The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 4

The drive back to her home was pleasant, after a really long time she felt great. She didn't have to be an Alpha, a CEO or Raymond Macallister's daughter. She got to be R.J. The date with Shane showed her how much she kept to herself, how she saw herself through the eyes of her father.

He made her laugh so much, a blush was on her cheeks whenever he complimented her on how her eyes shone when she laughed, how cute she looked when she bites her lip when thinking and how forward she was in speaking. The last time she felt relaxed was...... She couldn't bring herself to dwell on those memories. Happy memories were supposed to bring smiles to the person having them but to her it sends her down to a long dark road that had no light at the end.

"We are home" Jesse called out before stepping out of the car. R.J followed but stopped when she noticed a familiar car, her heart began to race, quickly she turned her focus to her home she bought after a year as CEO to Robinson Tech.

The two story home didn't scream her wealth, just a normal hardworking woman. The light in the sitting room was on, she never left lights on when leaving home. She knew Charlotte wasn't home because as her Beta she was on patrol due to her absence. "Alpha?" Mark called out softly.

"It's okay. Jesse join Ryan and Charlotte on patrol. Mark you can go home to your mate, I know he's missing you like crazy."
A blush came upon Mark's cheeks as his Alpha mentioned Liam his mate of four years, they lived down the street from R.J, she gave them a home after his parents kicked him out for being gay.
"Are you good in facing him?" Jesse asked worried about the past Alpha's temper.

"It won't be any different from the others. I can handle the 'You are a failure' speech from him" she replied shrugging her shoulders. They watched as she slowly walked up to the door then drastically changed from happy and free R.J to cold, expressionless R.J.

"I hope the Goddess bless her with her chosen before it's too late. Alpha Raymond may go overboard soon with the whole mate matching thing." Mark commented getting back in the car.

Stepping into her house, she can feel the already growing tension, the heels of her boots were loud against hardwood floor as she made her way to the sitting room. There he was, sitting on her couch looking over her pack files. "You need to amp up your patrol. Not because they are low rogue sightings, your patrol team should be of six men per quadrant." he said not even bothering to look up.

"Black Heart is mine now. Nothing is wrong with my handling of this pack's safety." she grounded out clutching onto her dress.

"Your techniques are for weak and secluded packs. This pack is a dominant one and I would like to keep it that way." he spat.

"You do realize that you are no longer Alpha right. My name is on every document that passes between us and other packs. The people in this pack sees me as their Alpha not you."

It was then he looked up at her, holding her in place with his emerald gaze fury and disgust as he looked upon his own blood. His body was stiff as he got up slowly, Raymond stepped towards his daughter giving off the aura of his dominance. R.J didn't flinch nor cowered away, she stood her ground.

"I am still alive and your father. With the right words I can take back what is mine. Black Heart was never yours and you know that, I never wanted you to be my successor and you knew that. These people don't know what they want nor who they want to lead them. It was protocol that gave you this title. Do you think any other Alpha's would take you seriously. A fucking prissy girl. Just look at you. You will never be great as me."

R.J stood her ground, looking him straight in the eyes, not bending to his words. "I see that again you weren't lucky in finding your mate. You can't do anything right can you? You my dear daughter are nothing but weak, pathetic, gutless just like your mother"

Kara was angered by her human father but R.J managed to hold it all back, she was too much in a good mood to lash out at this man she calls father. "Get out." she grounded out.

"Excuse me?" he asked incredulously

"I said GET OUT!!! I know this pack was never mine. I agreed to be Alpha for him and mama. NEVER YOU. Just get out of my house. Never set foot back here ever again. You no longer have any power here." she spat out in anger. Her eyes darken as she made an intimidating step towards him. Uncertainty flashed across his eyes, he huffed then looked down his nose at her, "You will need me. You will come grovelling on your knees to me when this pack falls apart." he sneered.

"Don't count on it."

Hearing her last words, he stalked out of R.J's house with a slam of the front door. The loud noise represented an end to it all to her but the beginning of uncertainty. Blood rushed to her ears, her breathing was harsh as she fell to her knees. She stood up to him. She stood up to her tyrant of a father after all these years. It was bittersweet. Raymond was her only living relative beside her maternal grandfather and uncles; severing ties with him cut like a knife but it needed to be done to find herself once again.

'We are stronger than he think. Mother blessed me with you for a reason and we shall see it soon. Don't worry Renae.' Kara comforted her human.

'Thank you Kara'


The following two weeks R.J was a different woman. Her close friends and people saw it in her daily actions and welcomed it as a great change. She kept up her morning regiment and added the teen wolves along with her those who wish to join the warriors when they meet of age. The turn out was overwhelming, her Beta said it's because they looked up to their Alpha. The confidence in her was humbling and she accepted the compliments and praises with a simple smile, boasting was never her thing. She even gave the order to all patrol men that her father wasn't allowed pass the borders without her permission. When she took the position of Alpha he decided to move out of the pack land on his own volition, everyone knew of his bias towards his daughter and saw nothing to it. The elders said nothing when he left and put their focus on the new Alpha female.

At her company, new clients and old clients kept her busy also her staff. Approvals, supervising had to be done between running a successful gaming company and leading a dominant pack R.J juggled both roles perfectly. She even found time to go out with her new friend Shane. Out of his own busy schedule as a lawyer, he called her during their work schedules for coffee meet ups or a simple walk in the park between their buildings. They were close as best friends, sharing their own fears and whatever pack issue they had to deal with. Shane kept teasing her how his father always bragged to his friends how they both were friends and wished to meet her soon. Even his mother jumped onto the Alpha R.J bandwagon after seeing how relaxed her only son became.

"Are you scared?" R.J asked him over lunch one day.

Shane stopped eating to give her his full attention and turned over the question in his head, "Scared of what?"

"Finding your mate." He swallowed loudly and placed his fork on his plate, his brows furrowed as he searched for the right answer. He won't lie and say that he haven't thought about that day of meeting the woman the Moon Goddess selected for him because he had, since he was old enough to sense her.

"Scared and hopeful." Shane finally answered looking out the window overlooking the bay. R.J waited for him to continue. "I am scared that when I do find her that she won't accept me as the man I am. I'm scared that I may not find her in time and I would have to wait longer for my second chance. But. I am hopeful that when I do find her that we will start our lives showing each other the love we saved for each other." He said all of this with a wistful smile on his face before refocusing back to her.

"I'm scared that my mate wouldn't give me the happiness that I wish for." she said softly. Shane didn't say a word he felt the pain in her words but knew it was family wise. She haven't mentioned anything about her family but knew it was bad. Whenever he spoke of his parents she always try to get rid of the sad look in her eyes. He didn't push her and would wait till she does. Shane decided that he would give her what she needed at the moment, a friend that she can trust.

"If he doesn't then I will ask the Goddess to replace him immediately" he said with conviction, mischief in his eyes. R.J laughed but knew he would do whatever it takes to see her happy even after their short friendship.

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