The Raventhorn Chronicles

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Once there were seven now there is only one. Byron Raventhorn the first and last of the Eldari is all that stands between an mysterious new enemy and the Realms. But he is old so he is going to need some help, whether he wants it or not. Victor has lived his life on the seas around the Northern Isles. He has trained himself to be a great warrior and now he is getting his chance to be more then a raider he could become a hero. Olivia has lived her life hidden away in the temple where she was left as a baby raised by the druids of the temple and trained in their ways. All she wants is a normal quiet life. But she has been marked since birth for something greater. Zok-El has been groomed since he hatched to be the leader of his clan and a great storm mage. Just once he wants to live without the responsibility of his clan resting on his shoulders. Will he abandon all he has known or will he save his clan and his race from the new evil that threatens them all. Three unlikely heroes must work together with one of the greatest heroes ever to save no only the Realms but all the worlds.

Fantasy / Adventure
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In the beginning there were Two. These Two looked out over the vastness of the Void, and saw what it could be. So they named themselves Time and Space. They cut themselves and their blood became the Elements; Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Light, and Shadow.

Then the Two removed pieces of their flesh and these pieces became the worlds, but they saved the best pieces of each other to create the first, the world with no name, called simply the Realms. Into this world they poured all of their being into shaping in and as it took form the other worlds became reflections of the first.

The Two created the Elder Races; the Trees, the Daemons, the Divines, the Fae, and the Arthan. The Two tasked the Six with guiding their Children and helping them shape the Realms, and for a time there was peace.

But it was not to last.

Slowly, the Six came to resent their place in the Realms, mere servants to the Elder Races. They wanted to be gods and be worshiped by races of their own. So in secret they made their Children. Earth fathered the Humans and Halfling, and Water birthed the Aerinheart, Fire crafted the Nanus while Air composed the Rok, Light and Shadow shaped some of the Arthan into the Sylvian and the Faileas, the Light and Dark Elves. The Six then released them in to the Realms, but they had forgotten to give their children soul. The Two knew all along what the Six had done and instead of destroying them and their children they gave them the Realms as their home and gave their Children soul.

But the Two were blind to the Void, who saw the life and worlds they had created and was envious, as it could only consume and pervert what was already made. So it captured the small creatures and beasts that the Two had created and twisted them in to the Feral Races and the Dark Ones. And released them into the Realms.

The Two saw this and being unable to undo what was done they created a force to combat these perversions. They created the Eldari. The Two moved through time and space and found seven heroes who they would make the Guardians of the Realms. They took them from their worlds and times and made the into warriors and teachers. They would be the ones to guide all of their Children.

But the strain of creating the Eldari was too much for the Two, and the passed the last of their power into the Realms, laying an enchantment on it for all time. This power made the Realms a place where individuals from other worlds and other times who proved themselves to be worthy, would be given a second life in the Realms as Immortals.

And so the Realms entered a new age with the seven Eldari to guide the Children along the way.

The old man awoke and like every morning for the last several centuries he saw nothing.

He sighed and muttered to himself. “Damn dragon”.

He threw the blanket off abruptly and swung his ancient legs off the bed. The first, and last, of the Eldari stretched out his aging, yet still muscular, arms and cracked his back that had borne the weight of knowledge beyond comprehension and yet emerged unbroken. He rose from the bed, and strode, albeit stiffly towards the bathroom. He stopped in front of the mirror, and tried to pierce the darkness that he lived in. After several moments he gave up, muttering to himself and started to wash up and get ready for the day. He dressed in well worn but fine robes, collected up his ornate staff.

To any casual observer he would of appeared as simply an old man going about his daily business, but if one were to look closer you would see that he is not all he appears to be. This man is in fact not an old man going about his business. In truth he is one of the most powerful beings in all the worlds. His name is Byron Raventhorn.

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