The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 7

After the morning training, R.J found herself at the hospital to visit Chaswick. She wasn't surprise to find Emily sitting next to the bed holding her mate's hand while reading a book. 'I hope that I can get that kind of love someday.' she told her wolf. 'Everyone have that kind of love, it's when do they discover that love is the question.' Kara returned.

"Hi Auntie Em" she called out from the door.

"Oh come in sweetie. Meeting today?" Emily asked noticing her business like outfit.

Running her hand over her curves in the short sleeve knee length red blue and black dress then checking her pumps she gave her aunt a shy smile. "Yes. I need lots of help at the office. I never knew uncle Chaz did so much after I took over his job. And that was for a couple of hours." she said smiling fondly at the old man in the bed.

Emily laughed, "Here we keep thinking accountants have boring jobs. Chaz made it look so easy huh?"

"Too easy. Pops got me an appointment at an Accounting firm, I hope they have someone qualified for the job. Payroll has to be done and our clients would surely like to know their monthly profits soon."

"I'm sure they would have someone efficient. You think your grand father would be so careless in finding incompetent people. They gotta be up to Chaz' level" Emily stated. They both talked about when he comes out of the coma then rehab, Emily agreed on six months but R.J said a year. Both wolf and man have to recover fully in order to declare fit.

"You keep me posted. I would send Cameron to pick up his father things. Why let his stuff gather dust and make it cumbersome for the replacement." she said as R.J got up to leave for her appointment.

"Bye auntie. Call me if you need anything."

"You and your family have done so much. Thank you." Her words warmed R.J's heart leaving a smile on her face as she left Ellis Medical.

9:45am met her in the lobby of Charles & Woods. Her heels clicked against the marble floor as she made her way to the receptionist, heated gazes found her from men and women. Men wanted to know who this beautiful lady came to meet while the women watched her in envy trying to find something wrong with her.

"Good morning. I have a 10am appointment with the head of this firm. I'm R.J Macallister of Robinson Tech." she stated with a blank expression. The bottle blonde looked up slowly, popping her gum then used the pen in her hand to type on the keyboard. R.J jaw tighten, biting her tongue as the girl slowly maneuvered her way through the computer then glanced her way, rolling her eyes. "You? You are R.J Macallister? CEO of Robinson Tech?" the girl sneered.

"Do you want to see my portfolio? or do you need a facebook page to understand what I am saying, seeing that may be your level of validation." R.J snapped.

"Darling you look to young to own anything. If you are one of the mistresses you should come up with better names."

R.J's face turned red it took everything in her not to grab the chit by her hair and slammed her face to her desk. Thinking she got R.J, she spun in her chair then leaned back in it. "I am sure if you use your 'skills' on that computer you would see my name and picture there as background info for me to be let in." R.J said politely but her words were coated in ice. With a quick glance at her employee badge, R.J pulled out her phone and called her grandfather. "The number for Woods. Thank you." was all she said to him. The receptionist simply rolled her eyes and began to file her nails, thinking that the well dressed woman before her was bluffing.

Benjamin knew something would happen, no one never believed that his petite grand daughter was the high powered CEO that have been covered in countless business and Technology magazines. She hated her picture taken so it was his picture was posted and a quick bio of her.

The number popped up in the notifications and R.J quickly called it. "Woods speaking." A gruff voice answered.

"This is R.J Macallister from Robinson Tech. Your receptionist, a Miss Candy? needs to be taught business etiquette. I don't think calling future clients mistresses is part of your welcome package here at Charles & Woods. This firm being recommended I expect it to be very prestigious but it seems that I was very wrong." she said coldly into the phone keeping eye contact with the receptionist, who snorted in disgust. The man on the other line gasped in shock, the sound of a door opening and distant mumbling was heard.

"Miss Macallister. I am very sorry. I would be down shortly." the man rushed out before hanging up. R.J simply stepped away from the desk and faced the elevator banks. "Nice acting." Candy quipped before popping her gum. After standing there furious after two minutes, the elevator door opened, a man maybe in his fifties dressed sharply in a dark suit with a red tie came bustling out, smoothing his grey hair with his hand. She kept her face cold as he placed a nervous smile on his face. "Miss Macallister. I humbly apologize for any trouble my staff has caused. I am sure there was an error in her records" the older man said in an apologetic tone.

"Yes. An error. So every error she encounters on a daily basis she would turn away new clients for you by degrading them. Interesting. I have no time to waste. I have a company to run and not be held up with high school behavior."

Mr. Woods switched his gaze to the now shocked girl behind the desk, he went over to her whispering a few words before returning to R.J's side. "Please." he said with a smile leading her to the elevator. The ride was in silence after he apologized once again, they made a few stops, the employees seem surprised when they saw Mr. Woods in the elevator with a nervous expression beside the beautiful young lady. On the top floor, he led her to a large conference room with a lady around her age holding the door open.

"Welcome to Charles & Woods, Miss Macallister." she greeted. With a small smile, she entered the room only to be met with another distinguished gentleman.

"You must be Mr. Charles." R.J asked politely stretching forth her hand.

"Correct you are. Not everyday the CEO of one of major companies to invest in comes to us for help." he returned.

"I fear my presence here is under very bad circumstances at Robinson Tech."

Both men began to worry, is the company going under? They would hear of it already, why would a company which employs the best accountants come to them. Not wanting to waste anymore time due to the fact her whole day was booked and it's the weekend before pack review she began.

"Our senior accountant has been in a very bad car accident and in result he is incapacitated. I need your best accountant to be under my employ for 6months to a year as his replacement. Robinson Tech has eleven departments with a staff of fifteen to twenty persons excluding myself and my assistant. That's two hundred and twenty employees. On top of that, we handle our clientele's profits that is near two hundred clients between the departments. Your accountant would be responsible for the budgets, salaries for employees, million dollar accounts and the earnings my company accumulate.

As you know my company is worth billions, I need someone I can trust and can adapt easily, can work well under pressure and a team player. He would be in charge of the accounting department which hails eighteen certified accountants. In addition, he would be earning the same salary as my senior accountant" R.J stated her proposition clearly while producing the contract of temporary employment and also a confidential contract between Robinson Tech and the firm.

"M-Miss Macallister you want one of ours to be employed by you? Ma'am you have the best there is in the state maybe in the country." Woods exclaimed.

"I know. I would offer 25% more on his or her present salary here plus my rates if I am putting you in a bind." she continued. Her eyes were cold and determined. Both men mouths opened wide in shock, who would pass on that offer, it totaled to whatever they made in a year for one month.

Checking her time she released a deep sigh, "Here is my number. I would leave these two contracts here. You can have your lawyer look it over. Everything that goes on between us would be confidential. If need to revise it, contact my lawyer. I expect the best from you as I am offering the best. Thank you for your time but I have a meeting with the Huawei group." she finished leaving the men gobsmacked in the conference room. As she strut down the hall towards the elevator, she gave the secretary a pleasant nod who looked at her starstruck, she arrived back in the lobby where she witnessed the receptionist being escorted out by security with a box of her personals. Everyone looked on as she put up a fuss with the men, as R.J stepped out Mark and Jesse reached her sides taking her bag. "This is all your fault. You fucking slut. You can never be who you claim to be." Candy shouted across the platform.

"Apologies Miss Macallister." one of the security called out while struggling with the girl. "Try reading something other than gossip magazines then you will know who I am." R.J spat before going into the heavily tinted van.

"They are both airtight." Woods exclaimed as they both spent two hours with their lawyer going over the contracts from Robinson Tech.

"They are known for confidentiality. They are in binds with the top mobile and gaming companies. Their designs for games are top notch, their clients trust them with their futures. To make matters even more damn impressive they have the best attorney in the country." their lawyer stated smiling like a kid in the candy store.

"Can you stop fan girling?" Charles snapped. Moscovitz rolled his eyes, "Come on don't tell me you two weren't shock when the youngest female billionaire walked into your offices. No magazine have ever captured her photo more than twice. She's said to be right below the Savilles." he whispered looking at them both.

Both Woods and Charles did admit it was surprise to get a call yesterday from her grand father setting up an appointment. "We didn't think she would come." Charles voiced out.

"Well be very lucky, she's very private. Anyway have you guys chosen who's right for the job?" the lawyer asked eyeing the 26 employee files at the end of the table.

"We are down to four and two are junior partners." Charles said skimming the four candidates.

"You gotta choose the lucky bastard who's going to work for Robinson Tech." Moscovitz said leaning back in his chair after taking one of the files.

"Trustworthy. Adapt easily. Team Player. Handles pressure well." Woods muttered. They read the files of the candidates, took note of their clients reviews and also co-workers. "How about this guy?" Moscovitz called out pushing the file towards them. The reviews from both clients and employees at the firm were extraordinary. Most of his clients were high class and always recommend him for any business deals.

"Of course. He would be perfect." Charles said reaching for his phone.

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