The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 36

Anger boiled through his veins as he came upon the sight before him. His men haven't made a dent in breaking the borders of Black Heart. Snatching a binoculars from one of the team captains he surveyed what laid ahead of him. "What the hell are they doing?" he cursed loudly. Raymond watched on as he spotted the new female beta standing ahead of what looked like a V formation with the mixture of human and wolves, all in a defensive stance. Behind them were warriors in human form fulling geared up for war.

'Tell me what's going on at your borders' he called out to his beta.

'A mixture of wolves and humans in three parallel lines with a man standing at ease. This isn't what you said she would do. I've seen this in war tactics. This is simply ingenious.' the man said in somewhat awe and fear. Raymond heard it both and growled angrily he wasn't going to let Renae get the best of him. He came to reclaim his pack and that was his main focus. He begrudgingly made her Alpha after the elders badgered him that it was the rules. He went as far to say that the little girl they saw grew up before their eyes wasn't his at all. They simply brushed him off by being technical. Apparently she had every right to the pack since he was bonded to her mother and the surviving sibling of his son. To keep the peace he gave in. He spent the years breaking her down hoping that she would give up but she surprised him. Planning another attack on the pack would be too suspicious and too much lives to be lost. Black Heart produced the best and he didn't want that title to vanish.

"Prepare to attack." he ordered. His men hesitated looking between him and the fallen men a few feet away from them. Raymond caught it all and his frustration grew.

"Shift NOW!!!" was his order once more. His tone caused them all to whimper submitting to the man they pledged their loyalty to. One by one they shifted into their wolves keeping their heads low as their alpha walked passed them. He kept them in a straight line sneering at each one of them, "This is what you have been training for. This is your chance at a new life as the most dominant pack preferably in the world. For a new life you have to fight for it. At the end of this journey you would be the envy of your peers, your family. Living in riches."

His pep talk was one filled with lies but lies that they believed. Raymond chuckled darkly as his faithful changelings got into fighting stance preparing themselves to go to war for him. He turned to the warriors of Black Heart, smirking at his thought out victory. Victory he tasted on his tongue. He had full confidence that their so called alpha would be part of the ones swimming in their own blood.


Both women were caught in a stare down, not letting each other out of their sights, no one dropped their guns. Renae was aware that their safeties were still off and any one can get shot at. "I am asking you again. Drop your guns. You are at a disadvantage. Think smart Lexi." she voiced out loudly.

"And I would say again I do not take orders from fake alphas. That's me being smart."

William stepped forward anger and disgust blazing in his eyes as he focused on the woman his best friend trusted. "What do you expect to get out of this?" he asked in a steady voice. He took note of how she tensed immediately her eyes glanced quickly to the direction of the Alpha house. Lexi re-positioned her self with the gun pointing directly at Renae. "Shut up William. Whatever you are about to say, save it. Always the optimistic one. Do you know how annoyed you made me over the years? You were the one who made him blind, I was there for him and you kept leading him away from me." she spat.

"He promised you Jacob in exchange for my death huh" Renae said with a humorless laugh. "He did actually and I'm willing to do it again." she sneered .

"Again?" both William and Renae shouted in disbelief. Lexi rolled her eyes and lowered her gun to waist height.

"I killed her alright. I killed my best friend." Everyone grew silent, she admitted her dark deed to the world nonchalantly, no remorse was seen in her eyes. Her body was relaxed even her tone as she continued was calm and collective. She just didn't care what they thought about her.

"Y-You .... You killed Anna?" William said incredulously ready to pounce on her but she pulled her gun on him with a wicked smirk on her face.

"Yeah I did. It was pretty easy. Jacob told me of his special birthday plans for her and asked me to tag-along as the best friend he saw me as. I declined saying I had to get her birthday gift across town, called her to meet me at your place so we can all have a night out. God, she was so gullible. All excited it was her birthday. She went on and on about the great stuff Jacob did for her. What he did for breakfast and the spa/shopping day. How great of a husband and father he was. I couldn't take it any more. I dealt with it through high school and college but I wasn't going to continue with it. No one saw the fact that Jacob was meant to be mine. I saw him first. I was his first friend in high school then she came along. I cut her brakes and let a friend pretend to follow her, get her scared so she would speed to get away. Do you know that turn to get to your side of town William? The one where you must slow down to get by. I think we can all figure out what happens with no brakes and speeding like a mad woman."

Lexi kept the smirk on her face eyeing William closely as emotions ran wild across his eyes, his fists clenched tightly at his side. "Kind of sad that you found her late tho?" she continued turning to Renae. "It would be even worse when you tell Jacob how you witnessed his little mate here death and you couldn't stop it." she continued about to pull the trigger.

Renae anticipated it all and quickly shifted into her wolf dodging the bullet, tackling Lexi to the ground. A chain reaction began as shots rang out through the night skies. Both women wrestled on the ground trying to gain the upper hand but it was all in Renae's favor as her first tackle on Lexi ended with a snap at her waist. She was bleeding, hurt pretty badly but ignored it all for her obsession for a man who never wanted her fueled her greatly. Adrenaline coursed through her body as she pushed the alpha off and shifted into a brown wolf. Her size was small compared to the black she wolf before her but she didn't care. No one was stopping her chance of having a life with the man she loved. Renae huffed in disgust as Lexi made way to tackle her head on. She allowed and dodged her at the last second, swiping her harshly on her back with her sharp claws. Lexi howled out in pain falling to the ground, struggling to get up. Slowly the alpha made her way up to her, snapping at her fiercely. Teasing her, baiting her to get up and finished what she started. Renae wanted her death to be slow. She wanted the small brown wolf who now stood before her with arrogance to pay for the pain she caused Jacob and Jasmine. Pay the price for taking away the most loving little girl's mother. She made no sudden movements, Renae waited for Lexi's next move. She was bleeding out a lot, the blood staining her tan brown fur, from experience she knew it won't be long before the wolf retreat back to human form. The glint in the wolf's eyes told her that her human wasn't going to let that happen.

Lexi charged towards her target once breathing harshly, Renae stood her ground keeping an eye on her and listening to the calls she got from Charlotte and Ryan. 'Time to finish this.' Kara said in a bored tone.

'Indeed.' Renae said in an equally bored tone. Following Lexi's form of attack she too charged towards her target, running head on. At the last minute she jumped, extending her claws to get a good tight grip onto the shoulder's of the smaller wolf bringing her down into a heap. Not hesitating she back tracked to the fallen wolf pouncing on her, snapping her jaws onto Lexi's neck harshly. The taste of the changeling's blood on her tongue was foul, she howled in pain calling out to the other changeling's for help but they were disposed of long ago.
Getting off her victim, Renae harshly struck her face leaving four claw marks stemming with blood near her eyes. Lexi couldn't move, her body ached and the warmth was leaving her body, she watched on as Renae snarled and pawed the ground beside her. The dominant aura of the wolf before her caused a whimper to escape. She watched on as the black wolf stepped back for a large grey wolf to step forward fangs bared glistening in the moon light. It's eyes shifted from black to brown then black again. She wasn't wrong in guessing that this wolf was William. In one bound, he bit into her neck as Renae did before and with one harsh twist, a loud crack reaching the ears of the witnesses around them Lexi was dead. William ripped her head off and brought it before Renae.

They looked at each other with great satisfaction knowing they avenged the death of a wonderful wife, mother and friend.

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