up a bit but the remaining drops on the windows shimmered as the rays touched them. Holding his hand she smiled sadly remembering the days when both herself and Richard would go watch the sunset together after their evening run. It was their only moment of peace, their only time together as brother and sister. Raymond kept Richard away from her whenever they had nothing else to do. She always knew he didn't like her now she knew why.

'I wish you can see this baby.' she murmured to Jacob squeezing his hand tightly.

The quiet of the room and hearing the steady heart beat of Jacob sent her in a peaceful doze as her thoughts consisted of their future. Her role as mother not only for Jasmine but maybe two others. Would he want to make their bond official by marriage? She smiled unconsciously at that thought. Renae thoughts rushed about her mind but faded away harshly as a loud alarm began to ring. She shot out of the chair and rushed to the window, opening it the same alarm was being sounded from mounted speakers around the town.

"Please tell me this is a drill." she muttered but her prayers to the Goddess was futile as her phone rang.

"Rogues were spotted six miles from the border in large numbers. They are blocking the exits." Ryan said quickly in a controlled tone.

"Get everyone to the new muster points. Eight warriors to each point. Send the sentinels to me NOW." she ordered before hanging up the phone.

'FRANKIE!! Where are you?' she called out desperately while setting Jacob's hospital bed in motion. Two male nurses and six other men joined her in the room.

"Get him to my van." she ordered the nurses then going to the other men.

They said nothing to each other only kept eye contact as she paced before them. The six men before her have been at Black Heart for five years keeping watch at the pack, building a new life and protecting the friends and family of their princess. Word have been given to them about Jacob they were all shocked but pledged to watch over him like any other royal.

"You are to guard him. Our daughter and his family with your lives. He's not only your prince but he's my mate. Father to our little girl. He's my life. You keep him safe till I get back. Understood?"

"Yes Alpha." they said in unison. Hurriedly she went out the door behind the nurses who was helping them get her mate into the van.

'I have her. How far are you?' Frankie finally answered.

'Leaving the hospital now.' she responded driving quickly out of the parking lot. As she made it through the town, she was pleased to see everyone was heading to the muster points carrying whatever they needed. She was thankful she created the safe houses without Raymond's knowledge. If he did then everything she worked for would be brought down by him and her people would be at his hands.

She made it to her house with William and Frederick rushing out to meet her. "Take him in now. Where is Jazzy?"

"With Frankie in the safe room, they are waiting." William answered as both him and Jacob's father safely carried him into the house. Renae watched carefully with worried eyes as they made their way to safe room. When they were out of the way she turned to the sentinels, "You know what to do." was all she said.

"Yes ma'am" they answered getting into their designated positions.

'How far are they?' she asked Ryan rushing into the house wanting to see Jasmine before she faced the man she called father.

'They stopped within a mile of their trekking. My guess is they found our traps.' he responded.

'Good. I would meet you at the eastern border.'

'Why there that's an isolated spot and I have men there already.' he asked confused at her tactics.

'Because that's where all of this would end.' she replied running through the open door. Jacob was being placed on a bed while his mother and brothers stood aside watching. Frankie held a crying Jasmine who immediately stopped when she saw her mother. "Oh my baby girl." Renae cooed taking her in her arms.

"What's happening?" she sobbed. Renae walked over to Jacob and sat beside him taking his hand in hers and holding her daughter's with the other. "Some very bad people are coming and it's my job to protect everyone. Remember when you saw Uncle Billy and Frankie play fighting?" The little girl nodded still a bit confused but waited for Renae to finish.

"They were practicing to protect you and daddy. That's what I'm going to do now also. Promise me you would stay with daddy and his family till I come back. Don't open the door for anyone okay. " she continued.

"I promise." Jasmine said firmly. "That's my brave princess" Renae said giving her daughter one last hug. Jeremy took her as Renae turned to her mate, 'I would be back soon baby. I love you.' she told him over their link while placing a kiss on his lips, keeping his scent to memory. She was hesitant to leave but had to Ryan and Charlotte have been calling her constantly in those few minutes with her family. Giving them one last wave she followed William to the garage where she kept her weapons, gearing up she kept her mate link open hopeful that Jacob would call out to her.

"Ready Alpha" William asked.

"Always ready" she answered with a smirk.

"Sir. With all due respect I don't think you should be out here. Silver is still in your blood stream." Raymond looked at the sniveling wolf doctor who accompanied them all on his little excursion. "I'm a fucking Alpha. I don't need any kind of approval to do what I want" he snapped at the man. The doctor cowered in fear as Raymond stepped intimidatingly close.

"Of course sir. My Apologies."

"Alpha!! Alpha!!" one of his men shouted in distress running towards the convoy that just pulled up outside of Black Heart Borders.

"What is it boy?" Raymond asked bothered as two other men suited him up.

"Our first line is down sir." Raymond hid his shock professionally then turned to the boy who was no older than eighteen. "What do you mean down? Were there wolves from the pack waiting?" he asked.

"N-No sir. It seems like the triggered some sort of land mine five miles away from the pack it self. Instead of blowing them up to smithereens silver dust blasted them all. It didn't take long for the silver to shut down their lungs."

Raymond growled in anger snatching his hat from one of the men, "Smart. I would give her that. Have y'all blocked the exits?" he asked.

"Yes sir but no one made an attempt to leave. The whole town looked normal. Peaceful you can say." was the response but not one he liked.

"Peaceful? How can they be calm when rogues are at their door." he shouted.

"I-I Don't know s-sir. We did what we were told." the boy said with his head low. Raymond pushed him out of his way and stalked up to his selective team of men. "Go to the eastern side. She would be there expecting me. I want you to bring me her head. Fail and I would have your heads. She needs to be taught another lesson." he said lowly.

"Yes sir" they chorused making their way to their assigned job.

"Now let me show you idiots how it is done"

The eastern border was a few miles away from her house and it was easy trekking to the designated spot as the trail was known by all. Renae, William and Ryan stayed in human form while the thirty men accompanied them was mixed. Fifteen humans and fifteen wolves. The howls of wolves in pain was heard in the distance then the sound of shots being fired. She kept an open link to Charlotte who assured her that none of their men was hurt and they were holding their grounds. A gentle breeze blew past them and the familiar scent of a certain female caught both William and Renae's senses.

'What is she doing here?' Kara snarled.

From her vantage point in a large tree she had them locked through her optical scope making their way towards them all. The wolves were hidden below shrubs and between trees while the humans were in the trees. William sent a double click through her earpiece then Ryan confirmed the sent of the changeling at Jacob's house.

'Lexi' Kara snarled. When the trespassers made their way to the clearing they got a head count of twelve. "The house is just a quarter mile in." the leader of the group said in a low voice. They were surprised that Lexi was the leader for her rag tag group. One click to William and one word to her men they surrounded the bunch. The wolves circled and snapped at them as they kept their guns trained on them. The humans stayed in the darkness, Lexi and her men all took off their safety on their guns as they tried to focus on one wolf who kept changing the direction of their pacing.

"I wouldn't do that if I was you." Renae called out focusing her gun on their leader. "We don't take orders from a fake alpha."Lexi snapped. Chuckles were heard from the darkness as each of them stepped out into the little light from their guns.

"I see that you are still confused sweetheart." Renae continued stepping forward with the gun to the changeling's head. The frown on Lexi's face deepen which turned into a snarl. "Renae Macallister I presume." she said with clenched teeth.

"Lexi. Nice to finally meet you"

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