The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 37

"Keep Your Formation"

Charlotte kept an eye on every wolf that descended upon herself and her men, keeping at bay any who decided to charge at her, shooting them at point blank range.

'How is everything?' His voice caused her to falter a bit but the lack of worry and confidence in it built her back up immediately. He wasn't treating her as a fragile she-wolf.

'They are trained well but we are holding our own. And you?' she asked kicking off a wolf that tackled her to the ground. She was able to straddle the changeling, pushing the barrel of her gun in it's mouth shot off a few bullets in it and went onto the next nonchalantly.

'Revelations and revenge. Coming your way soon. Keep well my love.' William said to her softly. Charlotte smiled at the endearment,'I will baby' she replied equally softly before cutting their link. She glanced at the direction where the changelings came and still spotted a lone figure standing looking on from the distance. Her momentary distraction gave one of the wolves to strike at her, it's claw dug into her thigh deeply. This angered Charlotte she turned quickly and aimed straight at her attacker, shooting the wolf right between the eyes. She took a moment to check out her wound, it was slowly healing but bleeding a lot.

"BETA CHARLOTTE!!" the shout was filled with panic, she quickly turned to the voice. It was one of her men, he was fighting off a changeling but was keeping an eye out for her, he pointed behind her. As she turned, a wolf knocked her back to the ground, the gun flew from her hands using her arms as a shield the wolf clutched onto her wrist with its strong fangs. Her scream of pain was mixed into the night. She struggled with her attacker, trying to kick it off but one of her legs grew numb. Her wolf was whimpering and fighting to come out to help her human but Charlotte knew they both would lose more blood. Bringing up her other leg, she tried to knee it but the wolf was placing all it's strength on her, biting down harder on her wrist, it began to claw at her sides. The pain was blinding, silent screams escaped her mouth, from the intensity of the pain she knew her attacker's claws dug deeply into her. It was too much for her but she still tried to get the wolf off. It raised it's paw to strike another blow to her, she closed her eyes waiting for it but it never came. The wolf it self was gone when she opened her eyes. The loud angry snarl to her right caught her attention, weakly she turned her head to see a large grey wolf ripping into her attacker's jugular.

William tore into the wolf with his fangs and claws till it's last breath. Coming down from the adrenaline that once surged through his body he stood over the now shredded body of a young male. Blood draining from his body his lifeless eyes staring back at him, with a huff of disgust he turned away from him and made his way back to his mate.

'I think we both had enough for one night. What do you say Lancaster?' he teased half halfheartedly as he laid down beside her. He surveyed her wounds and felt a little at ease when he saw that she was healing but it was slow.

'Yup. Wasn't too bad. I'm sure we are so winning.' she joked. She tried to laugh but the slight movement caused her discomfort. William whimpered and began to lick her wounds to stop the bleeding a bit.

'Duh. I trained y'all' he countered nudging her to roll onto him easily. Her groans and whimpers as she tried to move to her side was heart wrenching. 'Please be careful' he said softly. He felt her fingers clutch his fur tightly. "I'm trying." she grounded out. William kept an eye around them and wasn't surprise to see most of the changelings dead. It took a while but Charlotte finally found herself on the back of her mate, her arms around his neck as she weakly used her legs to get a good grip on him.

'Alert your doctor.' he said firmly.

"Already did Everhart. Just... " she started to say but her remaining words began to slur. She was slipping in and out of conscious.

'You will be okay. I will make sure of it' William said making his way through the fallen, his only purpose was to get her to the pack doctor.

"Thanks..." she tried to say.

'Save your energy baby we will talk when you heal.' he stopped her easily dodging the trees and being careful of his mate.

'I .... I know. But. I ..... but... Thank for.. staying.' she said weakly over their link.

'Couldn't leave the one woman I love.' he returned as he broke through the trees into the backyard of the pack house.

'Lo...' was all she said before giving into the darkness. William huffed in amusement as he trudged up to the clinic where two nurses were rushing towards him. 'I know baby I know.' was all he said allowing the medics to take his mate. Without getting permission he followed them into the OR, he wasn't letting her out of his sight.

Renae watched from afar as William took her best friend out of the battlefield with others who were mildly injured. She kept her link open and eyes peeled for any sign of Raymond. 'Have you seen him?' she asked Ryan watching out for her people who were leaving the grounds.

'Who R.J?' he asked confused.

A movement to her far right caused her to stop in her tracks. Immediately she went into defense mode, head low, claws molded into the ground with her fangs bared.

'Raymond' she sneered as the man who everyone saw as her father came waltzing up to her slowly. He circled her , giving her a wide berth she felt his anger and how dangerous he was.

'Your father? He's behind all of this?' Ryan asked incredulously.

She closed the link crouching lower to the ground as she kept her eyes on her 'father'. He growled and snapped angrily at her, baiting her ,wanting her to make the first move. She knew what he wanted, stupid of him to think she would do what he thought. Her brother taught her this particular tactic and warned her about it every day he trained her in private. His steps faltered as he saw she wasn't going to attack him first. Raymond wanted her to become uneasy and lose confidence in fighting him. Renae stayed low to the ground, from that position it would give her great access to his fatal points. His jugular, paws and the underside of his stomach. Not moving a muscle, she watched on as his once cool facade changed into anger, his temper was about to show. As expected he pounced first but didn't touch a hair on Renae as she kept low and dodged his attack. Extending her sharp claws she was able to wound him, it wasn't deep but just enough to slow him down. He was furious now, not caring about his wound he retaliated quickly clamping down on her neck.

Renae landed on the ground painfully as Raymond put all his weight on her back and putting more pressure in his jaws. She felt his teeth piercing her flesh but was focused on fighting him off. No matter how hard she twisted and turned to get onto her back Raymond held on tighter. The only way to get free was to shift back to human but that was risky. He can easily kill her from his hold.

'Do it. Act fast.' Kara said sternly.

Following her wolf's orders she shifted quickly then used her elbows to jab into the wound she made. The sudden pain loosen his hold on her, quickly she rolled out and went back to wolf form. Claws out she pounced on him, dragging them down the length of his back. Raymond howled in pain, trying to shake her off. He successfully got her off, throwing her a few steps away from him. Renae closed her eyes momentarily the world around her was spinning but the push of her wolf got her to get back up on all fours. Standing back up she was lucky to see Raymond coming at her at a pace she was truly surprised at.

'GO!!' she shouted at Kara who took over fully wanting her human to play it safe. Kara ran head on meeting Raymond, she jumped clawing at his face and neck sharply. He used his weight and pushed her away, blood soaked his fur, the moonlight shone on him , the blood glistening as he made his way to her. Kara wasn't giving up her surroundings were becoming distant but she paid it no mind as the injury on her neck was worse than they thought. Just as before she ran head on to him, clawing biting him with deadly strikes, Raymond dealt another strike to her neck after she blinded him by striking him on his left eye. Both fell to the ground writhing in pain, 'Kara.' Renae called out to her wolf.

'We are fine.' she returned trying her best to keep the pain of their injuries away from her human.

Blood soaked her fur, it felt like heavy wet blankets weighing her down but she knew better. She lost a lot of blood, glancing to Raymond a few steps away she took note of his status. He was beaten badly and bleeding out heavily but his anger was fueling him as he got up and stood facing her. Renae felt how weak Kara was getting but her wolf was stubborn as hell.

'Let me take over. Look at him. He's on his last leg.'

Kara looked on as the once great Raymond stood swaying weakly, his breathing was harsh he was at death's door yet he still wanted to fight. Her wolf huffed in disgust and gave her back control. He began with a stumble then began to run towards her, Renae stood her ground. Rage was fire in his veins giving him the energy to keep standing. She saw all of this by the look in his eyes, closer he came, she slowly stood up and grounded her self into a defense position, waiting for the right moment.

"Emotions in a fight clouds anyone's judgement. It can be the strongest wolf or vamp, emotions controls us." Advice Richard gave her years ago came back to her as Raymond made an attempt to tackle her but she tackled him first. She clamped her jaws around his jugular, the taste of his blood flowed in her mouth as they rolled on the ground from the impact. Pinning him on the ground was easy, with eyes closed she made one last twist of her jaw. Inch by inch the paws of Raymond slowly left her. Carefully she released him, stepping back she sat on her hind legs as the wolf before her shifted back into human form with his eyes focused on her.

"You... You... don't de...deserve t-to live." he breathed out .

Renae said nothing nor did she shift back to her human form. She waited. She waited till his heart can no longer be heard. She watched on as the light left his eyes. No signs of loss or sadness took over her body she simply felt relieved. Shifting back into her human form, she knelt beside him looking at him for one last time.

"But you deserved to die." she said softly.

Those were her last words before she gave into the slowly creeping darkness in her mind. The night air was warm against her bare skin, the scent of blood was strong and the smoky scent of fire hit her nostrils strongly. Her men was starting cleanup, she wanted to help but couldn't.

Her eyes began to droop slowly as she told Ryan of her position. A comforting presence blanketed her, Kara whimpered in relief both were too weak to react. Tears rolled down her cheek as the wolf began to lick her wounds, trying to speed up the healing. His scent enveloped her as he lay by her side.

'You're here.' she said softly to him.

'I heard Kara calling out to us. She said you needed us.' he returned shifting back into human form.

Renae looked at the man who now was holding her in his arms, being careful of her wounds. He whispered comforting words to her as he carried her away from it all. Away from the threat to their lives, they now can live the life they promised each other. It was all over now, they can finally be a family.

Jacob held onto the woman who held his heart, her injuries were evidence of what she went through to protect her family, to protect the people she loved. He was proud of her and in awe of her strength. He didn't feel emasculated one bit he was simply filled with pride at how lucky he was to have her.

'What did I do to deserve you Renae Macallister?' he asked her burying his nose in her tangled hair.

She responded to him with a soft laugh, tightening her hold around his neck as he broke out into a light jog as they left the woods. 'I ask... the same of you' she said closing her eyes wanting to get rid of the dizziness. Her body was getting weaker though her wounds were healing her energy was depleting fast.

'We can let go now. Our pack is safe.' Kara said softly, she too was weak but was holding on for her human. Under hooded eyes she looked up at her mate who held her protectively with determination on his face to get her help.

'I love you so much Jacob.'

His steps faltered as her voice came over to him as a sign of giving up. "Renae?" he said out loud stopping immediately as her hands got limp around his neck. "Baby get up" he called out to her as he noticed her closed eyes and low breathing.

'Their hearts are strong. I think they are just weak.' Markell said trying to reassure his human but he too was worried.

A cold touch met his shoulder, startled he held her tightly and turned to see his intruder. "She's okay but we need to get her inside" It was his mother who held two blankets in her arms. Her eyes held worry though her words were meant for comfort. It was then he realized he was outside their home, his family surrounding him.

"Let's take her inside son. The doctor is waiting."she signed to him once more. He nodded in agreement distractedly as she put a blanket each over them both. Jacob's gaze didn't waiver from his mate, his focus was on her heartbeat. The vibrations of her heart was felt by him as he carried her up to their room. The presence of other wolves in the room let him know that the doctors were there, he simply stayed at her side and watched in silence as they set her up to machines and cleaned her wounds. No one told him to leave, they simply worked around him. It wasn't long for them to stabilize her and showed him that she was fine.

Jeremy came and sat beside him, "Guess the proposal got a bit delayed huh?" he signed to his little brother.

Jacob smiled as he leaned over to kiss her head, "I'm not worried. I know her answer will be yes."

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