The First King of Coeus

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A great warrior travels the world to improve his strength. Soon he is defeated but in his defeat gains the strength he sought. The gifted becomes a student, the student a master, and finally a teacher Myths and legends leave a lot to be desired. For example: Atlas was the Titan who held up the heavens, Prometheus was the Titan who stole technology for mankind. What if these two titans were the same person? What if they were human?

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The First King of Coeus

Thousands of years ago, at the very beginning of civilization, a group known as the Coeus Tribe lived. They were in constant conflict with the other tribes around them, living and dying by war. That is until the birth of their strongest warrior, Atlas.

Atlas was a warrior so gifted, he had mastered the weapons of his tribe as a child. As a young man, he set out to test and improve his strength. He took on all challengers who came before him. After many years, none of the other tribes sought conflict with his, Atlas having bested their strongest in combat. One day he proclaimed “I am the strongest in all the land! Is there no one left to challenge me?!”

Years later, word came of a challenger from a far away land. Atlas, having grown restless from peace, set off at once to find him, and soon found himself far from home. He was in a new land, with new and even stronger warriors.

As a warrior, Atlas felt the need to test and push himself even further and after many years had defeated all who had crossed his path in this new land. Again word came that the man had not been defeated.

“Impossible!” Atlas said, and he set off once again.

After traveling many years through many different lands and facing many warriors, Atlas finally found the man who had first challenged him.

The man was not a warrior, but a scholar. Nevertheless, Atlas challenged him to combat. The man replied, “I have already won.”

Atlas protested and the man explained, “I did not challenge you to a trial of strength, but perception. You thought yourself the strongest and I proved you wrong. What you lack isn’t strength, but knowledge.”

He showed Atlas to a great library and challenged him once more. This time, to read everything he could find.

“To be truly strong, you must train your mind as well as your body.” The man said.

He left Atlas, telling him he would return in five years. As Atlas began the man’s challenge, the days turned into weeks, and then months which then turned into years. Soon, the five years had come and passed, yet the man did not return. Atlas did not mind, as he was lost in his new curiosity. Soon decades had passed and then Atlas was an old man.

Atlas sent word for the man whom he had met so long ago. Only when he was on his deathbed did the man finally return, not having aged a day. He asked Atlas what he had learned in his time there.

“Next to nothing, yet more than I could have ever dreamed.” Atlas replied with his last breath.

But it was not his last, for the man used his own knowledge to return Atlas to his prime and sent him home. There, Atlas used his knowledge to teach his people, his patience to learn from them, and his strength to defend them.

Many years passed and his tribe became masters of knowledge and combat. The surrounding tribes envied them, once again declaring war and unifying against them. Atlas and his people could have easily won the war, wiping the neighboring peoples out. Instead, Atlas used his skills and knowledge discovering an island to the north.

Knowing the warring tribes would never be able to find them, Atlas led his people across the sea to the new island and had them settle there. With no conflict, his people were free to study the secrets of the world as they pleased. Their knowledge grew exponentially in a very short time.

In recognition of his newfound wisdom, the Coeus tribe named Atlas their king and named the land after him. The Coeus Kingdom was formally established on the Isle of Atlas.

Hundreds of years passed and Atlas did not age, and thanks to his efforts nor did his people. Their strength and knowledge had grown immeasurable. Saddened by his people’s exclusion from the world, Atlas left once more. Taking with him knowledge and skill to spread to the peoples of the world.

Atlas’ exploits across the globe, the spreading of his knowledge and the tales of his strength that followed, sparked a flame in mankind that would never die. The ancient peoples worshiped him as a God.

Having learned from his unusually long life, Atlas knew the dangers of godhood. To protect the world from himself, he took on the name Prometheus from the language of the peoples. Giving himself the freedom of a man, and the people their god to worship.

As a god, Prometheus shared the discoveries of Coeus. Medicines that healed the sick, methods to feed and clothe, the secrets of the sky and sea. And how to live and work off the land.

As a man, Atlas continued to challenge himself to grow stronger. He taught others who came before him and helped them grow as well. He defended the weak and opposed the cruel.

After many years spent among the people, Atlas yearned of home but did not wish to seclude himself once more. He spread the word of his kingdom to those who would listen in the hopes that others would journey there with their talents, to learn and teach others as he had before.

For hundreds of years numerous intellectuals flocked to the island, waiting for their chance to learn from the brightest minds to ever live. Warriors too, came to be trained or test their strength against the Titan king.

The way there has been passed down through the millennia, in myths and legends, on the breath of the wind, and in the dreams and hearts of the people. Even now, you already know the way there.

At the highest peak in the west, at the foundation of the sky, if you are worthy, a bridge will appear before you. And your life shall never be the same again.

Many excuse this tale as legend. A mere story to put children to bed. But we have all heard this story in one form or another, in tales or recollections. But every myth has its truth. And this is the truth of the Coeus Kingdom.

Prometheus is still there, waiting for those who truly wish to learn or teach others the skills they have acquired during their lifetime. And they shall always be welcome among his people.

Atlas is still there, waiting once again for the man who had closed his mouth and opened his mind. For he is still out there, showing others a path not to glory, or salvation, but a path to better oneself. Just like he did for Atlas.

We know you are still out there. And if you find this, come once more to the student that has since become a master. He waits for you in Atlantis; Cain, son of Adam.

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