The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 8

"Man, Congrats."

"Good Luck."

"You have to send pictures of the inside."

"Dude what did you do to be hired by them?"

Comments and praises surrounded him as they all got the news of him being selected to be the Senior Accountant at Robinson Tech. Jacob didn't even know they had an opening. Their bosses called an emergency meeting an hour ago to tell them the great news. Everyone was shocked when they mentioned the CEO herself was at the firm and was asking for assistance. Their assistance. It was surreal. Robinson Tech to everyone was like the mixture of everyone's dream job, whether you be a gamer or like himself an accountant. Clients with names you wish to form a sentence with have affiliated themselves with the company and with a sister company in Japan they were the 'IT' company to apply to.

"Jacob?! Make us proud. Though the tenure there is temporary, show them how great an accountant/investment consultant from Woods and Charles is. Good luck son. Starting Monday morning you would be the Senior Accountant for Robinson Tech" Charles said beaming. Jacob himself was smiling from ear to ear, he joined his colleagues for a drink of champagne and talked about the possibilities of being permanent there. After the impromptu gathering, he was left with his bosses and the firm's lawyer.

"Wow. Just Wow. Thank you for this Mr. Woods. Mr Charles." he said once more shaking their hands, he couldn't wait to tell William and Lexi. Damn, his parents and brothers would be so psyched.

"It was an easy picking. Thanks to your marvelous job here and great people skills you are just what they asked for" Woods said smiling at the young man. They were all fond of him, he was like a son they wanted but can never have. Straight from college with a newborn, he blew pass the competition over the years.

A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts, in walked a well dressed man in a very expensive suit with gold cuff links. His dark hair was perfectly kept, his blue eyes were cold and calculating, he held himself with much confidence and arrogance that demanded attention. Jacob felt somewhat low towards him but didn't let that feeling dwell. He turned his smile to a thin line and erased any emotion from his face, his daughter called that look 'mean king', to everyone else it was his business face.

"I am Francisco Carmona. I represent Robinson Tech in every endeavor, I would like to say thank you that you have come to a quick decision." he started coldly resting his briefcase at the head of the conference table then motioned for everyone to sit. Moscovitz looked at the man in awe, he moved precise even in unpacking the documents.

"Yes. Mr Jacob Kaiser our Junior Partner." Mr Charles answered. Carmona simply nodded and typed in the candidate's name into the database then turned to the men who looked at him with curiosity.

"I have been with Robinson Tech since they started as a distributing company for Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Microsoft and Apple. They have grown immensely over the years and kept on rising, making it through the falls of economies. Do you know how was this possible?" Carmona spoke. The men shook their heads no.

"Trust. Trust in every single worker at that company. From the simple gate man to the present CEO. Robinson Tech holds vital information for some of the big names in this country, the world. From the coding of your favorite Samsung App to the design of the next biggest game on PS4, many people would love to get their hands on intel like this and they would go to any employee of Robinson Tech or any other bonded companies. Mr. Kaiser you have been chosen to be their accountant. The Senior Accountant. You are going to be filling very big shoes kid. Mr Chaswick Thomas helped build this company. With his love for numbers and his best friend, Benjamin Robinson Sr. love for business, they made a name for themselves."

Jacob looked to his bosses and saw the confidence they had in him, he nodded in acknowledgement to Carmona.

Francisco turned to his laptop as it notified him of the complete search. He was impressed by what he saw on Kaiser's file. No debts. No loan. No run in with the law. Straight A's plus credit through out high school and college. What shocked him was the information highlighted in red.

"Mr. Kaiser? In what relation does Fredrick Kaiser holds to you." He asked.

Jacob perked up at the mention of the name, "He's my father."

"Fredrick Kaiser. Head of the Kaiser Foundation is your father?" Carmona asked still trying to process it all.

Woods, Charles and Moscovitz all turned shocked also. "Yes." he answered. Releasing a breath, he knew one day it all would come out, "I am the third son of Fredrick and Angela Kaiser. Yes I am third in line for the Kaiser Oil Company in Germany. The Kaiser Foundation also."

"So why are you here? You don't need to work." Charles said incredulously. Jacob was extremely wealthy. The oil company have been in his family for years and always been lucrative helping the country and the environs. The Kaiser Foundation was created by his great grand mother to help with whatever misfortune you have. Whether it may be poverty or a disability. The Foundation is worth milllions, money was accumulated from investments and companies they owned in Germany and Europe under different names.

"I love America so much that I stayed and made a name for myself. What I earn here goes to the foundation I started here." he explained.

"Well since you kept this secret from your bosses so long it won't be hard for you to keep whatever files you encounter at Robinson Tech confidential." Carmona continued.

"Yes sir."

"Do you understand that even though you are temporary you are still entitled to company perks."

"Perks?" Jacob asked confused.

Carmona stood with a red file in his hands and began, "Company car for the head of Accounting - Hyundai Tucson. Latest model. First hand use of any game or device from Robinson Tech clients. All access pass within the company. Personal Assistant. Medical benefits. Health Insurance which is extended to family. Last but not least company own devices which would be given to you on Monday. MacBook, iPad Pro, iPhone with the iWatch."

"And how long will I be employed at the company?" Jacob asked after hearing all the perks.

The question brought the first glance of emotion in the cold lawyer's eyes. "That question no one can answer. Not even my boss." he answered then cleared his throat to continue, " Here is your copy of the contract, Mr Moscovitz thank you for agreeing to our terms. Mr. Kaiser your employee ID would be at the front gate then you will meet your new boss."

After the signing of the contracts and copies being kept last minute things to go through Mr Carmona left as quickly as he arrived.

"It was great having you here kid." Mr Woods said sincerely as they all part ways. Therese waited in his office for him to return, tears in her eyes. "I'm going to miss you so much" she said her voice breaking. 'Thank for everything.' he signed. She released a tearful laugh and returned in sign, 'You are welcome son'.

Leaving, the office building he grew to love for six years, he called his best friend telling him that he had great news and he's taking him out to dinner. William was confused as to what can Jacob possibly have to tell him. He then called Lexi to inform her of the change of dinner plans what he forgot to tell her was, William would be joining them. She wouldn't mind , he thought to himself.

It was early so he decided to go buy a new dinner dress for his little girl then pick her up from school. She was excited for dinner when he told her, her blue eyes shone as she told him of her day and asked questions about the restaurant.

"Alright. Go change, homework then a bath." he told her as they walked through the door. Jasmine ran up to her room while he went to his home office. He decided to leave his personals from the firm in the van for Monday. In his hand were portfolios of all eighteen certified accountants he now had under him, he took the quiet time to know them and the clients he would be handling for Mr Thomas while in his absence. Jacob was highly impressed at how organised everything was, it all was pretty straight forward. "I can do this." he said building up the confidence and energy to make a great impression for his new boss on Monday.

After an hour a soft knock was heard by his door, "Finished?" he simply called out while making notes on a client account. "Yes daddy" Jasmine answered coming in with her work book. Jacob took it and looked over the marked sheets. He smiled as he saw no mistakes in her Math and Language. "Well done baby girl" he praised her while giving her a hug. She beamed under his words and ran to put away her work. The sound of the TV followed and he continued his own work till 6pm. "Jaz. Did you take your bath?" he asked meeting her in the sitting room. She shook her head no as she was more focused on Phineas and Ferb.

"Till the end of the show then take a bath." he ordered before going to put out her outfit for dinner and his also. Knowing she would want help with her dress, he got ready first. Dressed in a khaki pants and burgundy dress shirt, he went across to Jasmine. "Ready?" he called out.

She opened the door dressed in her cute Frozen bath robe, "Do you like your new dress?" he signed.
She bounced to her closet, getting the white long sleeved lace dress, spinning around with it she had a wide grin on her face. Jacob knew that he spoils her but it won't get to her head, she understood her boundaries and appreciated everything her father does for her. "What colour accessories do you want to use?" he asked leading her to her vanity. Putting on her thinking face she chose blue, reaching for what he need, a ghost of a smile was shown on his face. He remembered when Annabella and himself found out they were having a girl. She made a list of things they must always have on hand. One of the major things were, 'Always have accessories in every possible colour no matter how ugly they may look.' and his wife was right. Jasmine always experimented in dressing up clashing colours and still looked very beautiful.

After modelling for her father, they both left the house for the restaurant singing Disney songs all the way. They both spotted William outside flirting with one of the valet attendants, pulling up along side the curb Jacob and Jasmine came out allowing the girl to do her job. 'Let the girl do her job. No one bothers you at work.' Jacob signed not wanting the girl to hear their conversation.

William pouted, "But she was cute and was about to give me her number." he returned. "Probably a fake one. Look how fast she got into the car" Jacob signed with a smirk. With proof the girl quickly drove off not even giving his friend a glance, William shrugged and turned to the little girl who was humming a tune looking around with wide eyes.

"Who might this darling little girl be? She is just so adorable. Can I keep her?" William squealed like a girl high on caffeine. As usual, Jasmine fell for it and was in a fit of giggles, "It's me Jazzy, uncle Billy. Daddy got me a new dress." she boasted. William grinned fixing her blue headband , "Well he chose a very grand dress. Shall we my lady?" he continued mimicking an English gentlemen.

"Certainly." she responded placing her tiny hand in the palm of her uncle's. Jacob watched on amused as the two walked in like the most important people in the world. To Jacob they were, in his world. Patrons walking in the restaurant, commented how cute and adorable they were as they continued their act. He followed them to the hostess, mentioning his name they were lead to a table with a little bit of privacy. William seated Jasmine while Jacob took his own. "Waiting for one more?" William asked noticing the empty chair.

"Yeah Lexi."

He made no comment and proceeded to explain the menu to Jaz. Lexi came ten minutes later, she was shocked to see William. "Glad that you can make it." Jacob said smiling while seating her. "Sure. Couldn't bear to disappoint you." she said laughing drily. She tried to hide her disappointment by turning to compliment her God-daughter on how lovely she looked.

"So what's the celebration about?" William asked as his friend ordered an expensive bottle of wine for them and a non alcoholic shirley temple for his daughter. Jacob was ecstatic but kept his mouth shut until the drinks arrived.

"You guys would flip." he exclaimed. Jasmine giggled at how funny her dad was behaving, "Daddy tell us." she whined. The server returned and gave them all their drinks, ordering their meals Jacob was ready to announce the good news.

Lexi and William looked on expectantly as their friend breathed out, "You are now looking at the new Senior Accountant at Robinson Tech." he said out loud. With wide eyes and open mouths in shock for a full five seconds they both congratulated him. "What does that mean?" Jasmine asked playing with the swirly straw in her drink.

"It means that daddy has a new job. He would be working at the coolest place ever in this state." William explained as excited as his best friend.

"Chuckie Cheese?" she asked her eyes lighting up. The adults laughed, Jacob explained to her that he won't be working at the placed filled with grumpy old men in which she once explained Woods and Charles.

"Though it's temporary I will be having all the benefits as a Robinson employee like company car, insurance and stuff like that. I'm starting Monday."

"What happened to their present Accountant?" William asked.

"The lawyer haven't mentioned but from his reaction I think it's an accident that they don't know the outcome. I do feel bad that the reason why I'm going there is because this man who is loved by all is in that state though." he explained.

"Wait. You mentioned lawyer. Is it that big of a deal?" Lexi asked getting a bit bored. She was happy for him but she just wanted to spend time with Jacob. She have been waiting years to get her chance with him.

"Of course it's a big deal. Woman, our friend here is going to be working for one of the companies who help run the world of Technology. Man I'm so fu...fricking jealous of you right now." William changed his curse word in time being mindful of Jaz. Rolling his eyes, Jacob explained his day then allowed his friends tell him of their days. Jasmine was able to get some talk time while enjoying her barbecue chicken tenders.

"Did you get a glimpse of the owner?" William asked. Lexi was quiet through out majority of dinner until that question. She perked up waiting to hear his answer. "Naw. The bosses did though. Their description of her was like the most beautiful woman they had ever seen. She got Candy fired though, thank God for that." Jacob answered. Lexi was a bit at ease with his answer, she now knew she had to step her game up to win him over.

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