Red Rose Under A Full White Moon

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"You are ours that is how it is and that is how it will always be. You are ours mate." He blatantly said that even after what I had told him. Rosalita was a strong independent woman (or shall I say werewolf) and she was from a long line of Alphas who in their blood were meant to lead. But this story doesn't begin with her. It begins with the twin siblings turned enemies, when their father, an Alpha, and Leader, had to decide which son was to become the next Alpha. He had loved one twin more than the other and they both knew it. From the age of 2 years old,​ they were competing for the next position of Alpha.

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Intro Prologue

Werewolves can live a very long time unless shot or stabbed in the heart by anything silver or unless given an overdose in wolfsbane.

There are many wolf packs hidden all over the world and even among humans. There were very few that could hide their dog-like scent. Many rogue wolves have tried so they can fit in among humans without being discovered by other wolves. But to the main story. There once was the greatest Alpha wolf alive. One that everyone has tried to defeat or fight against but, they always failed. So eventually every wolf gave up trying to fight him. Now, he had eventually found his mate in one of his conquests against another pack. She was the only one that could truly defeat him in a fight. Though some believe that he just lets her win. Now an Alphas mate is called a Luna. They are the ones who help from the inside of the pack and help bear the Alpha duties. Now she was almost to the point at which she would have her pups. Everyone around the world was excited to hear of the soon to be mother.

An Alpha usually only has one child at a time but this Luna had been blessed with two sons. For the wolves sons were special because they would carry on the family name. Though females were considered very valuable, the males are what everyone tried for. To have one son was a blessing for Alphas, but to have two sons with Alpha blood running through them was a miracle. At the age of one Alpha males usually, are usually able to shift so by the age of two they are ready to start their training. Now, these two were fraternal twins. So they had some things in common but not everything. On the rare occasion that there were to be to Alpha sons, the decision is to be on their abilities and not who is the oldest. So the twins were competing against each other from the very age of two for the Alpha position.

When they turned 19 their father had to finally choose an Alpha since they had come of age. They both knew who he was most likely going to chose since the oldest, Jac-who was only older by two minutes-was more like their father, who was tough, sometimes could be cruel and more stone-hearted, while the youngest Jacob was more like their mother, who was sweet, kind, and soft-hearted as every male wolf put it. Jac liked to fight out with the other male wolves out on the training field, the fighting ring, and on the battlefield while Jacob would be off reading somewhere in a corner. Now when the time came to choosing the Alpha everyone had an obvious who would win the vote of their father. Jacob had always been jealous of what his brother was capable of.

Jacob completely changed after that. It was not quite in a good way but something just had finally snapped in Jacob. He was tired of all the teasing that was given to him. He still had to decide what he was going to do about it so he started scheming. He slowly started to come up with a very bad scheme. Something that would even change his fathers' thoughts about him.

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