The Big Bad Wolf

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Three years later

"Why am I nervous? Should I be nervous? We've been waiting.. what three years for this? We practically live together already. We have a kid together. Goddess what the hell is wrong with me."

Charlotte, Tiffany and Jasmine watched from the sofa as Renae mumbled to herself pacing the floor of the suite they were given a few days ago. Dressed in her simple white lace wedding gown she had the look of an extremely nervous bride. Her blonde hair was done in curls pinned back with jeweled pins, her make up was done naturally as was her whole attire. For the female alpha, her beauty didn't need any help to bring out any outfit she wore.

"Can I do this? I mean, being a princess is the same of being an alpha right?" she asked but no one answered.

It has been three years since Jacob proposed to Renae and within those three years changes have been made between themselves and the pack. After the attack, they had a personal visit from King Nikolai and his son, Prince Emerson. They got word of the attack and immediately came to their family's aid. The meeting of the hidden princes was more of a reunion of some sorts. They welcomed Frederick and his sons with open arms and agreed to keep their positions hidden from the kingdom upon the Kaiser family request.

King Nikolai welcomed Renae with open arms after hearing so many wonderful things about Black Heart from his delta and his daughter in law. He put her mind at ease when he explained to her, that he won't place anymore sentinels in Black Heart to attract attention. Nikolai was humbled when his own men asked to stay within the pack as they all grew attached to the people they came to grew close to.

Jacob was trained extensively as he was deaf in wolf form, each training he did was to better his senses which he excelled greatly in. He worked hard and became one of the best trackers in the pack and very observant whenever he accompanied Ryan and his men on patrol.

Over the years, the love between both alphas grew along with their family. Jasmine was officially adopted by Renae on her 7th birthday. Their little princess was truly overwhelmed after she understood what was really happening and didn't stop saying mommy all day. Jacob still worked at Robinson Tech he was permanently made head of the accounting department after Chaswick resigned when he came out of the coma. Their relationship never interfered with work it gave them more time to spend with each other and created a bond that was stronger than ever.

For Renae though she had a loving family she was still curious of her birth father's family. With the blessing of her mate and grandfather she went in search of them and wasn't disappointed in what she found.

She had paternal grandparents and two aunts who thought her dead after wrong information reached them. Upon hearing the mistake she brushed it to the side of all Raymond Macallister's dirty deeds. The Martiz family were originally from Italy. They were filled with emotion as they saw their late Joseph in the petite alpha, she was welcomed with open arms as they told her everything of her father. What surprised her was the request he asked of his parents when he found out about his little girl. A room was made for her in his ancestral family home, his inheritance was saved for her and all mementos of both him and her mother was put aside for her also.

"R.J" was all Charlotte said to grab her friend's attention. Renae gave them a small smile and began wringing her hands tightly.

"Jacob loves you with everything he has to give. You are his best friend, his mate, the love of his life. He accepted you and also little Jaz. You two created the most wonderful gift that showed your love for each other right here in this bassinet." she continued.

Renae's eyes soften as they all looked upon their 9month old son, Joseph. He came as a surprise to them all but they didn't love him any less. Jasmine was ecstatic to have a baby brother, she was always attentive to his needs and read to him every night since he was in their mother's tummy. The little bundle of joy was the splitting image of his father, there was no denying of who he resembled.

"Jacob is waiting for you sweetie. He's ready to start the family you both want to have. You two are meant for each other." Tiffany added.

Renae nodded with a little bit more confidence going over to her son. The joys of motherhood was made much more real to her when he was born. Holding him in her arms, dressed in his little suit she went over to her daughter who was dressed in her flower girl dress playing with her basket.

"Ready?" she asked. Jasmine gave her a wide smile and nodded yes excitedly.

"Okay. Let's do this. Thank you guys so much." she continued smiling at them gratefully. They all enveloped her in a tight hug before leading her down the stairs of the Martiz countryside Villa. They agreed that it was a great idea to get married in Italy, to be closer to her father. The estate was large so both wedding and reception were being kept there. From her grandfather's office she peeped through the window and took in how lovely it all was. Three large tents were constructed with tables of cream linen and white lights lined the tents and the aisle for her to walk down. The middle tent consisted of the family and the altar while the other two tents were filled with guests being served drinks and food being delivered. She looked on as guests began to take their seats and her family found their own also. Her heart began to race as she spotted her future husband walking idly up the aisle with his brothers and William, greeting guests as he made his way up. He was dressed in a tan suit with a white shirt and purple tie. They gave Jasmine the opportunity to choose the wedding theme and she chose purple and cream it turned out beautifully. From the flowers to the simple splash of color to the design was purple and cream.

She smiled as her godsons arrived with their parents, both boys were dressed in black suits with purple shirts, sporting a new hair cut. They haven't seen Jasmine for a week and from the way they kept looking around they missed her terribly. "Oh Joey. I hope she can handle them both. " she said to herself as the girl in question ran up to them.

Renae saw from her lookout how the twins eyes lit up when she called up to them, it would be a few years again for them to recognize each other as mates but the years have built their friendship stronger.

Cradling her son she took a deep breath and left the office. "There she is." Benjamin Sr. and her paternal grandfather, Milo came up to her with wide smiles. "Are you ready?" they both asked.

"Yup. Just another day for us." she commented standing by the doors hidden from everyone. She looked on as Charlotte and Tiffany walked down the aisle towards their mates.

As it turned out, Tiffany's mate was right under her nose but due to the events of Jason's arrival they weren't able to cross paths. Jacob's older brother fell for Tiffany at first sight and was ecstatic when she accepted him as her one true mate. The relationship between William and Charlotte started off rocky but was simply sublime. They traveled between America and Germany for holidays and as for their careers they kept it after compromising on a few situations. The first few months of William traveling to photograph models in exotic places gnawed at Charlotte's fears and insecurities but he was able to show her that he was for her only.

The wedding march began, both grandfathers stood at her side as she held her son on her waist. Renae was still stubborn in letting him out of her sight for long periods. Walking down the aisle her focus was on the man who stood smiling at her with unshed tears in his eyes.

'You look just as gorgeous the first day I saw you.' he said to her. He smiled as he saw the blush on her cheek knowing she was recapping the day they first met.

'Thank you' she returned. Jacob stepped down from the altar and met his bride to be half way. He couldn't stand there any longer and not have her in his arms. Gently he took his son into his arms and held his mate's hand tightly. He only saw her, no one else. Her blue-gray eyes shining up at him with the most beautiful smile on her lips. He groaned as he lowered his lips to hers and kissed her delicately pulling her closer to his body. 'Do you know how intoxicating you are?' he asked her over their link.

'Addictive is the word' she replied.

The crowd around them began to murmur in amusement, someone beside them cleared their throat bring them back to reality. "I think you need to be on the altar and wait for the priest to do that." her grandfather teased.

"Right. Getting to that now." Jacob said firmly grabbing Renae's wrist and hurriedly walked up to the awaiting priest.

Putting his son on his shoulder he motioned for the priest to begin with the silliest grin on his face. "In a hurry there bro?" Jason teased.

"Waited three years dude not a minute longer." he said aloud. Renae buried her face in his chest as the congregation laughed lightly. Her mate didn't remove his hand from her back and began to draw lazy circles on her bare skin as the ceremony started.

".......By the powers invested in me I now pronounce you....." the priest said with a smirk. During the exchanging of vows they both repeated it fast and quickly donned their respective rings. It was then everyone confirmed they have been waiting for this day a long time.

"Finally" Jacob breathed out pulling his wife flush against his chest as William took Joseph. He captured her lips softly at first as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He groaned as she tugged at his hair, wrapping his arms around her waist he deepened his kiss, loving the electrifying tingles surging through his body. Her skin was hot to the touch as he placed his palm on her back, she groaned brushing her breasts against his chest. Loud cheers and wolf whistles surround them causing light chuckles to cut short their kiss. They both swayed together, with their foreheads pressed against each other, they savored the moment as the priest announced their wedded names.

"I give to you Mr and Mrs Jacob Kaiser." The cheers became louder as they turned to their family with large smiles on their faces. "Ready to take the first step as my wife?" he asked her kissing the titanium wedding band on her ring finger.

"I've been ready since I've first met you. You're my forever. Being your wife is just another name identical to that"

Jacob didn't know how to respond to that. "Dammit woman always gotta have me at lost for words." he rushed out pulling her in for another kiss.

"What is taking her so long?" Damien asked shifting from foot to foot. Dominic shook his head in amusement, his brother was never one for patience, limited amount was given to him. It was a miracle he wasn't fuming. During the first dance of the bride and groom Jasmine asked them to meet her at their table for something special. As usual they agreed quickly, she never heard the word no from the twins over the past three years. Both brothers revealed to each other their suspicion that she was their mate after holding it in longer than expected. They were each other's best friend and a secret between them would be drastic. The Carmona twins talked it out calmly after they both calmed over the revelation. The only other person who knew of this was their older brother Darius.

Dominic took the time to look around at the makeshift hall, he smiled as he witnessed his god-mother been spun around the dance floor by her husband gliding into the arms of her brother in law, Jeremy. He was happy that his aunt found Jacob, if that didn't happen they wouldn't of found her. Their future mate. It still confuses him how one girl can be their mate. Why did the goddess make this bond? Their brother said only mother knows the reason behind every mating.

"I'm back."

Dominic smiled at the girl who had him smitten, Damien calmed down instantly and his friendly smile was back on his face. "Okay now close your eyes." she ordered. Being always at her beck and call they obeyed with an amused smirk on their faces. They caught her scent coming closer for a moment and her mischievous giggle, "Okay open now." Two pairs of soft brown eyes rested on her before she pointed to their table. Before them were two small gift boxes, they eagerly opened them to reveal identical gold necklaces, on each were end pieces of a heart with the beginning and end of two words. "Happy Birthday." she squealed bouncing on her toes. Putting on their gifts they hugged her tightly thanking her over, "Even though you're late for wishing us happy birthday thank you." Damien teased. It was their twelfth birthday and they both acted older than 12. Their father have upped their training and have been teaching them about the pack in the more adult aspect. Just as their elder brother at ten they began patrol and warrior training was started. Though their daily schedule was booked like an adult's they still had time for their friends especially Jasmine.

"I was busy Damien and I'm late by a couple of hours." she returned sticking out her tongue. Dominic chuckled and noticed a gold necklace around her neck also, she felt his gaze and gave him a silly grin. "I got the middle piece. See." Jasmine pulled them both closer to her, putting their pendants together to read, Friends 4ever.

"Daddy helped me picked it out. You guys like it?"

"We love it." they said in unison.

"Great. Let's...." she started to say. A brown haired kid came running up to her calling her name, "C'mon Jazzy. They gonna cut the cake and Frankie said the kids tent is up." he said excitedly.

"Yes." Forgetting the boys behind her she held onto her friend Jaden's hand as he pulled her towards her father. The twins kept an eye on her, fists clenched as Jaden held their Jasmine's hand throughout the entire cake cutting . Damien was about to stalk over to them but his brother stopped him, "Let it go" Dominic simply said and went back to his seat.

"I don't like other guys touching her" he seethed.

"What would you say when you go across there and act like a douche." his brother asked. Damien faltered at a response, when he couldn't find the words he shrugged his shoulders and joined his twin.

"We have to let nature takes it course. If she is really ours we have to wait. Even if it means.... seeing her with other males" Dominic said sighing deeply.

Renae watched from afar at her god sons and smiled sadly. She hated that they found their mate so early but was pleased at how they were handling it all. Joseph cooed in her arms, gently tapping his tiny fists against her shoulder. "Don't worry sweetie. They would all make it." she said softly. Jacob came and joined her, focusing on the two boys he caught his wife worrying over.

"They would be fine. I found my big bad wolf. Now my daughter has two wolves in love with her. What can go wrong?" he said chuckling. Renae rolled her eyes playfully, "We'll just have to wait and see."


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