The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 6

"Would you look at that. Hard at work as usual."

R.J was in the midst of looking over a report from the distribution department when the familiar voice startled her. A big smile graced her face as she saw the person who interrupted her, barefooted and dressed in a snug pant suit she rushed from behind her desk to hug her grandfather. The scent of musky earth filled her nose as he held her tightly, "Hey jelly bean." he greeted.

Benjamin Robinson, the founder of Robinson Tech, held his grand daughter at arm's length and took her in from head to toe. Her blue-gray eyes were a dead give away for being of Robinson blood, her dark blonde hair was thick and held natural curls just as her mother's, she was the splitting image of his late daughter. Anyone close to the family can see that. "What are you doing here?" she asked with a wide grin.

"Your grandmother and I just came back from Australia and decided to come visit you. We missed you so much." he replied. R.J playfully rolled her eyes and went to get her flats. The two then left her office arm in arm and began roaming the halls of the company. She told him how well the company was doing and the upgrades they did, they met up with her grandmother in the Marketing department. Martha Robinson was once a marketing director for fifteen years, her pointers were always well received by the workers whenever she visited.

"Hello sweetie" Martha cooed hugging her grand-baby tightly kissing both her cheeks. "Hi grams. How was the trip?" R.J asked.

"Same as four years ago still beautiful and relaxing. You should come with us next time. You always work so hard." she replied tucking R.J's hair behind her ear.

"Soon grams but for now I got a company and pack to run."

Martha shrugged nonchalantly and pulled her away from her grandfather, "Is Chaswick in? I haven't seen him in ages. You would think him being in the same neighbourhood as us we will see each other more." Benjamin rolled his eyes at his mate's little rant as they made their way to the accounting department.

Benjamin Robinson is the past Alpha of a small yet respected pack named Red Wolf, the pack had it's own little town on the outskirts of the county. The Alpha and Luna bore three pups, two boys and one girl. The eldest was Benjamin Jr the present Alpha, Sebastian the second son who now lives in Japan and Marian the baby of the family.The death of their little girl took a toll on them but having a piece of her with them helped ease the pain. Benjamin Sr. helped his pack in many ways when they either leave the pack to follow their mates or just decided to live a human life. Chaswick Thomas was the past Beta of Red Wolf and the company's Senior Accountant, both Benjamin and Martha's best friend.

"He's suppose to be in by now." R.J commented as they filled the elevator.

"You've done well jelly bean. Saw your article in Times and the spread in People great job. Youngest female CEO. Visionary in the gaming industry. Doing what you love. Keep at it jelly, it would never let you down. I'm proud to see the company grow. Your mother would of been so proud." Benjamin said pulling her into his arms. She blushed at his words and returned his hug, they were her biggest cheerleaders in whatever she did. They didn't doubt her strength when she became Alpha and CEO in one year, they both knew she would make them proud.

They arrived on the accounting floor and was surprised when the office at the at end was closed. Chaswick always had his door open to any one even if the office was made 75% of glass. The employees greeted the owners past and present with hugs and smiles as they made their way to the senior accountant's door. "Timothy, has Chaswick called in sick?" R.J inquired a fellow accountant who was making his way back to his cubicle.

"Not that I know of," he returned with a frown. They asked two more coworkers before calling his personal number. They were met with his voicemail, "Call Emily she might know." Benjamin told his wife. Growing with worry she called Chaswick's mate.

"Martha? Oh God. Martha where are you?" was the tearful greeting she received after three rings.

"Em. What is it? We are at the office. Where's Chaswick? What is wrong?" Martha replied frantic.

"Chaz was in an accident. We are in Ellis Medical. They are not telling me anything. They just rushed him to emergency surgery as soon as he came through the ER. I need you guys. The kids are on their way." It was amazing how she said it all in one breath but it was enough to get all three moving. Cancelling all meetings for the rest of the day, R.J accompanied her grandparents to the hospital. Ellis Medical was built by the Royals, one or two for every county depending on how large the population was. They cared for all supernaturals and humans, top of the line equipment and great service.

It didn't take them long to reach, rushing through the doors in search of Emily. They found her pacing the floor running her hands through her black and grey hair, her eyes were red and you can see how tense she was. "Em" Martha called out. The matronly woman paused to look up and ran into the arms of her dear friend. "It's been so long. No-No one can say anything." she cried on her friend's shoulder. Benjamin rubbed her back in comfort his eyes filled with worry, his focus were on the double doors that marked 'Authorised Personnel Only'.
"Auntie Em?" R.J called out. The grief stricken woman head shot up at the sound at the young Alpha's voice. "Jelly? oh sweetie." she cried stumbling to her. R.J held onto the woman who made sure she finished high school and was there for her when needed.

"I-I should of noticed he wasn't in" She said regrettably.

"Don't baby. He was waiting for the kids to arrive but their plane was delayed. That's why he started off late for work."Emily explained. All four sat in the waiting area for an hour, hurried steps brought them out of their distant state. Emily broke down once more as her two kids came rushing in. The two young men found their mother, falling to their knees before her. She held their heads on her lap trying to comfort them both. It pained them all to see two grown men cry, clutching to their mother like a security blanket. Chase and Cameron both 34 and 30 respectively were devoted sons to their parents, they never wanted to leave Red Wolf but they excelled in their chosen majors in college that their own parents pushed them to pursue them after getting high recommendations and great offers from jobs outside the small town. Chase Thomas is a well known free lance journalist traveling to places in the world he only dreamed of. Cameron Thomas at a still young age of 30 is a head chef at one of the most prestigious five star restaurant in New York. His main dream is to come back home and open his own place in the city area to be closer to his parents.

"How long he has been in there?" Cameron asked.

"Two hours" R.J answered unconsciously, staring at the beige wall before her. Her suit was wrinkled, hair in a messy bun, eyes red and puffy, her leg bouncing in anxiety. Not knowing the outcome was killing them all.

"Jelly?" the boys finally noticed the girl they adopted as their own blood. They rushed over to her, holding her tightly, murmuring their gratitude to her for staying by their mother's side. "He would of done the same for me too" she replied resting her head on Chase's shoulder. The boys greeted their uncle and aunt before going back to silence. Two more hours passed, with those hours R.J had to keep in contact with work especially the accounting department. Approvals had to be done, budgets to be looked over, clients profit had to be kept in check on top of those additional duties she had her own with other departments. They all silently watched her as she rattled of solution after solution to her workers while pacing the floor, Benjamin smiled in pride while Martha and Emily saw a stressful woman who needed down time. Cameron and Chase was simply in awe as they saw how well she has grown.

She was sexy as hell, natural pouty lips begging to be kissed, curves that any man would die to hold on to, her pale skin was flawless, smooth as silk. R.J Macallister was a walking tease.

Doors banged open and out walked a doctor in scrubs, looking around the waiting room, "Chaswick Thomas' family?" he called out. Everyone rushed to him, "Mate?"

"I am," Emily said in hoarse voice.

The doctor gave her a small smile and relaxed a bit, "The operation was a success. However his injuries were very severe even for a pure bred wolf. As you know he was in a three car pile up and unfortunately was the only victim to be majorly affected. He's in a coma now both wolf and human, it would take some time for him to be back. The regeneration of his bones and tissue would be longer due to his age. Mr. Thomas' right leg was broken in three different places, four broken ribs with two other fractured, his jaw was also broken and his arm was broken when he braced for impact."

They all froze in shock as he explained it all quickly gesturing to the parts of his body. "To add to it all one of his ribs pierced his lung but we were able to repair it. Recovery and rehabilitation would be strenuous on Mr Thomas,he would need his family's support. " he continued.

"Thank you doctor. Thank you so much." the family all said at once all in relief. After a few minutes of sorting out his room and future therapy services they made their way to see Chaswick. Emily and her sons went in first while the Robinsons stayed put. R.J sent word to everyone at the office that Chaswick was okay but would be out of commission for some time. After their visit and the paying of the medical bills, the Robinsons went their separate ways.

Back at the office, everyone was asking about his condition, making calls to send care packages for his family and when to go visit. What truly surprised R.J was the presence of Shane, he was looking out the window enjoying the view.

"Hey you." she called out.

"Hi. How is he?" he greeted pulling her into a hug. She reiterated what the doctor told them as she plopped into her office chair, she was beat and it was only two in the afternoon.

"He would pull through. Till then are you sure you can take on his work load?" Shane asked worried. R.J looked at the files on her desk then the large TV screen behind her which showed different heads of departments work schedule in the corner and whatever project that was going on.

"Piece of cake"

"R.J what about pack review. It's in three days. All Alphas must be present for the whole day."

"Shit. I forgot." she muttered, shaking out her hair from the messy bun. "You are not weak if you ask for help," he advised leaning against her desk. He was tempted to brush the hair way from her face but was able to restrain himself.

"Thanks Shane. Maybe I will ask pops. He knows people that may help with accounts. Shit and payroll has to be done soon. I really need help don't I?" she said looking up at him. He smiled down at her and simply nodded.

"I would leave you to it. See you tonight? My men and I would be over around eight."

She nodded in acknowledgement as an email came in, begging for attention. "Bye pretty girl" he mumbled kissing her head before finally leaving.

"Jelly? How are you doing baby girl?" Benjamin greeted when R.J called him an hour later.

"I-I....." she began before ending with a sigh. The words her father pounded into her resurfaced. Never show weakness, even to your own blood. She was up to her neck in paperwork, she never realize how much work the accounting department did for the company and how beneficial it was to reach deadlines in approving budgets. It slowed down production everywhere.

"What is it sweetie?" her grandfather pushed gently.

"I-I need... h-help."

"There you go. Don't ever be afraid to ask for help. We are blood, family would always be by your side. I emailed you some information. He would help you out. Your grams and I are heading back to the hospital. Oh and Junior told me to remind you of pack reviews, Royal Delta Zac would be covering this territory this year. Good luck sweetie."

"Thanks pops. Send my best." she said before hanging up. Pushing pack reviews aside, she opened the email her grandfather sent.

Charles & Woods Accounting Firm
Appointment: Friday 10am.

She took note of the address and made it as a reminder. "Let's hope these people can really help me out." she muttered before attacking the monster work load once more.

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