The Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 9

Can you be nervous and confident at the same time? That's what R.J have been feeling since 4am. She got word from the palace late the night before that Black Heart would be first for reviews. Everyone knew how quickly reviews were when done by Delta Zac. With him, the first thing he wants to see are the borders around the pack and other large populated areas in their little suburbia. Then he would inspect the warriors then the pack house and medical facilities. For her pack they do checks every month, have mock drills at the schools and keep training with her warriors four times a week.

"Looking at things. Once this review is done by 10am we can make it to work. I have three games to finish." Charlotte muttered as she stood beside her friend as Beta before the high school. It was 7am and faculty was already inside getting ready for another week of attitudes and weird fashions.

"You and me both. The new accountant starts today. Carmona has lots of confidence in him. I hope it happens for me too. " R.J said checking her phone for emails.

'Convoy is approaching the border Alpha' one of her men reported.

'Ryan. You're on' R.J said notifying her Delta. 'No worries.' he responded. She smiled at his arrogance, he prided himself of having the best warriors and safest pack.

Charlotte and R.J decided to have an impromptu walkabout of the high school during the Delta's duty. Kids greeted them, teachers informed them how the school year was and what needed to upgrade which wasn't much. Stranton High was successful in academics and sports, few students won scholarships to great colleges and the school was pretty much aced on safety for their students. With a mixture of hybrids, wolves and humans it was needed. After an hour, Ryan notified her that they were coming to the school.

"8:15. Good timing" Charlotte said fixing her jacket. One of their own vans were the lead of the convoy, Ryan stepped out of it before it stopped completely with the biggest grin on his face. "Passed I see." R.J teased.

"As always but that's not why I am so happy." he commented going to stand behind the ladies. The convoy stopped and the sentinels first stepped out then the Royal Delta Zac, he gave R.J and Charlotte a warm smile but didn't made a step further to them. It was then both women realized it was four Royal detailed car instead of the normal three. Out stepped,Prince Elliot the second son of King Nikolai with a mischievous grin on his face. Being the somewhat rebellious prince , his crown was slanted on his dark hair, his brown eyes lit up as he saw them but soften when someone in the car caught his attention.

"No way" R.J said laughing. Elliot glanced her way, not caring about protocol she ran up to the car just in time to see the beautiful red haired mate of the prince stepping out to meet them.

"Lizzy" both R.J and Charlotte squealed. Since R.J was the closest Lizzie ran to her first , holding her friend tightly, not long after Charlotte joined. Elizabeth, Lizzie for short were part of their little group since diapers. Elliot and the shy girl met on his first visit to the pack; he didn't even ask her what her name was before marking her before the whole pack. They both changed each other for the better. He cleaned up his act while she became bolder.

"I missed you guys so much." she exclaimed.

"We missed you too. Last we heard you were in Italy with El sorting out borders." Charlotte said confused.

"We just came back stateside and she was feeling homesick." Elliot spoke up then kissed her head lovingly. Lizzie blushed and nodded in agreement.

"Thank you for bringing her El. We missed you too." R.J said hugging him also. They all began to talk excitedly until Zac came up clearing his throat.

"Alpha" he simply said trying to hid his smile. "Oh right. Time to be a grown up." she said rolling her eyes. The walk through was a success, Zac greeted everyone asked teachers appropriate questions was even shown the new underground safety tunnels. "These weren't here last year." he said impressed at what he saw before him.

"After a rogue attack to the elementary school while I was at work, Charlotte and I came up with the idea. It was tricky to get it all done without weakening the building's foundation but it was successful in the end. To enter in case of emergency whether it be rogues or natural disasters, there are trap doors below every teacher's desk in their homerooms, the faculty break room and the principals office. Cameras are set up, pass-codes are needed to go beyond the initial entry. Only the principal and teachers knows the codes, the high ranks in the pack has an override code if security is breached" she explained showing him how everything worked.

Her phone rang as they entered the rooms which was deeper in the tunnel, "and great reception too." she joked before taking the call.

"Yes Tiffany." she answered while watching the delta check the underground home.

"Confirming with you. The new accountant is here, I now have him setting up through security and employee paperwork for insurance and the car. Should I give him the tour or do you want to personally give it?" she said.

"I'm still doing pack reviews so you go ahead and do it. Please send out a mass reminder that I am holding a staff meeting tomorrow at 9. As for...."

"Mr. Kaiser." Tiffany offered.

"Yes Mr Kaiser. His tour is only for the main building excluding my offices. Get him acquainted with his staff as few of Chaz' clients are coming in."

"I have three coming sent to me from security who wished to be confirmed." she offered yet again while talking to someone who wished for her attention.

"Thank you Tiff. Great work as always. If I am through by lunch time I would be coming in, if not consider yourself having an early day." R.J said following Zac's motion for her to follow him out.

"Well, Thank you boss. Later." her assistant sang before hanging up the phone. Finding the Delta was easy, he was checking out the school cameras. "Again Alpha you have impressed me greatly, especially with the underground tunnels in the schools. No other pack has established that kind of safety. Only the palace has something similar. Great thinking on you and your Beta. Your Delta have strengthen the safety protocols on the borders now I wonder if he would impress me with Black Hearts warriors."

His words of praise said all, she did it. She was able to prove to herself that she was a great Alpha, not one mention of her father. It felt wonderful. Though other reviews her father was hovering over her and always putting in what she should of done, belittling her, this year she finally saw what was kept from her.

"Oh trust me if he does I won't hear the end of it." R.J joked as they walked out the high school then through the streets of their little town.

A few hours earlier.....

"Just another day. Another job." Releasing a deep breath he didn't know he held, he drove onto the road that lead up to Robinson Technologies. The white and blue neon sign of the company started the road, on either sides were neatly cut lawns, he had a moment to take in the sprawling company building before him because of employees checking in to enter the premises. It boasted a modern fun look. The main building was at the center colored in white and the logo was blue neon lights, the whole front view of it was glass where you can see people walking up and down the inside walkways or riding the elevators which were in different colors. The top floor blinds and a single section on the second and third floor were closed and was also colored.

On the right was a green colored building with the same modern, fun, airy architecture this one had three floors and required approved entry while the four storey building was the same on the left. Everything looked fun yet professional. It was his turn to approach the security booth.

"Jacob Kaiser." was all he was able to say before the security gave him a welcoming smile and gave him a pass with his picture on it.

"Miss Wentworth will be waiting for you at Building A. That's the white one. You can park in Lot A1, the security guard is always there his name is Sammy and you can leave your keys with him if you wish. As part of the executive team that would be your parking from now on, please check in with the security when entering and leaving. Follow the red path to Building A, she would be waiting for you. You definitely can't miss her." he explained winking at the end.

"Ummm. Thanks. " Jacob said still trying to grasp the simple protocol in parking his car. Driving off, he followed the signs that led him to Lot A1, true to his word the officer named Sammy was standing outside his booth talking into an earpiece. He waved at Jacob to come forward.

"Good morning Mr Kaiser and welcome to Robinson Tech. Do you need help with anything?" Sammy asked smiling. Jacob was shell shocked, was he in a different world or something. Are people this friendly?

"Sorry give me a moment to take all of this in. Man!!" he said laughing.

"It's okay. I think I understand what you mean. Guests to the premises always asked if we are paid to be friendly. Our answer? No. We love what we do and we are respected for it. Plus it's great to have great bosses. The Robinsons are good people. You would see what I mean when you meet the present boss. " Sammy countered.

Nodding his head, he followed directions to his reserved packing spot. It was the fourth spot away from the CEO. Not bad he thought, at Woods and Charles they hassled each other for spots and didn't have vigilant security as Sammy. Getting his messenger bag and two boxes of his personals and files he made his way back to the small some what cosy security booth.

"Let me get that for ya sir" Sammy said taking the top box.

"Thank you."

"Going to the main entrance Danny. Away from post" the officer said into his ear piece. The whirring sound of a camera over head caught Jacob's attention. "Eye in the sky." he muttered smiling.

"Every where sir. Every where." Sammy replied laughing. They followed the red path while conversing a bit, he learned that Sammy was an ex-marine after serving six tours, Mr Robinson hired him right off the street when they first met at a Ruby Tuesdays, he was waiting tables just to earn a bit of cash.

"Up there sir would be the first reason for you to really love coming to work." he said under his breath. Jacob almost stumbled as he saw a dark haired exotic beauty speaking in a blue-tooth piece while typing into an iPad. She was dressed in a form fitted floral dress reaching her knees, tan pumps and little make up. Her dark eyes were somewhat hidden behind a pair of glasses but that just added to her sex appeal.

"Damn it to hell" Jacob cursed. The young lady ended her call and watched on as the two men made their way up to her.

"Hello again Sam and you must be Mr Kaiser. Pleasure. I am Miss Tiffany Wentworth. Assistant to the CEO. Unfortunately my dear boss had other matters to tend too so that leaves me as your welcome party." she said stretching forth her hand.

Jacob took her small hand gently shaking it and in the first time in years, he just found the boost to go back out into the world of dating.

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